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    Update 12 29 2018Clearly I can never get tired of Megan Whalen Turner s stories and Gen s refreshing petulance.Update 6 2011 Let me just say, if you feel so so about this book like I did , please give its sequel The Queen of Attolia a try It made me forever and ever a dedicated fan of the series I have mixed feelings about this book I enjoyed it, but I think I spoiled the experience for myself a little bit view spoiler The reviewers like to point to a huge twist at the end of the story as the biggest reason for enjoying this book But if you know in advance that you should expect something, it is very easy to pick up clues on the way and figure out the big secret fairly quickly I think this anticipation of the big reveal threw me off a bit and I ended up a little underwhelmed when the ending finally came What I should have concentrated on is the writing, because it is superb Turner shows a great command of English language, there is simply no word wasted in this story Turner s books are highly recommended by Kristin Cashore, a great YA fantasy writer In fact, the sentence structure, the tightness and simplicity of The Thief reminded me of Graceling, only Turner is definitely a stronger writer I also liked the thief himself Gen is a funny, sneaky and extremely unreliable narrator, who holds a lot back and while he tells the story in his own words, he remains very anonymous throughout his adventures I thought it was a very interesting way to write a book.Overall, I enjoyed this book, enough to want to read the consequent novels However my advice would be don t waste your time searching for clues and anticipating the huge climax and just enjoy the great writing and skillfully built fantasy world view spoiler hide spoiler

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    Oh, thank gods, I thought They re going to leave me All I want to do was lie in a dry prickly grass with my feet in a ditch forever I could be a convenient sort of milemarker, I thought Get to the thief and you know you are halfway to Methana Wherever Methana might be. The Thief is a high fantasy with, like any other high fantasy on this planet, a journey the characters undertake Gen, the main character was a pleasant surprise While I first thought he was a feminine character, I was proved wrong quite early in the story Oops That s because many have compared this to Graceling and, as we know, that book s lead character is a girl.But I loved male Gen I was enchanted by his quick witted personality and humour He wasn t boring or tedious but instead full of surprises and skills I liked how he never listened to anyone telling him how worthless he was and how he was someone who would open up to others who earned his trust His looks were never widely described, which leaved place to some imagination digging, heh As for the plot itself, it was long, slow and eventless The only things that really saved it were the ending, which held many secrets and Gen himself because he was that charming Now I remember why I don t read tons of high fantasy books Oh well.I feel like the author wanted to create a special world building filled with history and linked to the background of the characters, but it failed miserably It s all about the GODS people believed or did not believe in Who they were How they became gods But I wanted to know about the people themselves, the places and the kings and queens On a side and possibly spoiler ish note I ll have to admit I was really disappointed when I discovered that Gen was not gay because there were TONS of signs throughout the story Clearly, I thought he would end up with Sophos Every time Sophos blushed Every time Gen touched him THERE WAS A CONNECTION BETWEEN THOSE TWO Grr.

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    My main reason for reading The Thief was so I could read the sequel The Queen of Attolia that I ve heard is superb and far better than this first installment I actually set myself up for quite an underwhelming experience with this book based on reviews and the fact that I m not the biggest fan of traditional fantasy with magical realms and such I never could stand The Lord of the Rings However, the story was interesting, the writing excellent and the protagonist was a witty, devious little narrator that kept me entertained throughout.I love the world that Turner has created, even though we ve seen so little of it so far this only served to further pique my interest I see a lot of potential for this series and I have already ordered a copy of The Queen of Attolia.There is a twist that I thought was pretty obvious, and usually if I can solve a mystery it would suggest that it s about as mysterious as a gigantic billboard with flashing neon lights but I think it had to do with the fact that I knew a twist was coming, and some other GR reviewers were surprised by it So, you know, try not to, um, think too much about it.By the way, for people who have read this, isn t the biggest clue in view spoiler the title of the series I noticed that early on and began to wonder hide spoiler

