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summary The Shadow Reader, series The Shadow Reader, book The Shadow Reader, pdf The Shadow Reader, The Shadow Reader a7a80c311f There Can Only Be One AllegianceIt S Her Time To ChooseSome Humans Can See The Fae McKenzie Lewis Can Track Them, Reading The Shadows They Leave Behind But Some Shadows Lead To Danger Others Lead To LiesA Houston College Student Trying To Finish Her Degree, McKenzie Has Been Working For The Fae King For Years, Tracking Vicious Rebels Who Would Claim The Realm Her Job Isn T Her Only Secret For Just As Long, She S Been In Love With Kyol, The King S Sword Master And Relationships Between Humans And Fae Are ForbiddenBut Any Hope For A Normal Life Is Shattered When She S Captured By Aren, The Fierce And Uncompromising Rebel Leader He Teaches Her The Forbidden Fae Language And Tells Her Dark Truths About The Court, All To Persuade Her To Turn Against The King Time Is Running Out, And As The Fight Starts To Claim Human Lives, McKenzie Has No Choice But To Decide Once And For All Whom To Trust And Where She Ultimately Stands In The Face Of A Cataclysmic Civil War

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    Searching for another kick ass urban fantasy heroine Look no further, because McKenzie Lewis has arrived Caught in a fascinating war between the fae king and the rebel faction, she is kidnapped by the rebellion, who wants to use her special cartography skills for their own means McKenzie fights to escape in some seriously great action scenes, but gradually she starts to wonder whether the truth behind the war is even complex than she ever imagined.What s intriguing about McKenzie is that unlike most other urban fantasy heroines, she s not a warrior She has no magic sword, she doesn t have mad martial arts skills, and hell, she can t even fire a gun But she is an exceptionally gifted shadow reader, a person who can see the trace imprints left behind when one of the fae has teleported to another location The author does an amazing job of showing us how special McKenzie is, particularly in scenes involving a tracking test that s set up for her by the rebels This girl is fierce and determined and fearless and funny, and I liked how she actually thinks and reasons You know how sometimes you want to yell at the page because something should be occurring to the heroine, but it doesn t because the author wants to let the story drag on It s like McKenzie hears you yelling loud and clear and answers you immediately in her actions But I also like that she s so very human in the middle of all the powerful magic and power plays exhibited around her She miscalculates, she doesn t know whom to trust, and she actually bleeds and feels pain in a jarring, wince inducing way And I like that in the middle of a blistering attack when her own life is in danger, she stops to rescue a little squirmy kimki animal.And yeahthere are a couple of really sexy guys in this book McKenzie s been waiting 10 years for something to happen in her forbidden relationship with the strong and principled Kyol, the king s swordsman but her rebel captor, Aren, is also strangely compelling, with awesome healing powers and a pesky habit of making her feel things for him that she shouldn t be feeling Oh, and he has disheveled, sexy hair, too D Love triangles are usually equal parts agonizing and annoying, but the romantic entanglements are handled incredibly well here It s like the Dorian Kiyo thing view spoiler without the murderous deceptive part hide spoiler

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    Oooooh The Shadow Reader Oooooh average rating 4.14 Happy day My first thought My second thought My third thought My other thoughts are verging between ugh idiot, duh, gah and pass the jelly Imagine you have a cold But not a normal cold It s one of those bad ones where you have to drown in antibiotics and syrup You know the feeling you get when you are eating something, and you can t feel its taste You look at the people you re sharing the meal with and see them moan in pleasure because the food is so delicious Don t you feel like stabbing them in the eye with your fork because they can feel it, but you can t That s exactly how I feel about The Shadow Reader My main issue is as you surely guessed the freaking love triangle I m not going to play the pick your side game Again Why are all authors using this damn love triangle theme I really don t get it It s unoriginal and boring, and it will turn the book into this as well What s so hard to get It made the book too frustrating to the point of wanting to throw it out of the window to taste some of the acid rain I m having right now The fact that it s an e book, and that I ve read it on my Kindle which I love at the moment , kept me from doing it.Anyway, I fail to see where McKenzie is badass, she s of a typical YA heroine The Shadow Reader was supposed to be a YA they probably mixed up the genres somehow Which reminds me this book is so f cking predictable I knew how it was going to end since chapter 10 Not Cool.In the end Naito was my favorite character I d maybe read the next book for his sake only But I won t To the spam shelf with you

