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pdf The Shattered Dark, ebook The Shattered Dark, epub The Shattered Dark, doc The Shattered Dark, e-pub The Shattered Dark, The Shattered Dark 2cf436f8c5d McKenzie Lewis Has A Gift It Allows Her Access To A World Few Have Seen, And Even Fewer Can Comprehend It S Her Secret And It Exists In The Shadows McKenzie Was A Normal College Student, Save For One Little Twist She S A Shadow Reader, Someone Who Can Both See The Fae And Track Their Movements Between Our World And The Realm It S A Gift For Which She Has Been Called Insane, One For Which She Has Risked Family And Friends And One That Has Now Plunged Her Into A Brutal Civil War Between The FaeWith The Reign Of The King And His Vicious General At An End, McKenzie Hoped To Live A Normal Life While Exploring Her New Relationship With Aren, The Rebel Fae Who Has Captured Her Heart But When Her Best Friend, Paige, Disappears McKenzie Knows Her Wish Is, For Now, Just A Dream McKenzie Is The Only One Who Can Rescue Her Friend, But If She S Not Careful, Her Decisions Could Cost The Lives Of Everyone She S Tried So Hard To Save

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    Posted at Bibliophile MysteryI finished it an hour ago, and I can t do anything but stare blankly Oh Sandy Why did you do this to me I ll die until the ARC for the final book is available And I promise I ll haunt you just to know the ending One thing is solidly clear you re an amazing author I ll convince everyone I can to read your books The story, the writing style, the feelings you get while reading, they re all incredible Oh Aren cries UPDATE later, same day The Shadow Reader was the first Urban Fantasy I ve read this year in fact, it really was my first 2012 book You should have seen me then, just after the New Year s, carrying my Kindle everywhere I went, not sleeping, eating or doing anything else until it was over No, if I remember this correctly, I think I had these great ideas for the review when I was seven pages away from finishing the book, and I left it to write them down Crazy, isn t it I was so in love with the world building and the characters, the story, everything that I practically begged for an ARC of the second book it didn t even have a name back then And I got it If there s a book engaging, action packed, heartbreaking in a single word, AMAZING than The Shadow Reader, that s its sequel, The Shattered Dark Yes, I must admit, Sandy did it for me twice this year, and I m certain I won t read a better Urban Fantasy story soon If I want to keep my sanity, that is.I missed the characters a lot, especially Aren I ve had a soft spot for him from the beginning But all of them are changed, mature, on the edge, and in danger than before You d think there s nothing dangerous than being a rebel in the Realm, trying to overthrow the King, and achieving this goal should bring some peace, but it s never like this, not in real life and not in The Shattered Dark The real hard work comes after that, in trying to convince the rest of the fey that they only want what s best for the Realm and they fought for the right cause A different kind of war is starting, and nobody knows who will win this time I ve missed you I ve been wanting to see you, too, just not like He stops, clenches his jaw, then continues Not here Not like this He almost sounds pained I scan him, searching for injuries He looks okay, but he looks different He s not the same Aren who held me captive That Aren was cavalier and sly, always ready with one of his infuriating half grins This Aren is tense Stressed out I want to help him, but I don t know how Even if Aren is changed, one thing remains the same he still tries to win McKenzie over in every way he can And she s very hard to convince, because she doesn t want to make the same mistakes again After loving Kyol for ten years, waiting for and accepting anything from him, she wants her relationship with Aren to be different, she wants them to know each other better and take things slowly Aren pulls me gently toward him You told me you wanted time I ve given it to you, and I ll give you as long as you need, McKenzie I love you He tucks a lock of my hair behind my ear You re worth waiting a decade for but this is London There s so much history here And never mind that this is the homeland of Shakespeare and Jane Austen, King s Cross Station is somewhere around here.I want to see Platform I swear, one of these days, I m going to have a fae fissure me here for a vacation You re alive in this