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    a summary of this book in 20 words or less first half an obscenely long journey where literally nothing happens.second half item stolen and it all kicks off.as you can tell from my quick summary, the second half of this book is where its at if you manage to get through the most boring horse ride in fictional history, then you will be well rewarded you will get prison escapes, hot pursuits, clever planning, and not to mention gen i really liked gen my goodness, he was charming he was honestly my main reason for pushing through the first half of the book i just had to see how his role in the story played out.overall, this was a pretty decent read it was short, but it has me interested enough to see how the rest of the series will go even with the slow start of the thief , i have a feeling the following books will be much better 3.5 stars

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    Gen is a thief The story begins with him being rescued from prison by the King s Magus in order to help him steal an object of political power that is so historically obscure it is almost considered a myth.So there s a lot I didn t enjoy here.To begin with, this book is mostly composed of a very, very, very long travelling sequence Now, I should take this opportunity to point out that I don t dislike journey stories In fact, one of my all time favorite novels is The Lord of the Rings, which is, at its core, a massive journey.The problem with this book is that nothing even remotely interesting happens while our characters are travelling Somehow a relatively short 280 pages ends up feeling like 2800 pages while trudging through scene after scene of riding on horses, campfire chatting, and bickering.It was over halfway through the book before I really distinguished between all the side characters that weren t the Magus And of course I had the unfortunate experience of accidentally imagining the Magus as Governor Ratcliffe, aka this guy So yea That was. not the book s fault but it was certainly interesting Anyway, once I finally had a firm handle on who everyone was, I realized they re mostly stereotypical in nature Angry, masculine rival Soft, young apprentice who isn t good with a sword Tough, stoic guardian Eh.I suppose it s important to remember that this was published in 1996, and so these stereotypes were probably a lot less abundant at that time This definitely doesn t read like a modern Young Adult book, but this doesn t change the fact that my experience with these now is no welcome than it would be reading a book published recently The dynamic between the characters is even confusing for me I have no idea how I m supposed to feel about Gen or the Magus because their statements actions are just a slew of contradictions.One minute they re all messing around, joking, the next characters are threatening other characters with actual, physical violence One minute Gen is at the complete mercy of the Magus, the next the Magus is allowing Gen to contradict his mythology stories without reprieve Gen even points out the Magus inconsistency so honestly, I m just now sure how I m supposed to view these characters.Speaking of mythology, this book spends a lot of time exploring mythological characters of the realm telling their stories, and much less time than I would ve liked expanding the world These sections of the book come off very info dumpy, and I could feel myself zoning out whenever they would pop up Honestly, I can only think of one scene where I chuckled near the beginning of this boring trudge of a book Otherwise, I spent most of the time hoping it would be over soon.Relieved to finally make it to the end of this story, I was planning to stick it with a 1 star forget about it But then something interesting happened.The twist at the end practically flips this story on its head, contradicting everything you may have thought about it up to this point It s almost a brand new story which is the ONLY REASON I am considering continuing the series I m not 100% sure I agree with a twist like the one presented here I m not clear how it works, to be honest It seems contradictory on many levels, but I ll definitely give it points for originality.This twist brought the book s rating up a bit for me It doesn t make up for how hard the rest of the of it is to get through 2 stars it will have to be, but I m kind of excited to see where the story goes from here because it feels like a fresh beginning.Read this with the gorgeous miss Kaylin