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    Story Did you ever wish there would be books like the a court of thorns and roses series Filled with fae and magic, badass female characters and a funny handsome bad boy There s a war going on in the fae world between the king, his followers and the rebels In the middle of it is McKenzie, a shadow reader, one of the strongest weapons agains the rebellion One day McKenzie gets captured by the rebellion and soon her world is shook Who can she trust Who is lying And who should sit on the throne That was a book I couldn t lay down First of all, the main character is so funny and so freakin stubborn She was constantly trying to run away and in the end I always smiled reading the dialogues between Aren and McKenzie This is definitely a book that has a nice pacing, is filled with action and a little bit of love and heartbreak Definitely worth reading Characters Oh, McKenzie our wonderful main character you go girl You are so stubborn, so creative in getting away from the rebellion that you don t even mind getting hurt And you re so intelligent I was in love with you from page one McKenzie was definitely my favorite character in this one I wouldn t say she had a character development in the end, but did she find her kind, brave heart But one thing was a little bit sad to see McKenzie was nearly always saved by someone She wasn t a girl who could save herself, but at least she tried to she didn t want to rely on someone That was a nice start, maybe it gets better with the next books Aren was the Rebell who captured McKenzie and tried to get her to work for the rebellion He was a funny, handsome and kind guy who could be sassy sometimes I loved him He was never brutal or mean to McKenzie He always treated her good I liked that about him Kyol was her partner and guard send by the king of the fae She worked with him for over ten years for the king Kyols biggest character treat was his loyalty to the king This man was so loyal, I never doubted it Never ever He wouldn t betray the kingdom for McKenzie even though if he would have they could ve been together But he didn t The best thing about the book was, that I liked all the side characters I was interested about what happened to them and if they survived and when they died I was actually pretty sad I especially loved the female badass characters in this one Lena and Keira, if you want someone who is loyal, brave and ready to fight you should definitely choose these two ladies World This is probably the hardest thing to describe, but so so important The world building was great in this one, not perfect but still really enjoyable We have a great magic in here we have the fae who are invisible to humans if they don t want to be seen and who produce little lightings when touched by a human The fae move from world to world by portals and through the worlds through little rips they create in the world They step through them and step right into another place Also they re bonds between two fae when they re bonded their power is put together and they can feel each other through rooms and places They feel where the other is Next to the awesome jumping through places talent they can also use heat and fire to burn people or heal them with their power There are other special talents, but I don t want to spoiler, so just know that there is Next to the awesome fae we have human shadow readers who can locate the fae by reading the shadows after they disappeared into a rip through the world They also can see through illusions All in all there is an awesome magic system in there and so many places to discover.Also we jump between the human world and the fae realm which makes everything so much interesting They even went to Germany how cool is that My favorite thing about the whole world was when humans and fae touched their touch is addictive And as long as they touch little Lightnings or sparks jump through their skin It seemed like a really beautiful and magical thing Relationships Oh, boy I don t even now if I want to be called Kaesha or Nalkin Shom For a proper explanation you should read the book, but i would probably choose the second name I m team Aren, always was, always will Yes, I know you think what there is a love triangle in it Yeah, it has a love triangle, but I didn t really saw that as a problem I m not a fan of love triangles, don t get me wrong, but only when they re absolutely useless and stupid But this one was kind of nice I liked it I liked McKenzie and her chaos of feelings Writing style Sandy Williams is no Leigh Bardugo or Sarah J Maas, but her writing was still really nice, with a nice pacing, funny dialogues and action It was always entertaining, never boring, but it wasn t a beautiful or special writing I couldn t even find a proper quote I could use in the beginning But still try out the book It was definitely worth a read P.s if you hate Acotar etc don t read this book You ll probably hate this one too.