city, Aren says You re mesmerized by this place than by any place I ve seen you in the Realm That s because no one s trying to kill me here, I say.No one s trying to kill me here yet I m surprised Aren doesn t point that out, but he just smiles as he watches me, and my stomach does a little flip It s as if seeing me here like this makes him happy, and just for a moment, I let myself think about what it would be like to walk down this street with Aren without any worries about the remnants or Paige.That s what we need, time to be together without all the pressures of the war Unfortunately, time is one thing they don t have, because the war is not over, her best friend, Paige, was kidnapped by King Atroth s remaining minions, who are determined to win back the Palace, and there s a part of Aren s past that makes her decisions even difficult to make If I could undo my past for you, McKenzie, I would But I don t have that power No fae does Anything else you want to confess That gets under his skin The silver in his eyes seems to sharpen, and he takes a step forward, pressing his body against mine so that I have to move back The complete truth, McKenzie, is I d do anything for you, but you ask for nothing You won t confide in me You won t rely on me You re so preoccupied trying to decide if you can trust your feelings that you won t consider giving in to them And if you read the quotes above, you already know why I love Aren so much, why I m in his team even if he did do bad things sometime in the past It s because he s well, Aren He s unique, one of the best ALPHA s I ve ever met He s all strong, and bad ass, and reckless, but he also has a soft, loving side, that he s not trying to hide, unlike someone else Aren is the brightest diamond of this story, the perfect book boyfriend, you can t help but love him and wish the best happily ever after for him Aren has a reputation for crazy plans that work I m not a mistake, McKenzie, he says softly Nothing matters but him and us and this, the way he makes me feel like I m everything to him Sometime in the last month, he s become everything to me One character I didn t think I could start to care about after finishing The Shadow Reader is Lena She s way better in this book in fact, she grew on me a lot Her attitude is changed, you can feel the huge burden she s carrying on her shoulders, a lot of lives are in her hands, but she s strong, and she s making the right decisions I couldn t have imagined that she ll start seeing McKenzie as a friend, and she also shows a protective side I ll kill you if you hurt Aren, she says without turning She s confiding in me What am I supposed to do with that Never mind that I suck at girl talk, she s Lena And I finally got to Kyol GOD I wish I could be objective when it comes to him, but I just can t be I wasn t his biggest fan from the start, even if I know he s the real hero, that he s the one who makes the greatest sacrifices, sometimes he almost breaks my heart and now there s a big BUT coming but, I can t get these two words out of my head How convenient I m anxiously waiting for your opinion regarding his actions, because in my book, he still says I m sorry too often I wish I could see him differently, I know some of you will, and I even feel a little bit guilty for not giving him of my thoughts.I m going to finish now, because I don t want to spoil anything for you, and I ve saved some quotes.WOW You ll just have to read the book yourself to find them I know I should say something about Sandy, but I don t know what, there are no words to describe how magnificent she is Her writing is flawless, the world building is incredible, and her story is original, action packed, with strong built characters When you d think there s nothing new and unique you could read in the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genre, try McKenzie s story I guarantee you ll love it I just wish for her faery tale to have a happy ending if I have to fight for him now, I will Happy reading

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    Dear Sandy,BUT I don t understand.Isn t it settled nicely in book 1 Isn t it It was interesting, with the mysteries. with the twists. with the betrayals and etc BUT THIS I am devastated.That chapter you wrote And the whole change of event Obviously , I don t take this very well.I meanShe..HeAnd heThen theySo, now what We are to wait for book 3 For answers For solution to that icky problem you wrote I hope you don t use death of a certain character to get out of it.Very heartbroken,MrsJ