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    1.99 Kindle sale, Jan 22, 2018 One of my favorite YA series EVER, with just a touch of fantasy to it Stick with it through at least the first three books and I promise you won t regret it Avoid spoilers.Review originally posted at Fantasy Literature Megan Whalen Turner s award winning 1996 YA fantasy The Thief, set in a fantasy world that has very strong echoes of ancient Greece, follows the adventures of Gen, the eponymous thief, as he is yanked from a filthy prison cell to go on a journey with a group of four men who hope to steal an unnamed object The magus, who is leading the group, is the only person in the group who knows what they are searching for and where it is hidden.In honor of the deep importance of mythology and the panoply of Greek like gods in the tale of The Thief, several Greek gods and goddesses have graciously agreed to make guest appearances in this review, to add their brief thoughts and opinions regarding this book ARTEMIS Actually, when you think about it, the whole plot of The Thief revolves around a hunt Okay, it s a hunt for a hidden object, not a wild beast, but still It s really quite fascinating Gen spends most of the lengthy journey recovering from his months long stay in prison, whining about their current conditions and the limited food, and sassing the magus and other members of the group Although the journey is a rocky one, in ways that just one, gradually Gen begins to gain respect for most of the group, and they for him POSEIDON The role of the river Aracthus in protecting the treasure was a high point But the story needed bodies of water and less wasteland Sea of Olives, pfft Poor excuse for the real thing The characters are well drawn and believable, with intriguing layers Ambiades was not going to move a step at the request of a worthless and insolent petty criminal Ambiades, I realized, was the kind of person who liked to put people in a hierarchy, and he wanted me to understand that I was at the bottom of his He was supposed to treat me politely in spite of my subservient position, and I was supposed to be grateful For my part, I wanted Ambiades to understand that I considered myself a hierarchy of one.The tale of their journey is also interspersed with mythological tales of their world, such as the creation of the earth and birth of the gods, which give additional depth to the overall story ARES I liked the sword fighting and the importance of the art of war in the plot of this story Recognize Too bad most of the fighting scenes were so short But the conflicts between the countries of Sounis, Eddis and Attolia Yeah, that has potential The first half of this book is somewhat slow paced, as the group journeys to their destination, but once they arrive the pace quickens and the plot takes some unexpected and fascinating turns The Thief has joined the list of my favorite YA fantasy novels APHRODITE Why does the most beautiful woman in the book only make a brief appearance Where is the love pouts The Thief is the first book in a series of five books, with possibly books to come, but can easily be enjoyed as a stand alone novel By the end of the book, I was a huge fan of the characters and of Megan Whalen Turner I ve bought all five books in this series and will probably automatically buy anything else she writes THE QUEEN S THIEF series shouldn t be missed by anyone who enjoys YA fantasy In fact, my favorite book in the whole series is the third, The King of Attolia HERMES I love how Eugenides, the god of thieves like ahem yours truly, is worshipped and honored by the main character And did you notice how Eugenides doesn t have to do any of the messengering crap How about that, there, Zeus Best book ever 4 stars, and a big thank you to my guest reviewers Reread July 2015 with the Buddies Books Baubles group.