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    The Shadow Reader had everything I love in a fae book Seriously, I have a special place in my heart for fae characters Ahem, Ash and Puck Wink, wink It had action, hot Fae guys, adventure, romance, hot Fae guys, court intrigue, witty dialogue, and epically cool fight scenes Oh, and did I mention the HOT FAE GUYS Excuse me while I fangirl.McKenzie Lewis is a special human She can see the Fae and read their shadows This ability makes her a very important ally in the war raging between the Court and Rebels because she can tell where the Fae are teleporting to Just think of her as one hell of a blood hound and you get the picture For years she has helped the Court track down and kill Rebels, until one day she is kidnapped by a rebel leader named Aren, who henceforth in this review shall be known as Le Hottie While in captivity, she discovers the war she once considered black and white, just gained a whole lot colors in between As a result, she starts second guessing her alliance with the Court and her awkward relationship with the King s sword master, Kyol, Le Steamy First off, this is a really awesome debut novel for Sandy Williams The Shadow Reader grabbed me from page one and held me in a choke hold that would make Stone Cold Steve Austin proud And considering the last two books I ve read had me in a two star reviewing slump, I was extremely grateful for a fun read That s not to say this book is without its flaws Oh, no Lol But, there is just something about it that makes me a lot forgiving The Shadow Reader is like a toddler just finishing up a cherry Popsicle on a hot summer day She s a little messy with sticky fingers, but she s just so darn cute you want to hug her anyway And that s exactly how I felt about this book Even though McKenzie did irritate me at times and the romance was toeing the insta love line, I couldn t help but really enjoy reading this book.The Plot Two words Action packed I don t even think this book had down time It was just back to back revelations, fight scenes, sexual tension You know, all those things to keep you on the edge of your seat This was a solid plot with pretty good world building I easily got a feel for the Fae s world, but the only thing I would have liked to see was a freakin map McKenzie s ability to track the Fae s shadows is reliant upon her knowing where the locations actually are I would have liked to have been able to see where these places were myself on a map There is a lot of traveling done in the book between fissuring think teleporting in and out of the human world or between the providences of the Fae world So, yeah, it would have been nice to be able to flip to the map and see exactly where they were McKenzie s goal in the first half is to escape Le Hottie Aren and his Rebels and return to Le Steamy Kyol and the Court She firmly believes they are evil and remains loyal to the Court But, she never expects to fall for her captor and grow sympathetic to the Rebels cause When she finally does return to her sword master, she finds that her loyalties no longer lie with the Court The Characters Le Hottie Aren , McKenzie, and Le Steamy Kyol were smart, sassy and classy respectively I usually don t like love triangles, but this is one of those rare occasions where an author tells me to, Shut it, Stephanie and read the damned book You will like it And lil old skeptical me goes HmmWe ll see about that Ms Williams.Well, here I am eating my words because I loved this love triangle If I were McKenzie, who would I chose Le Hottie or Le Steamy Jeez, I don t know They were both awesome guys Aren s the cocky son of a biscuit eater that has you wanting to smack that ridiculous grin off his face and kiss him at the same time While on the other hand, Kyol is the mysterious silent type that will keep you up all night trying to puzzle out the secrets hidden in his eyes AHHHH Hot Fae guys I.CAN T.EVEN Of course, we have our heroine McKenzie I won t deny that there were times when she really irritated me because I thought she just couldn t see the bigger picture of the war and how the Court treated her all those years The Court specifically didn t want her learning the language of the Fae and she not once thought that was strange And one of the first things Aren does once she is kidnapped is have her taught the language This should have been a gigantic red flag to McKenzie, but she remains loyal to the Court until it nearly very dearly costs her But, she s supposed to be a stubborn heroine I get that I just wish she was a little observant However, she is a strong willed heroine because she never does give up trying to escape her captives I have to give her props for that Even when she knows her attempts are in vain, she continues again and again I have to admit, though, I did wish she didn t need quite so many rescuing from our hot Fae guys In fact, why does she even have a sword on the cover I kept waiting for her to kick someone s ass in the book, but it never happened view spoiler Okay, so maybe she did kill someone, but that was an accident on her part hide spoiler