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    If I could undo my past for you, McKenzie, I would But I don t have that power No fae does Original reaction moments after finishing % % % Mother effin son of a basket weaver My heart can t take this turn of events Review to come later after I ve calmed down somewhat.Hours later HmmmI might have overreacted a tad Actual review It pains me to have to throw out another 3.5 star review this week because I really want to commit to a solid 4 star review, but there s no getting around what happened and how much I did not want this development I honestly thought that the one major issue was nixed in book 1 and I was stupidly optimistic on that front.Did this aggravating development sour me to the series No Not at all.Do I wish I could reach through the internet and shake Ms Sandy Williams for what she did Yes Sorry, but it s true When I put aside my feelings about the incident, I can look at The Shattered Dark with a little less frustration In general, I was happy with my reading experience Sure, I was a little lost at first over what was going on, but I blame that on me reading so many books in such a short amount of time that I can t seem to keep much world and or character building straight in my own head This series has a lot of characters, so it took me a minute to try and remember who was who This is one of the only cases in book history where I actually appreciated a little bit of recap.As I was reading, I realized that I need to make a return to fae based fantasy and urban fantasy There s something fascinating about the fae kind which draws me into their lore and magic Shifters, vamps, etc all tend to be fairly one note, but the realm of the fae lends itself to so many possibilities Case in point McKenzie Lewis is a human who reads the shadow portals left behind from the fae She maps out in her own mind what she sees, which makes her a valuable asset as a tracker for both sides of the factions at war with each other Imagine a book of world jumping, element bending, ass kicking, and magical healing This is what we re dealing with It s a lot of fun Sometimes it s just plain amusing Ah, those silly fae and their ignorance of all things human When I m able to focus again, I m staring at my cut restraints They were Velcro What Kyol asks Velcro Strong Velcro, but the dagger wasn t needed. And for those of us who like the guy candythere s a whole lotta lotta that Aren is still my number 1, but dammit, Kyol was tugging at the heartstrings this time around as well Talk about complicating matters I wanted to just sit there and swoon over Aren Period But noKyol is looking attractive in his own right after I got to witness some lovely flashback scenes with him in them I swear, I m having Dorian and Kiyo flashbacks because of the opposite faction thing and I m not entirely sure I like this because it means I won t ever know if anyone is trustworthy until the very end My heart was doing gymnastic flips the entire time I love feeling like this but also hate it too I want to deserve you And of course, I couldn t close out this review without mentioning the one thing which had me ridiculously excited when I was writing my review for book 1 the kimki Sosch, the cute hybrid ferret cat whatever creature was back I love this mischievous little furball The books are worth a read just to see what this little scamp is up to He s quite the active wanderer Sosch lets out a sound that s a cross between a chirp and a squeak, then uses my outstretched arm as a springboard to my shoulders He looks at me and does some weird, crinkly thing with his nose Even though this second book took a directional turn that I wasn t completely happy with, I m still sold on the series and look forward to book 3 There s something about Williams writing that is easy to read, and the mix of action adventure and sexual chemistry rivals the style of my favorite author Richelle Mead, which means it can t be all bad Right This lightning she holds up her hand, waits for a chaos luster to strike across it I bet it makes kissing a fae explosive By the way, I totally get why you never let me shake Kyol or Aren s hands

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    Slow start, becomes action packed midway 3.5 stars The Shattered Dark was one of my most anticipated releases of 2012 I loved The Shadow Reader and I could not get enough of author Sandy Williams world of the fae Oh, and with heroes like Aren and Kyol, what could I ask The Shattered Dark picks up right after the events of the first book The fae realm is in turmoil a group of dissenters calling themselves The Remnants are not happy with the new ruler There is a lot of political intrigue and jostling for power in this book.I had difficulty with the first half of the novel Perhaps it was because some time had passed since I read the first book, or maybe because the pacing was a little slow at first There seemed to be so many characters and several story lines to keep track of.A little niggling annoyance I had with the book was that the love triangle should have been resolved It was, for the most part, and I agreed with the choice even though I missed the other character terribly BUT and I am sorry for shouting the love triangle has a little monkey wrench thrown into it Why, oh, why The book clicked for me during the second half Suddenly, I was at the edge of my seat and I had difficulty putting the book down Now, THIS was the book I was expecting There were battle scenes, complete with fae against fae, fae against human, swashbuckling sword fights, hand to hand combat, really scary stuff These scenes were extremely well done What draws me to this series is the fascinating take on the fae and the fae realm The world feels complete with its complex issues and political maneuvering I liked how the characters were able to travel between the human and the fae realms through fissures and gates Overall, I liked The Shattered Dark I m curious to see where the author takes this series in the next book Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Books for a review copy of this book Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.Check out Sandy Williams Halloween guest post on The Five Things I Can t Write Without on Badass Book Reviews.