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    Huh I really, really liked this True enough, I ve decided to start The Thief in order to get to the sequels that all my friends adore and somehow I was at peace with the probable boredom I would feel during this first novel and My enjoyment felt so effortless From the characters to the world and the writing, I ve been enchanted Truly I hate horses I know people who think that they are noble, graceful animals, but regardless of what a horse looks like from a distance, never forget that it is as likely to step on your foot as look at you What I dissembled Get on the horse, you idiot Me So there s a lot of walking around as I m sure Fantasy writers are somewhat paid by hiking brands but eh I wasn t bored I said that So We re not confronted with Frodo and Sam level of walking, therefore I m still here and not sleeping on my couch, drooling That s something And for those of you who swear by TLOTR, that s okay We can be friends still I m not lending you my couch though YOUR CHOICE Anyway, in The Thief, Gen and his cough companions have a mission to steal a magical stone that will have the deplorable effect to give immense powers to the King of Sounis, a complete asshole Don t be too hard on Gen, though that s not as if the boy had a choice, being a prisoner and all Their journey gives us the opportunity to learn about the world Megan Whalen Turner created, as well as the characters and the complex relationship they develop between each other there s than meets the eyes, and I live for this stuff, okay And how I loved following these characters For my part, I wanted Ambiades to understand that I considered myself a hierarchy of one Sophos, you re too sweet for this world, let me cuddle you what stop blushing Ambiades, what s your deal shut up shut up I am annoyed Magus, I ve still not forgiven you for the beating Pol, ehhhhhhhhhhhhh Gen Little filthy mouth Quick witted and arrogant little thief I ADORE YOU He shows just the right amount of selfishness and cleverness to appeal to me and I can t hide that I loved his voice Indeed the story s told through his POV, and having started The Queen of Attolia, which is told in 3rd person POV, I can say this The sequel s writing is objectively elaborate and I really enjoy getting to know other characters and seeing Gen through other people eyes, but in my opinion the choice of the first POV for this debut is perfect, needed, even, as it makes it so much easier to connect with Gen at first and I ve never wanted to let go Now I m ready to meet characters, and the author s choice is perfect Ohhhhh, and I know that some readers were annoyed by the Mythology bits but have you met me Sure, the folklore is not so discreetly ripped straight from Greek Mythology, but as I LOVE these tales I was damn pleased In the end, I am so, so curious about the directions Megan Whalen Turner will choose for her story, I cannot wait a day to find out I need Now, let me confess you something The Thief tricked me and I couldn t be happy If you re curious to know where my weird mind went, and you HAVE READ THE BOOK, please look at the spoiler below and shake your head at me, I guess I am shameless though, because being so far off made the experience even better view spoiler Alright, so I know that 90% of my friends seem to have found out the truth about Gen, but I didn t I knew there was a twist, but to my delight, my hypothesis proved to be utterly wrong I thought that maybe, Gen was a girl And I know, I KNOW, there are scenes where he strips down, but I could always convince myself that he could hide it, one way or another Crazy, right awkward giggle Even Sonos s reactions when he acts so surprised that Gen s dad wanted him to be a soldier fed my delusion XD hide spoiler

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    This felt like such a classic fantasy novel You know those 2005 era books about journeys that you liked for some inexplicable reason Yeah That kind Except with really good worldbuilding and a lot of potential built up.This novel follows Gen, a thief hired by a magus of Sunis to find a stone that gives the holder the right for rulership of Eddis Sunis the king s county, attempting to take over Eddis Eddis the country across, a country they must overtake Attolia a country lying in between, over which they must journey Mead a threatening country across the sea.There s clearly a lot of interesting potential set up in the worldbuilding realm, and I have a feeling things will get intense and political by the end While the characters aren t my favorite ever, a few have serious potential Sophos is a really sweet character I wanted the best for Am I the only one who spent around eight pages thinking him and Gen would be a thing The magus is a character I started out hating and ended up sort of liking Gen, our lead character, has a sarcastic sense of humor and a somewhat duplicitous narrative that made him easy to love Something that stood out to me here was the subtle discussion around classism, the mage s belief that Gen is lesser because he is an immigrant Some of the things he said about Gen s culture the comments about how he knows Gen s culture better than Gen s mother did.My biggest thesis statement about this book my most overreaching opinion, if you will is that this book is an extended prequel to what promises to be an intriguing series And not to offend anyone, but honestly isn t that every first book in every good series I ve read in my life I ve heard a lot that the sequels to this get better, and I totally believe it the worldbuilding here is so complex, so intricate, that a mediocre first book is almost needed to build it up You can t go straight to the climax you have to go for the basic premise first Hey, I ve always said that middle book syndrome is a myth and the middle book is usually better than book one in good series And I stand by that So everyone agreeing with me for once is actually totally nice Overall, while I didn t think this was the most stunning book ever, I m super excited to continue on here are my other series thoughts book one book two book three book four book five book six TBDBlog Goodreads Twitter Youtube

