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explained The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , review The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , trailer The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , box office The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , analysis The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) 655b Alternate Cover Edition ISBN Being A Teenager Isn T All Fun And Games For Seventeen Year Old Ryder After Being Thrown Down The Social Hierarchy, Ryder Mason Has One Goal For Her Senior Year Survive Within The First Month Of School, Ryder Goes From Bullied Teen To A Cursed Half Goddess With Two Boyfriends As If That Wasn T Enough, She Travels Into The Underworld To Confront Hades About The Curse And Her Missing Mother Ryder Delves Head First Into A Godly World As Her Two Knights Fight To Seek Her Approval, Her Best Friend S Loyalties Are Tested And People S True Intentions Are Shown In The First Curse Books Novel explained The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , review The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , trailer The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , box office The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , analysis The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) , The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) 655b Alternate Cover Edition ISBN Being A Teenager Isn T All Fun And Games For Seventeen Year Old Ryder After Being Thrown Down The Social Hierarchy, Ryder Mason Has One Goal For Her Senior Year Survive Within The First Month Of School, Ryder Goes From Bullied Teen To A Cursed Half Goddess With Two Boyfriends As If That Wasn T Enough, She Travels Into The Underworld To Confront Hades About The Curse And Her Missing Mother Ryder Delves Head First Into A Godly World As Her Two Knights Fight To Seek Her Approval, Her Best Friend S Loyalties Are Tested And People S True Intentions Are Shown In The First Curse Books Novel

  • Paperback
  • 312 pages
  • The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1)
  • Taylor Lavati
  • English
  • 05 February 2018

About the Author: Taylor Lavati

A college student in her small town in Connecticut, Taylor loves everything having to do with literature She is an avid reader, a blogger, a writer obviously, and a reviewer Her favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, young adult, and romance.

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    Ryder doesn t have it easy in high school She s being bullied and she doesn t have many friends How could anything get worse How about finding out she s a cursed half goddess with two boyfriends Ryder decides to make the perilous journey to the Underworld to speak with Hades and hopefully have the curse lifted This is a fun read I m not that familiar with mythology, and I loved learning about some stories I vaguely recalled from school And seeing it all through Ryder s eyes added to the enjoyment factor This is the first in the series and the author is constructing a complicated world with conflicted characters Giving all the background information is important without overdoing it For the most part, she succeeds, but there are times when a lot of information is thrown at the reader The beginning of the story starts off a bit slow, but once the action picks up, it s a quick read I m hoping the next in the series is action packed from beginning to end now that she has set up the world a bit One of the things the author does well is all the high school drama Ryder is a high school student and she always acts like a high school student There s something oddly entertaining about high school drama the angst, confusion, love, and dating And the love triangle is a fun aspect to the story I m looking forward to reading the next one

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    An exciting new YA fantasy series that combines Greek mythology with sparkling teenage romance We are brought up being told tales of love and triumph I was brought up being told that there is always a happily ever after, but what if there isn t this curse is my fault Being a teenager is tough and 17 year old Ryder faces all kinds of challenges, including bullying and slightly unusually being a cursed half Goddess After the first month of senior year she faces dilemmas such as having two boyfriends, as well as having to confront Hades in the underworld Ryder delves head first into a Godly world as her Knight s fight to seek her approval, whilst testing her best friend s loyalties and true intentions The thousand year curse is a spectacular YA novel full of magic and mythology, targeted towards the older reader as it does contain some explicit scenes Highly imaginative and dreamlike, Taylor s novel cleverly plays tricks on the subconscious whilst allowing your imagination to soar I loved the likable, memorable characters that were the sole focus of this character driven story that I would state is of a romance than fantasy book As a fan of love triangles I could not help but become emotionally involved in this terrific trio leaving me sat in suspense as to who would claim Ryder s heart The striking, eye catching I know, that comment is a bit clich cover of this book is what drew me instantly to it like a magnet I would highly recommend this to all fans of the genre, as it is a thoroughly entertaining read that will keep you transfixed for many hours A 4.5 star read I won a copy of The thousand year curse a curse books novel by Taylor Lavati, through a GoodReads first read giveaway

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    I m the author so obviously I love it.