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    12 10 12 re reading the final version So excited I had an opportunity to read an early copy of THE SHATTERED DARK and let me tell you, people it is a page turner What a fantastic follow up to THE SHADOW READER I could not put it down It s super action packed and McKenzie is put through the emotional wringer all over again And the ending ROCKS Definitely a favorite read of 2012 so far.I can t wait for book 3.If you enjoyed THE SHADOW READER, you ll love THE SHATTERED DARK.

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    2,5 stars grudginly given My thoughts after finishing this book I m so, so, mad that i could throw this book out my windowSo after an amazing first book, one has this Let me start by saying that i hate love triangles I do, i really do.The only way i can put up with them, is because once they re resolved, that s it there isn t pointless emotional drama NO back and forththe characters confess their everlasting love, bl , bl , which permits a reader to focus on the story Which luckily will be interesting enough to grab my interest.That didn t happen with this one, because the story most of the times was boring.The first book was great, because of the focus it had on relationships Mainly Aren and Mckenzie, lets face it But there was also Naito and Kelia who kept things interesting i miss her The story was interesting, and the action kept me turning the pages as fast as i could I could even tolerate the love triangle, because it did sound feasible But this one On one side i understand the reason for the slow pacing The fey palace has been taken by the rebelds, who know find themselves at the position of having to legitimate their claim Lena s to the throne Fae Aren mostly are fissuring back and forth, leaving almost no time for romanceSo the first part of the story is very focused on fey politics Its well described, but after a while, i m sorry, but it becamed boringthe only times where my interest was piqued was when Aren would make an appearance.To finish this up _ i really, don t even feel like writing a review to this book _ i could probably read almost anything, if the author hadn t finished the book, the way she did.I haven t forgotten what Aren and Mckenzie were like in Shadow Reader I haven t forgotten what he tells her in the end of that book If I were a good man, he says, I d acknowledge that Taltrayn is an honorable fae, that he loves you and would take care of you I d step down and let you have the man you ve always wanted, but, McKenzie, I m not as good as Taltrayn I never will be, and I can t step down I ll fight for the chance to be with you When to this, one adds all the things that Mckenzie and Aren say to one another in this bookwhen one sees what they meant to one another, than the ending of this one, is illogical as hell view spoiler Because there s no way in hell, that Aren would give up of Mckenzie Not even for the life bond. hide spoiler

