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    I loved this book Brian Payne aka former Major Payne haha, pun intended hadn t been nicknamed The Specialist for nothing he excelled in everything he did and never failed on any mission assigned to him even though he still felt guilty about that one mission where one of his Army buddies ended up dead, that hadn t been his fault Emma Langsford was also a former military, who was known for being ruthless and successful in all her missions When those two were pitted against each other in what could be called a treasure hunt for a pocketwatch that was supposedly owned by Robert E Lee, sparks flew and I was in for one of the most enjoyable and steamy rides of my life I just loved seeing them trying to outmaneuver each other in their search for the pocketwatch that Emma was full of tricks, LOL and it was especially funny to read Payne s inner thoughts chastising himself for being so helpless when it came to her Poor guy, he had taken the fall and there was no going back This was another great book by Ms Nelson, thank you very much She s just became the author I ll run to whenever I m in the mood for a quick, hot and entertaining read.

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    GIFs ahead A dueling search for a pocket watch once owned by General Robert E Lee brings Major Brian Payne, The Specialist, and ex Army hottie Emma Langsford together at a cozy Gettysburg Inn Emma s in it for the money Payne s in it because he owes a favor to the guy who got him out of the military Both will stop at nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING short of sex, that is to best the other in this battle of wits Too bad Payne s got a gigantic Specialist in his pants that makes him vulnerable to Emma s hot body Will this not very exciting search for a fictional piece of history bring these two together for good or tear them apart before they have a chance at than a week of sexy sexytimes In the Beginning An Illustration of the Plot Anything you can do, I can do better Bitch.Emma is surprisingly not annoying in this story, so I enjoyed the first third of the book in which she bests Payne at every turn I like a clever lady in my romance Also, Emma isn t ashamed by the sexy feelings she s feeling for Payne This is one slut who WON T be shamed for having a fully operational sex drive Good for her Payne is a big, fat bore with a gigantic dong That s about all I have to say about him For a guy named The Specialist, he is very easily tricked by Emma And even when he s supposed to be doing something CLEVER and TOTES MILITARY BADASS LIKE, it s still kind of lame Payne isn t particularly charming, nor is he an easily mockable asshat He s just kind of bland But since this is a Blaze, he can fuck a woman like a goddamn stallion with a magical ability to read the Kama Sutra Sadly, I think that s supposed to be what makes Payne interesting So, I just trudged through the short number of pages of under developed plot and thought, I iz not interested I would have bailed like this kitteh, but the ebook is only, like, 130 pages My pride would not allow me to stop.While the Robert E Lee pocket watch plot wasn t compelling in the slightest, I did get a few chuckles out of the sex Perhaps this means I m immature, but a raptor s gotta get her chuckles one way or another So, now I bring to you three LOL TEHSEX quotes Just keep in mind that these two rutting fools are supposed to be the hottest, most well endowed people EVER Quote 1 Emma s got a party going on DOWN THERE Her feminine muscles clenched, coating her folds with hot joy juice Page 81 I wonder if they serve hot joy juice for breakfast at their quaint little Gettysburg inn, or if they have to pay extra to have it delivered to their room.Quote 2 Payne has quite a way with words.She was still affected by him, much the same way he was by her, and he hadn t imagined or dreamed the wild, fantastic gorilla sex they d just had Page 87 What I wouldn t give for an appropriate gorilla GIF.Quote 3 Apparently, Payne has an actual firearm where his peen should be.Her body suddenly went rigid and she clamped around him over and over again, triggering his own orgasm.It blasted from his loins with enough force to blow the end out the condom, but at the moment he didn t give a damn Page 96 After I stopped laughing at this, I thought, Eek Pregnancy STDs But no, young padawans This is Harlequin BLAZE, not Harlequin Presents Apparently, contraceptive malfunctions are treated with the same fairy tale inspired nothing bad will happen hand as multiple orgasms and the ability to fall in love with a complete stranger in less than a week Ah, only a Harlequin