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    3.5 stars Ryder aka Eurydice just wants to live a normal life and go to high school and be accepted by those around her Little did she know she was a reincarnation of the real Eurydice from Greek mythology and is in a hot and steamy love triangle with Ollie and Ari also from Greek mythology Now she wants to try and break the thousand year old curse from hades so the past doesn t keep haunting her The high school setting is spot on and I found the class schedule to be interesting We didn t have different lunch times and classes like the author was describing but that would have been interesting The author did a good job of building a believable setting and atmosphere for a teenager Eurydice was not a strong enough main character in my opinion, especially not to have two wonderfully gorgeous guys fighting over her She seemed kind of weak willed and flighty, always switching back and forth on a whim Her overall personality was contradictory too, she was bullied so much and felt like and outcast yet she could easily display a great deal of forwardness affection to someone she just met Even though she was the main character I found her the least likable for my taste Ollie and Ari on the other hand were quite the pair Both were exceedingly loyal, I wish their back stories we developed a little I went in picturing this as a total young adult novel so I was greatly surprised but the sex scenes Those needed some better development, they seemed awkward when I was reading them I truthfully I thought the story could have done without them and flowed better Overall I love Greek mythology stories and the author did a great job expressing this little wrote about character I m looking forward to reading of her work.Note ARC copy received by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Such an amazing book I loved every minute of it from start to end it keeps you on the edge of your seat I could not stop reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next Such a wonderful story can t wait to find out what happens next

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    awesome read could not put down received as a gift to read and review and love it can t wait to see where the crew goes next