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    SPOILERS When I first started this novel I was all like Yes, freaking ecstatic like a five year old on their birthday I was practically drooling on myself to get this book I was counting down the months, weeks, and then days of this books release In the first few chapters, I was loving it eating it up like I eat chocolate when its that time of the month And the beginning was great It was action packed and quickly paced just like the last one.But this novel also helped me realize something very important I hate Mckenzie She has to be one of the most annoying, shallow, and naive human beings when it comes to relationships How could she honestly think Kyol is over her They spent 10 years together I repeat, 10 years Most people don t even stay married that long these days If you were with him for that long, then there is obviously something you really like about the guy, and it s certainly not his penis, seeing that you ve never seen it And if your willing to wait that long, then what s a few weeks of waiting while everything in the realm calms down The guy has practically spilled his guts for you time and time again.I hate how she can get past Aren s problems so easily They ve only known each other 1 month And during most that month, she was Aren s prisoner Yes, that s really attractive I m not even going there with the whole Stockholm Syndrome But it seems like she s forgotten that Kyol killed and betrayed his best friend because of her If that s not love then I don t know what is I know that Mckenzie said that Kyol could be overbearing and aurthoritative, but maybe that s because he was trying to save your ass all the time Maybe it s all the hormones raging through her body from being a 26 year old virgin I mean, really You either have to be extremely ugly, hate yourself, or be a total masochist to have been a virgin that long And it s not like she couldn t get any either She just wasn t trying hard enough I ve seen teenagers go to greater extremes to lose their virginity For some of us, it becomes our main goal in life during puberty to lose the big V Having your virginity in this time of day is almost equivalent to wearing the scarlet letter And I just find it hard to believe that after having years of this My mental representation of Kyol..in front of her for years, she hasn t tried a few covert tactics to get him in the sheets Once again, I just don t like McKenzie.So when she tells Aren that she loves him and wants to be with him forever, I was like You stupid bitch What the hell And then when the going gets tough, what does Aren do He ditches, like the bastard he is He said that he would fight for their relationship and for her no matter what Well, I don t think that s fighting Aren I think that s giving up before the game even begins So seeing how things ended, I m practically compelled to read the next novel So many secrets to be unveiled and mysteries still to be solved it makes it pretty hard to ignore this series And I m desperately hoping that McKenzie opens her eyes and see s who s always been there for her cough Kyol cough cough.But besides Mckenzie s horrible taste in men, and her annoying danger happy character, this book was okay And I use that term lightly Oh, and Sandy Williams, I hope you do not intend on killing off a certain character to rectify what was done at the end of this novel It would just be too cruel, and I would honestly have to stop reading this series Anyway, I m grudgingly giving this book 2.5 stars.

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    With the defeat of King Atroth, McKenzie s stuck in the middle of the Fae war Sides have been switched and it s hard to always tell who can be trusted Then McKenzie s best friend, Paige, turns up missing and has been taken by the remnants, who are fae that are still loyal to the King McKenzie has to rescue her even though she has a feeling it might not be easy.I felt like there was nonstop fighting in this book Every time McKenzie needed to go somewhere, there was always battles and she was always on the run On top of that, Aren and McKenzie never got any alone time and when they would finally get together, they were interrupted What was up with that It was sooo frustrating I still really like McKenzie and I liked that she was sticking up for herself even though she spent a lot of time trying to help everyone I was so happy when she was finally coming to term with her feelings Aren was great as always I really warmed up to him even and I loved how he was always watching out for McKenzie He really made me laugh when he was helping her in the bath My heart still goes out for Kyol He really put on a brave face most of the time but you could just tell how he really felt It was nice getting to know some of the characters in depth orjust It s a little confusing with all the rebel fae, the court fae and the remnant fae but at least a few stuck out Trev was one I find really interesting and I really like Naito I can t help but hope things will work out for him What happened and what will happen with Paige is really intriguing but I m not really happy with how her and McKenzie s relationship is being affected Lorn is another one that s being set up to be disappointing but I m not really buying it.And then comes the WTH moment really really Why did it have to go there I had accepted the way things were and then SW had to go and screw with us Well, I did some checking around and it appears this series will be a trilogy and SW did say that she wants McKenzie to have a HEA so here s what I think will happen view spoiler I think Hison is the betrayer not Lorn I think McKenzie will figure this out and help Lorn and he will help out McKenzie with some way to break the bond But I feel that McKenzie is going to have to fight the bond and fight for Aren I m hoping somehow Kyol will be okay in all this..maybe him and Lena And of course, Sosch is somehow involved An extra bonus is some way for Kaito and Kelia to work out hide spoiler

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    Nooooooooooooooooo 3.5 stars, rounded up begrudgingly.

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    Okay, I m really excited for this book, but another sword on the cover I mean, McKenzie didn t wield a sword in book one Is she actually going to use one this time around

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