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    4 1 2 Stars Ex Ranger Brian Payne earned his nickname The Specialist because he was very good in everything he did And his detail oriented approach to command had made his men fully understand just what a Major Payne he could truly be General Garrett has need for Payne s well honed abilities and has decided it s time to call in his favour Payne s not pleased with his assignment but he s never gone back on his word and it will be a relief to have this last hold over him finally lifted It s off to Gettysburg to find a legendary pocketwatch that supposedly was once owned by Robert E Lee by way of inheritance from his father General Garrett is an avid collector of all things Lee Payne knows there s to this hunt, and when he deplanes at the airport he discovers exactly what there is After eight years in the military, Emma Langsford had been forced to resign her commission to help her mom with her ailing grandfather and then deal with the huge medical debts She needed the money General Hastings was offering her to find Lee s pocketwatch before his rival s man found it Seems the two General s have made a bet and Emma s ruthless reputation is being pitted against Payne s sharp orderly mind Only when Emma bumps into Payne, literally, Payne finds that this little bit of a woman packs a lot of fire, and he has to contend with the sparks There s a lot to this hunt than may the best man or woman win Ms Nelson s sharp wit and wicked sense of humour come out marvelously in this book Emma proves her resourcefulness time and again, much to Payne s astonishment and admiration When Payne discovers the reason why Emma needs to win, that achieving her dreams depends on the money she ll earn he quickly comes up with a plan where they both will win The chemistry between these two scorches right off the pages I laughed out loud during one scene where Emma proclaims follow me again, and I ll not only flatten your tires, I ll climb up there and clobber you with them And this produces a huge belly laugh from Payne, who at his 6 6 height towers over petite Emma s 5 2 and he further, lifts her by her arms right off the floor and plants a toe curling kiss This is one of those sexy fun reads that you ll want to read again and again

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    I received this book in a 6 book bundle, and ended up reading them back to back Each story was a fresh concept with great characters Light, happy reading I truly enjoyed each story do yourself a favor and give this author a chance.

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    Wow This series is so good I am enjoying how well written they are Awesome author who knows how to pull you into her books.

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    Major PerfectGreat book The hunt for a pocket watch was a wonderful creation I liked reading about the fact that neither of them were into love, but found it in the end.

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    Good This is really good story with good strong characters.This is the second book in the series and I really recommend them to readers

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    Loved this book I love all of the characters and can t wait to see what happens next Highly recommend this series

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    A quick, good read for all writers You will feel buoyed and validated in Goldberg s hands.

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    cut and paste the whole series i read the first book of this series the player and enjoyed it so i made the error of reading the three books one after another is there then three in the series beats me i m not going further this is one of those rare situations that reading one of a series as a standalone makes it far enjoyable then reading the whole series why because.they re.exactly.the.same i understand there should be ties between stories to hold them into a series but this is crazy its not so much a series as three books with only details like names changed between them seriously.SPOILERS hot, alpha, ex ranger check intelligent but unlucky in love heroine check hero is totally relationship phobic and has a mantra to live by to ensure no one gets close check usual misunderstanding that elongates the story for no purpose check guilt over dead member of ranger team preventing hero from falling completely check understanding heroine gets hero to talk about said guilt, thereby opening the emotional floodgates check smarmy HEA checkwould i recommend maybe if you got them for free, or you read them super spread apart long enough between them that you don t immediately know the entire story line after the second paragraph.

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download The Specialist, read online The Specialist, kindle ebook The Specialist, The Specialist 12eb5fb5bb4a When You Re This Good, They Call You The Specialist, And Major Brian Payne Is That Good Whether It S In Battle Or In The Bedroom, There S Nobody Detail Oriented And That S The Reason He S On This Wild Goose Chase, To Find A Priceless Military Antique Before The Competition Does He S Sure He Can Handle Ituntil He Discovers The Competition Is Smart, Saucy Emma Langsford A Woman He D Definitely Like To Get His Hands OnEmma S Years In The Military Have Taught Her Brian Payne Is A Legend He S Also Way Out Of Her League, Regardless Of How Many Fantasies He S Inspired Over The Years But Emma Has A Job To Do And She Has To Pull It Off So If The Specialist Gets In Her Way, She Ll Just Have To Distract Him