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    This review can be found on my blog The Mis Adventures of a Twenty Something Year Old Girl towards the end of September.When I first found out about this book, I was very interested I couldn t wait to read it Luckily, it totally delivered.Ryder is a 17 year old high school student who isn t very popular Her ex best friend makes her life a living hell at school When Ollie arrives, he takes an immediate interest Ryder is thrilled and feels as if Ollie is her soul mate Not much later, Ari turns up, and Ryder can t help but feel as if she s known him There s also some kind of attraction there Ryder must choose between the two boys As if that wasn t hard enough, Ryder has just found out her mother is a Greek goddess Ryder wants to find her mother but doing so may put everyone in danger.The title is definitely interesting It does go with what the books about, and I think it s an awesome choice.To be honest, I m not really a fan of the cover I think it s just a personal thing simply because I m not a big fan of symbolism I do like the whole pretty flower in the midst of dead things, but I just don t like it for this book It doesn t really say much about the book.The world building is alright There s a few things that hurt the world building For example, it seemed to me that Ryder just accepted everything she was told at face value Sure, a few weird things are happening to her, but it s like she s told by a boy she just met, and she believes it all Her best friend is even worse He s told that Ryder is a half goddess, and he just believes it with no questions asked Also, I don t really think this whole curse is explained well enough In fact, I m still a little confused about the curse So if both guys find her, even if she chooses one, she ll die a horrible death and be reincarnated I m just wondering how long she has before she dies because it just seemed like the curse wasn t that imminent There s also Ryder s powers She s had super strength since the beginning of the book, yet later on she has another super strength episode, and she acts like it s the first one she s had and is all shocked Another thing that I found confusing was the whole reincarnation thing She s been reincarnated by Hades for a thousand years This life, she is a half goddess which makes things a bit difficult for Hades Surely if Hades is the one that put the curse on her, then he should ve been able to make her human Saying that, I don t want people to think the world building is horribly written It s far from it actually The world is very interesting, but I just tend to over think things, I think See what I mean The pacing is great in this book The pacing really picks up during the Hell scenes, I thought These were the scenes that held my attention the most although the whole book held my attention The Hell scenes just made me want to read faster to find out what would happen next The plot is definitely an interesting one I love the infusion of Greek mythology, and Ms Lavati does an excellent job of making mythology work in her book I ve read a few books where the author tried to use some sort of mythology, and the book was just too boring However, The Thousand Year Curse is by no means boring There is a love triangle, and I usually hate them, but this one works in this story I also like the fact that the plot involved going into Hell That was definitely a good move on Ms Lavati s part to include it in her book There s no cliff hangar ending, but there are questions left unanswered to make way for the second book in the series I, personally, am looking forward to the next book in the series.The characters were written really well I liked Ryder, and I liked how she dealt with her problems At times, I did get annoyed with her because I just wanted her to choose one guy However, I would have to remind myself that without this problem, there d be no series Ryder felt like a real girl and not just words on a paper Ollie was written really well, but I just didn t like him For one, I felt like he was just too serious I also felt like he was too distant with Ryder a lot of the time I also wanted to see about Ollie in the book My favorite character was Ari I swooned over Ari He had enough of that bad boy personality without being too much of an annoying character I liked how he liked to take chances, and it seemed like he knew how to have fun I m Team Ari all the way I m hoping that Ryder ends up with Ari in the long run I can actually feel the chemistry between those two.There are quite a lot of grammar errors in this book I feel that it does affect the quality of the book a little bit, but not so much so that it makes it unreadable However, the dialogue in this book is fantastic especially in the scenes that Ari is in Okay, so I m a bit biased The characters all speak like they re from this time period even though two of them are gods I was super thankful the characters spoke like normal people I ve read a book before where the character who is a god spoke rather strangely hence why I was so happy with the dialogue in this book.Overall, The Thousand Year Curse by Taylor Lavati is an enjoyable read Sure, it could do with some better editing and the world building could ve used a little bit of work, but it s still really interesting Plus, I ve learned that Ms Lavati wrote this book in 30 days for the NaNoWriMo competition After learning that, my respect for Ms Lavati went up a lot To write a book as good as The Thousand Year Curse in 30 days is no small feat After saying that, I m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series I d recommend this book to those aged 17 who are after a fantastic book with Greek mythology infusions I was provided with a free paperback copy of this title from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    The Thousand Year Curse Taylor LavatiHigh school tends to be a challenge at times but to one 17 year old girl named Ryder each day is nightmare waiting to happen With no one to protect her at times she is the subject of ridicule of a girl named Becca and her minions At times all Ryder wants to do is runaway or hide Surviving her senior year might be her goal but that is just the tip of what some might say the iceberg when you hear the rest Sometimes things happen for a reason and the people we meet might change the course or direction of our lives What would you do if you found out that you were half human and half goddess What would you do if you learned that after living 500 years your powers will come full circle and you might start to age The strings are being pulled but not by anyone above ground Author Taylor Lavati takes readers down deep within the realm of the Underground where Hades rules and Persephone reigns to learn the history behind Ryder s ancestry, her true heritage and her future What would you do if you learned that each time you were found by your two lovers you died What happens and how this all ties together are presented in The Thousand Year Curse by debut author Taylor Lavati.Ryder has been experiencing some weird moments At times she has visions that take her to places she has never been Other times she enters the Underground realm and sees herself dead, her soul pulled from her body and meets Hades and Persephone thinking they are trying to help her yet not realizing that they are playing with her for sport Cruel, unfeeling and definitely manipulating her life, her future and her relationships, Ryder will learn the harsh truth but let s hope it s in time to save her Everyone needs someone to watch their back and support them no matter what happens Ryder s father is really great and enjoys spending time with her but Ryder never divulges the fact that she is being bullied in school, the strange physical changes that she has encountered, the reason things break or the truth behind what she is about to learn Added in the author shares that Ryder s mother left her and her dad and has not been heard from since Things heat up within the first month of school when Ryder meets Ollie in a chance encounter and then Ari adds to the mix Just who are these two gorgeous guys who can t seem to get enough of Ryder Why does her best friend Junior seem to team up with Ollie Why is it that Ollie has this mysterious and mystical quality about him that causes people to just do what he says Is it the music he plays or is it something else Getting to know both Ollie and Ari they seem like two typical teens who are vying for the attention of one young girl But, looks are deceiving, actions are not what they appear and the truth behind why they are attending her school and who they are will definitely surprise not only Ryder but readers too Ryder s real name is Eurydice and although she would like to live a normal teenage life now that she met these two that s not possible Would you believe it if I told you that Eurydice or Ryder lived long ago during the time of Orpheus and that Ollie Orpheus and Ari Aristeus are both Greek Gods sent to find Ryder Eurydice and bring her back Learning some information from Ollie and from Ari, Ryder decides it s time to learn the rest from the man in charge down below Wanting to take a trip to the place where no one wants to wind up when gone, Hades, and meet the two that reign, she convinces Ari to find out how to enter the portal, pay for the trip and then needs to convince her best friend to cover for her while she is gone Ryder is headstrong and at times does not think things through Wanting to be with both guys her emotions are often rattled, she becomes confused and whichever one is in front of her that s who she wants But, does she really ever get a hold on her emotions Finding her way to Ollie when upset with other situations and the dreams that she has that are all too real, Ryder decides to take that one step that many girls her age wait for but often do not, and enters his bedroom and gives him her heart body and soul Ryder seems whipped at times and does not always stand up for herself and she also gives into these two guys too easily The intimate scene between Ryder and Ollie was done tactfully and in good taste, as it did not go overboard in the description leaving something for the reader to wonder The awkwardness that she displays is quite normal The hesitation at first and his fear that he might hurt her made the scene believable Ryder and Junior accept too much at face value at times and the fact that Junior convinces her father to allow her to go on a skiing trip and does not ask where, when or why seems a little too easy Most parents of teens would want to know But, since it is Junior, I guess he trusts him Off to Hades she goes and now things will heat up but before they do she reenters her room and finds herself back in the cave that seems to appear in her dreams sees Ari and the scene is chilling Trust is one underlying theme that comes through as Ryder and Junior would not betray each other s trust or will they in order to survive Teens can learn that believing everything at face value and taking what others say, as gospel is not always the right thing to do Should she have confided in her father when these strange things happened What about her mother does he know Each time Ollie wants to remind Ryder of his feelings he leaves a Rose on her pillow or somewhere where she can find it with a note letting her know he is not far away The Rose seems to symbolize his love for her, which he feels, is eternal Ryder is a half goddess and her mother is one too Trying to find her along with hoping to end this thousand year curse placed on her is her goal But, meeting Hades and entering his world will do than burn up the pages of this book and have readers looking for something cold Ryder finds out that she has been reincarnated and each time these two find her she will die a horrific and painful death Just what is the reason for the curse has yet to be revealed What is the curse How does this intersect with her mother Will it Each chapter has its own heading allowing readers to know what events will happen next The one that begins with The River of Pain takes both Ryder and Ari down into Hades, through overcoming many obstacles, the river of pain, the river of wailing, punishment and places where those that were really evil or bad wind up, those that are neutral in Oblivion and those that are good find solace somewhere else as Ryder learns about being a Nephilim and she explores her powers An ordinary teen transformed into a semi goddess Flighty at times, trying to be loyal to one and yet finding it hard to resist the other as Ari shares his back story with readers as to how and why he met Ryder Entering Hell, meeting Hades and the end result is quite compelling as Ryder comes face to face with a dream that would bring her farther from finding her mother, distance her from both Ari and Ollie plus put a strain on her friendship with Junior Sometimes the only course of action is to stand alone and finds your own way Insecure, na ve in many ways and yet headstrong, she opts for Nephilim school, forges an acceptance letter and then finds out what happens when deceit and betrayals might mark her way to finding her true path An ending that will take your breath away and a young girl that is just starting to find her way What is next for her as she starts school and meets new people Will she find her mother Which goddess is her mother All of these questions and will be answered in Book Two A Curse Books Novel Would you want to take a trip down below Join Ari, Ollie and Ryder and you decide This book gets Four and half stars Fran Lewis Reviewer