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    Before I picked this book up, I had so many great feelings about it Partly because of all the dazzling reviews it has received from my most trusted GR friends, and partly just because it is sold as exactly the kind of urban fantasy I love strong heroine, hot supernatural men, cataclysmic civil war between the fae I admit that I was excited enough to buy this book before reading the 4 5 star reviews.Okay, so what exactly was my problem I exhale a great big shuddering sigh as I say for the umpteenth time this was just never anything special to me This genre, the urban fantasy genre, is easily one of my favourites when I find a book series that really appeals to me they have a way of dragging you into their world and making you care about the characters and lust after the hunky men But countless times I come across the same old pattern The Shadow Reader will undoubtedly be loved by hardcore UF fans who actually read these books for that same old pattern that I mentioned Some people love this format and I m sure that s why books continue to be written in a very same y way.For me, I made the inevitable comparisons to the Fever series and this novel just couldn t compete at all I m still waiting for a fae novel that can and I ve been starting to believe I won t ever find one Mckenzie is definitely a strong heroine, but at the end of this book she doesn t feel as well developed to me as Mac did halfway through Darkfever The thing I loved most about Mac is that she was a normal young woman, in fact she first appears far ditzy than most She doesn t stroll in, sword swinging, and she hasn t been trained for the situation she finds herself in And yet, she shows that even the ditziest, blondest young women can turn kick ass if the moment calls for it This is one thing I love about that series which is very difficult to find in others PNR heroines are often sappy and pathetic, UF heroines tend to be factory manufactured warriors I want to see regular girls and women like myself showing that they don t need super powers to be awesome.I didn t even bother comparing either Kyol or Aren with Barrons because they are a million miles apart in every way But looking at them on their own they still seem to be rather boring, Kyol s the nice guy and Aren s the bad one Mckenzie has known and secretly wanted Kyol for years, she has known and secretly wanted Aren for a couple of weeks Guess who she chooses here Yet another Twilight style love triangle it would seem ZZZzzzz.Yes, so sorry to the people who loved this, I m not sure why I feel guilty for not loving it too, but I do The only thing I will say in its favour is that this book reminded me how much I need to re read the Fever books, so I thank Sandy Williams for that.

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    Even than YA, my relationship with Urban Fantasy has been a love hate one In fact, I even made a table about it, and it holds true So when I DO find an urban fantasy book I like, I can t help but talk about it nonstop, not to mention recommending it to everyone I know The Shadow Reader was one of those books I went into with a great deal of trepidation, only to end up gasping for breath about 20 pages in Excellent worldbuilding, fast paced, breath stealing action and brilliant characterization all combine to make this book one hell of a ride McKenzie is a shadow reader She can mark the portals to and from Faerie into our world, and point out with a fair degree of accuracy exactly where the portal leads to This makes her valuable to the Faerie king, who is fighting a battle against false bloods who are trying to claim his throne McKenzie has been instrumental in the capture of several of these rebels, so it s not surprising that she soon becomes a target for these false bloods However, when McKenzie does get kidnapped by Aren, the leader of the false bloods, instead of being killed outright, as she is half expecting, she ends up having her world turned on its head The Faerie court has kept McKenzie or less in the dark, her sole point of contact being the King s swordmaster Kyol Kyol and McKenzie are secretly in love, but the King has forbidden Fae human relationships, so they are doomed to snatched meetings and secrecy The kidnapping does than just pull McKenzie into a fight that is not her own it also makes her question her beliefs, her loyalties and her love how true are the things she has always taken for granted I loved McKenzie s character for the most part She s not super, extra special, but she s not shy and retiring either She s most definitely smart, scared in all the right places, wily when she needs to be For someone who s led such an unusual life, she s surprisingly level headed, and most refreshingly, she doesn t focus on her lovelife to the exclusion of all else What can I say about the love interests in this story, except that they were HAWWWWTTTT Seriously, anyone who s read my reviews know how much I hate love triangles But let me let you in on a little secret I hate well done love triangles EVEN MORE than I hate badly done ones At least with badly done love triangles, you don t have too much emotional investment in the characters, so you couldn t care less what happens to these moany, indecisive individuals But well done love triangles are heartbreaking When you can see the good in both men, when you find one as flawed and beautiful and perfect as the other, the knowledge that one of them is going to lose out on the woman they love is infinitely painful I was rooting for Kyol the whole way through, but that is because I have a well developed soft spot for a man of honour Which isn t to say I didn t like Aren I totallt felt the frisson and everything when he got all up close and personal with McKenzie I