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    This was another book my wife insisted that I read It was our before bed read aloud book last month.Reading 10 15 pages a night, the first half of the book was enjoyable, but unfolded rather slowly I was a bit puzzled about why my wife was so enthusiastic about the book Then, about half way through, the excitement and tempo increased a few notches, and it become a real page turner.This is a fantasy novel, but it is not your typical swords and sorcery adventure There are swords, and even a couple of fights, but the closest we get to sorcery are some mysterious occurrences that could best be described as super natural Turner s alternate reality evokes the feeling of Greece The landscape is rocky, somewhat mountainous, and filled with olive trees The old religion has the feeling of Greek mythology although the divinities are mostly different And the political backdrop is a set of small rivalrous kingdoms that could be stand ins for the city states of ancient Greece The story is told first person by Gen, a thief who opens the book imprisoned in the kingdom of Sounis He is freed by the King s Magus a wiseman type councilor who needs a skilled thief to help him recover a lost artifact They set out on this expedition, accompanied by the Magus s two apprentices and a soldier In the first half of the book, we slowly get to know the characters through Gen s eyes, and learn something of the world where this story is set Turner does a good job developing and describing the mix of relationships between the members of this quest rivalries, respect, jealousy and as we get to know the characters better, it becomes apparent that there is a bit to each of them than meets the eye Midway through the book, just when it seems that the entire plot is going to be character driven, the tempo increases dramatically There are fights, escapes, chases Amongst this action there are still the puzzles of characters whose motivations we don t entirely understand including our narrator, who carefully hides a few secrets of his own until the end All in all, a well told story, with a good combination of plot, characters, and an interesting setting.Once again, my wife picked a winner I should pay attention to her recommendations.

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    1.5 5 stars Good riddance I must have read a different book than everybody else had because I cannot for the life of me comprehend how this book has won any literal awards As an avid fantasy reader I can tell you that this book is as close to a riveting fantasy novel as flour is to being a spice.Why flour you ask Beuase it reminds me of this book dry, bland and boring And I really tried to tie this book all of the chances I could I wanted to dnf it after 30 pages, but 1 I was told that it gets much better as the book goes on It didn t.2 I was told that series get much, much better I still have to see that for myself One day.3 I scored 4 books from this series at a thrift store for dirt cheap in mint condition, so I wanted to give it a chance before I donate all of them back and forget I ever wasted my time on them But Iryna, what about that awesome twist at the end I m sorry, but that twist I guessed the twist pretty early in the beginning of the book I m not saying that I m Sherlock Holmes okay sometimes I pretend I am , but after reading many fantasy books that twist is not so twisty any pretty standard trick, if you ask me I can sum up about 85 percent of this book in few sentences Gen main character whines, Gen is tired, Gen is hungry, Gen is being a smart mouth, Gen is hungry, Gen is tired, Gen is hungry The words I m hungry and so I took a nap were probably said at least 20 times If you are looking for the world s most annoying fiction character, you may stop now Gen got the prize in my eyes at least The rest 15 percent were taken up with all the action that this book decided to throw at us and some political intrigues By that point I just wanted it all to be just over so I could move on with my reading life The book is a 280 pages, and it took me 9 days to read it 9 days Why Because I was so unbelievably, out of my mind, ripping my hair out bored Was the twist at the end worth the 200 pages of redundancy and absolutely nothing happening No, no it was not I know I sound very bitter right now, but I was genuinely excited for this book And it let me down, big time I hated the first person narrative, and I loathed Gen as a narrator even Side characters were bland, world building was okay at best and the plot didn t go anywhere till the last 30 pages Despite all of this I will not soon, but sometime continue with the book 2 I didn t suffer through this for nothing, I will see for myself if the series do indeed get better My hopes are very low though Lower than low Also I looked ahead and book 2 is written in third person, which is an improvement because I don t like first person narration fantasy, BUT who writes first book in first person and then switches to the third person Who does that Why My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

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download The Thief, read online The Thief, kindle ebook The Thief, The Thief 291662929f18 The King S Scholar, The Magus, Believes He Knows The Site Of An Ancient Treasure To Attain It For His King, He Needs A Skillful Thief, And He Selects Gen From The King S Prison The Magus Is Interested Only In The Thief S Abilities What Gen Is Interested In Is Anyone S Guess Their Journey Toward The Treasure Is Both Dangerous And Difficult, Lightened Only Imperceptibly By The Tales They Tell Of The Old Gods And Goddesses