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    The Thousand Year Curse by Taylor Lavati ARC Dani s rating 4 starsThis review can also be found at s Review Before I say anything about my opinion of this novel, I would like to make a few points 1 This is a SELF PUBLISHED novel 2 This is a DEBUT novel 3 The author is very, very young to be publishing a book 4 She wrote this novel for the NaNoWriMo writing contest For those of you who don t know what it is, it is a challenge to write a full length 50,000 novel in only 30 days during the month of November 5 I am basing my review off of an ARC copy The final copy is most likely better than the copy I read.Let s all give a round of applause to Taylor for her achievements I enjoyed The Thousand Year Curse, but some parts of it disappointed me The plot structure, character development, and Greek mythology concepts were great, but it didn t have that special sparkle The cake was there, but it didn t have much icing or decoration The imagery was almost nonexistent and some sentences didn t quite flow I felt like some chapters were well put together while others were jumbled and crammed together as if the author was writing it in a hurry Oh wait, Taylor somewhat was in a hurry The very first copy of this 334 page novel was written in 30 days.The Thousand Year Curse needs a good, thorough edit It has the potential to be amazing, but it needs some help in terms of the flow of the writing Some scenes captured my attention and had me tearing through the pages, but others were bleh and I skimmed it.This novel s greatest quality The plot.Ryder is a teenage girl in her senior year who was besties with the most popular girl of her grade until a misunderstanding occurred a few years ago Now For lack of a better term, she is a nobody She doesn t have any friends except a boy named Junior And even worse, she has strange visions of people she s never seen before Ryder doesn t think she s anything special until two extremely attractive boys arrive at her school and begin to fight for her attention.I liked that Ryder is an ordinary teenager who can t fly, can t cast spells, can t drink blood, and is just trying to survive high school Lately I ve been reading a lot of paranormal novels, and it was nice to read something different The author does a good job of helping the reader get to know Ryder and the two boys in the love triangle, Ollie and Ari Now those were two well created characters The dialogue and banter between the three was entertaining and hilarious It was fun to read Ollie and Ari s confrontations So much tension floating around in the airand testosterone Greek mythology plays a huge part in this novel After the Omg I can t believe it I m cursed half goddess no what this can t be true part, the reader dives headfirst into Underworld Literally Ollie and Ari seemed sorta stupid considering who they areI don t want to spoil anything but I m sure you can guess that they are characters from Greek mythology While reading I was thinking, Really After who knows how many years of being alive, you still don t know all the gods and goddesses You don t even know their animal symbols Unfortunately, there isn t much action This is definitely a romance novel Ollie and Ryder are great characters who really are the reason a reader doesn t stop reading after the first few chapters The reader wants to know how this love triangle will end Ollie or Ryder A pretty good read, but definitely not perfect If you want a quick read with a ton of romance and Greek mythology, The Thousand Year Curse is for you Seriously, consider reading this book Dani