found the grey shaded characterization of both the main love interests especially intriguing Kyol is McKenzia s forst love, the man she has held in ehr heart since she was a teenager Aren is a mature woman s choice a man who first attracts, then interests her, and who eventually manages to win her trust and her affection McKenzie is a surprisingly introspective character for such an action packed story She constantly analyzes her motives, and the motives of people around her, and the state of the world in which she finds herself And the secondary characters help to flush out both the worldbuilding and the plotline in ways that are amazingly unexpected.The one thing that really bothers me about the way McKenzie treats Kyol is that view spoiler she spends a large part of the book trusting blindly in Kyol s honor and goodness and yet it is these very things that drive her away She s waited ten years for him, but when s he s finally ready to give up everything for her, she finds that it s too late I have no doubt that this was the path the author wanted to lead me down, but I wish, oh how I wish, those ten years of faith and love had been repaid with than a goodbye hide spoiler

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    When a person writes a review, the first thing they have to do is think about what they want to say about the book and what is worth mentioning After reading a few reviews on this book, I m thinking that my idea of prioritizing must be completely different from everyone else s Somewhat frustrating love triangleblah, blah, blah.A few similarities to Dark Swanblah, blah, blah.Heroine who really should have known better about a few thingsblah, blah, blah.Great action for a first bookblah, blah, blah.No cliffhanger endingblah, blah, blah.Mischievous hitchhiking pet which is a mix of a cat and a ferretblah, blahWHAT Why did no one tell me about the kimki Where are your priorities, people edit to add that Wendy Darling did in fact mention the Kimki but I missed it Okay, so maybe this was important to me than it was to all the other people who actually cared about the story Silly people Did no one else have a love for the cheesy 80 s movie, Beastmaster You know, the one where the little ferrets would follow their master around I can not tell you how much I wanted creatures to come to me whenever I called after watching this movie.If ferrets aren t your thing, then how about a falcon Either way, creatures at your beck and call game winner.Although, I m pretty sure that I pictured Aren from the book to be much attractive than the beastmaster guy And since I ve already mentioned one of the men in Shadow Reader, I will now go back up to the top of my original list.Somewhat frustrating love triangle It was Up until the end of the book, I was not a fan I don t like how we were made to believe that the love McKenzie had for Kyol was super strong, yet she immediately started having feelings for another man played off as chaos lusters and Stockholm Syndrome The point could be made that maybe the original love was based on familiarity and dependency, so there was a reason she might gravitate toward another person, but I still felt like the love triangle could have built slower Howeverthe way the ending of the first book was handled without a cliffhanger made me pleased with the way things turned out For those who are not fans of love triangles and don t mind a small spoiler, click this because it might make you feel better about trying the book view spoiler She chooses one man by the end of the book and her decision is solid The love triangle has been officially deactivated from what we can see hide spoiler

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    1.5 stars I didn t like this very much and I m pissed that I bought the second book before finishing this one I have mulled over my review for a few days now, and I m still trying to figure out why most people loved this and I didn t I think my main issue with this book is that the world building and plot felt like a distant second in priority to the love triangle.What I liked when I started with this book was the world I love the idea of the fissures that bring the fae in and out of our realm, and the concept of a shadow reader, a person who can see the shadow through the fissure that indicates the fae s location I was enad with the world and thought this book was a sure thing for me HoweverAs the book progressed, I started having some real issues First of all, I though that McKenzie was unforgivably wishy washy about who she was interested in The back and forth went on for the entirety of the book and, honestly, bored me to tears I was also mystified as to why, literally out of freaking nowhere, Aren starts loving her McKenzie is downright rude and mistrusting of Aren and it didn t seem like they were even building up to like so I was completely taken aback by his interest in her I thought the whole court vs rebels thing wasn t very well explained and I felt like the seriousness of the issue got pushed aside so McKenzie could debate about who she wanted to kiss It irked me to no end As the book progressed, I realized that I was never going to get the plot that I was hoping for and this wasn t going to be to my taste If I compare this book to the amazing and unforgettable Fever series Darkfever is the first , which also is about the fae, this book is like the gum stuck to the shoe of Jericho Barrons Just different leagues.