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    So, I kind of really enjoyed this book I was supposed to read it months ago, but as mentioned, my e reader gave up the ghost It then became a struggle to find a new reader and recontact all the author s who gave me copies of their books for reviews Taylor Lavati was one She contacted me a couple of weeks ago letting me know part 2 of her The Curse series I reminded her that I did not have a chance to finish part I, so she resent it in a format I can read.I am so glad she did This is a first book from a young, up and coming, author She has a gift, a knack in writing I cannot wait to read book II For a first time author, Taylor has me intrigued She has me captured and eager to find out about the lives of her characters She is a strong author when it comes to character buiding and detailing She has done phenomenal research to assist in her character development I am usually turned away by young adult or over sexualized stories, but Taylor does a fantastic job of keeping it real and not so over the top The Thousand Year Curse follows Eurydice, aka Ryder, through her trials and tribulations as senior in high school Relentlessly bullied by a previous best friend, Ryder wants to just get through this last year of school without troubles She only has her father to lean on as well as her best friend Junior the only one who has ever stood up to her bully Becca In comes Ollie, aka Orpheus, who falls for Ryder, and Ryder falls for him Things seem to going stellar, well kind of.Ryder starts having some pretty strong visions and dreams Compile the odd visions with her new strength and abilities, she is at a total loss as what has come over her In her visions she sees a handsome man with green eyes In comes Ari, aka Aristaeus, to teaches her and tells her who she really is Ryder sets out to confront Hades, God of the Underworld, in hopes to find out who she is, and importantly who her mother is Overall View I really enjoyed this book I definitely look foward to book II I NEED to know what s going on with Ryder Who she chooses as her soul mate If she can actually change her fate Who the heck her mother is Does Becca ever get what s coming to her

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