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    FAVORITE UF PNR OF 2011 This is ridiculous, Aren I m not Cinderella at a ball And thisthis isn t going to win my support, not even my sympathy I won t He places a finger over my lips I forget my responsibilities when I m with you It s nice Peaceful His hand slides behind my neck, beneath my hair He plays with the clasp of my necklace I wish you d let yourself forget things when you re with me You d be happier Rating Explanation 1 star for McKenzie She s everything an excellent UF heroine should be, but still has her own spark that s unparalleled She s human, strong, sensitive, sharp, and witty I adore her Especially how she stood up to Kyol and Aren She doesn t let anyone, no matter how sexy, push her around, and I seriously respect her for it 1 star for Aren Again, he s the typical male lead but still unique enough that he doesn t blend into the endless list of hot heroes And am I the only one surprised that the bad guy actually view spoiler won the girl hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars The Shadow Reader is Sandy Williams debut novel and the first in the new MCKENZIE LEWIS series If this book is any indication, I anticipate great things from Williams and this series in the future I enjoyed The Shadow Reader immensely.McKenzie is a human woman with a talent that makes her invaluable to the fae She is a shadow reader, which means that when a fae teleports, she can map where that fae has traveled to There are other shadow readers, but McKenzie is an unusually good one As a teenager, she was recruited to help King Atroth s Court win a war Now, ten years later, the Court still calls upon her services and it s taken a toll on McKenzie s life Her family has written her off as crazy Her college degree is taking far longer than it was supposed to And her forbidden flirtation with Kyol Taltrayn, the King s sword master, keeps McKenzie s love life on hold She s ready to retire as a shadow reader, finish her education, and live a normal human life Then she s kidnapped by rebel leader Aren Jorreb, who also needs a shadow reader, and everything changes McKenzie is attracted to Aren, but at first figures it s Stockholm syndrome May I just mention how refreshing it is that McKenzie even considered the possibility of Stockholm syndrome I ve read way too many books where the whole romance seemed to be rooted in it, yet it was never really examined But Aren has some unsettling information for her, information that leads her to wonder whether she s been on the wrong side of the war all along.This is a love triangle for readers who are sick of love triangles Why Because this is a good one The question is not just who s handsome or makes McKenzie s heart beat faster McKenzie is not just deciding between two men but two worldviews and two versions of the truth If one man is telling the truth, the other is guilty of horrible things, and vice versa and really, no one s hands are clean in this war McKenzie is a fierce heroine, not necessarily in the combat sense, but in her determination to seek the truth, stick to her own sense of ethics, and maintain her self respect She s strong in the face of psychological pressures that would break a lot of people, and it s great watching her forge her own path that isn t quite what either of her suitors has in mind for her.McKenzie s struggles play out both in her own psyche and in Williams well realized setting It can take a little while to get one s bearings in the fae world Williams has created, but she does a terrific job of making that world feel fleshed out and lived in One gets the sense of a rich history and geography in the background, even if McKenzie only sees a small sampling of it in this first book I was reminded both of Karen Marie Moning s FEVER universe and C.L Wilson s TAIREN SOUL in terms of the setting.The Shadow Reader kept me turning pages frantically, and when I wasn t reading it, I was thinking about how much I wanted to be reading it and finding out what happened next or what new truth would be revealed I had a lot of fun with The Shadow Reader and can t wait to read about McKenzie.

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