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quotes The Tiara on the Terrace (Young and Yang #2) , litcharts The Tiara on the Terrace (Young and Yang #2) , symbolism The Tiara on the Terrace (Young and Yang #2) , summary shmoop The Tiara on the Terrace (Young and Yang #2) , The Tiara on the Terrace (Young and Yang #2) 4979dec4 In This Funny, Clever Novel, Perfect For Fans Of Pseudonymous Bosch And Gordon Korman And A Companion To The Wig In The Window, Tween Sleuths Sophie Young And Grace Yang Go Undercover At Luna Vista S Winter Sun Festival To Catch A Murderer Before He Or She Strikes AgainSophie Young And Grace Yang Have Been Taking It Easy Ever Since They Solved The Biggest Crime Luna Vista Had Ever Seen But Things Might Get Interesting Again Now That Everyone Is Gearing Up For The Th Annual Winter Sun Festival A Town Tradition That Involves Floats, A Parade, And A Royal Court Made Up Of Local High School GirlsWhen Festival President Jim Steptoe Turns Up Dead On The First Day Of Parade Preparations, The Police Blame A Malfunctioning Giant S Feature On The Campfire Themed Float But The Two Sleuths Are Convinced The Mysterious Death Wasn T An AccidentYoung And Yang Must Trade Their High Tops For High Heels And Infiltrate The Royal Court To Solve The Case But If They Fail, They Might Just Be The Next Victims

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    Review at Kittscher has done it again I love Young, Yang, and Bottoms because they are extraordinary yet normal girls I love the story because it is a perfect middle grade mystery with just enough suspense and bad guys Thoroughly enjoyed it.I am in awe of Kristen Kittscher s ability to craft such a complicated mystery There are so many twists and turns throughout that I am sure the plotting of the book was so intensive I really appreciate Young Yang mysteries for three reasons First, Young Yang Bottoms themselves They are such unique yet normal characters Normal in that they seem like regular middle school girls, but unique in literature because they aren t anything that is stereotypical Second, I love that Wig in the Window and Tiara on the Terrace are both a little risque yet safe Too often mystery books are too easy or boring OR they are so violent or sexual, and my middle schoolers just don t gravitate towards them Kittscher s books are a perfect mix Finally, as you can probably guess from the topic of the panel, they are quite funny A mix of all kinds of humor, but throughout there are some ridiculous moments as well as some subtle puns.

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    Tiara on the Terrace is an awesome middle grade mystery about friendship, changing perspectives of adult power, and the difficulties of navigating the shift from childhood to adolescence all set within the confines of a ridiculously fun mystery I got to read an early version, and fell in love with it We re back with Sophie, Grace, and Trista, for whom life has returned to normal since their spy filled, mystery solving exploits of The Wig in the Window This time the girls decide to infiltrate the royal court of the Winter Sun Festival in order to catch a killer Kittscher handles adolescent jealousy and awkwardness with aplomb as we watch the social rigors of the royal court cause a rift between Sophie and Grace, all within the pages of a fast paced, well developed plot The mystery is superb, and involves plenty of twists and hijinks It feels like an incredibly fun middle grade version of a great police procedural Also, I should mention that while this is the companion novel to The Wig in The Window, they definitely don t need to be read in order Takeaway an incredibly fun book with lush settings, an awesome mystery, and a wonderful depiction of the difficulties, heartaches, and joys of navigating the bumpy patches of a female friendship.

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    We were lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book and, after being such big fans of WIG IN THE WINDOW, my three children literally fought over who got to read it first Sigh I m such a nice mom for giving them first dibs and for refereeing the fight They all zoomed through it and declared it perfect and I have to agree We snickered over how the kid characters were so much smarter than the adults and the humor hit every time Plus, it has a fictional version of the Rose Parade and what s not to love about that Already getting out the protective padding in anticipation of the battle over Kristen s next book

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    ARC from Young Adult Books CentralSophie and Grace are minor celebrities in their California town of Luna Vista after they solved the crime of The Wig in the Window This time, one of the organizers of the Sun Festival is found dead, the most likely cause being a blow to the head by a s s float The girls feel that the police decide much too quickly that the death was a mere accident they know better When another organizer passes out, they feel that foul play must be the order of the day and start their investigation.The two, along with their friend Trista, manage to get picked as Sun Festival pages, and get to spend several days living in the former Ridley Root Beer mansion under the tutelage of Lauren Sparrow, who teachers them home to wave, walk, and eat meatball heroes without licking their fingers or messing up their lipstick At first, they suspect the parade organizer, the quirky, Pooh Bear loving Barb Lund Lund has sent angry e mails around and is known for her misplaced devotion to the event All signs seem to point to her, and the girls feel they are closing in until they realize that the real murderer is closer at hand that they could have suspected Fans of Beil s Red Blazer Girls or Runholdt s Lucas and Kari mysteries will find this cozy mystery series for middle grade readers vastly amusing Not only is there actual murder something for which many readers ask and few authors write , but there is girl drama, sleepovers and a bit of romance Sophie, Grace and Trista find themselves sharing close quarters with the popular girls who usually give them a hard time, but come to find that most people are easier to deal with once you know them The details of a small town festival are lots of fun, and anyone who has ever worked on a parade float will appreciate all of the work that goes into the preparations for one It seemed a bit unlikely that the pages and the court would have been moved into a mansion for the week, but since middle grade heroes need a parent free environment in order to save the day, this was a vastly better alternative than killing their parents These books remind me vaguely of Lillian Jackson Braun s The Cat Who books, and are a perfect choice for the younger reader whose parents shelves are filled with that series, Diana Mott Davidson s cooking mysteries or the works of Susan Wittig Albert To be perfect for middle grade readers, however, this could have been half the length At almost 400 pages, this will be avoided by many of my readers.

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    I received an ARC for an honest review The second book to The Wig in the Window and I loved this middle grade adventure just as much, if not because the main characters feel even familiar to me Sophie Young and Grace Yang, the tween super sleuths, are at it again and they ve brought another friend, Trista, into their triumvirate alliance A fun whodunit that kept me guessing the entire way through, and I was completely surprised by the culprit It s the biggest crime to hit the girls hometown Luna Vista since the last large crime the girls solved, turned them into household names And now with the backdrop of the Winter Sun Festival, a festival similar to the Rose Bowl, Sophie and her BFF Grace have quite the caper ahead when the president in charge of the Festival is killed by a freak accident on the first day of preparations But the girls don t buy it after they learn that a mechanical marshmallow whipped the Festival president, Mr Steptoe, out of his senses and left him dead, was an accident The police assume it was a malfunctioning mechanical marshmallow The have to act fast before the next president of the Festival gets knocked down and taken out It s too suspicious, and there are so many suspects The girls try and narrow it down, but first they have to go undercover as court pages Sophie doesn t want to She doesn t want to have to spend three days alone with High School girls on the Royal Court, covering them with fake tans, sorting their clothes, and doing their bidding It s only when Grace has done a sufficient job convincing her, she s on the team, and they make it in All three girls make the cut They spend the next three days, away from their parents, and get busy snooping, and deducing, and creating a little mischief of their own But something amazing happens The seventh grade girls grow closer with the high school girls, even after Sophie lets out an embarrassing secret that belonged to Grace when she wasn t around to tell it herself Things come together after a few obstacles to a very satisfying end Such a great middle grade read I could probably read about these sleuths in volumes.

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    The Tiara on the Terrace brings back loveable Sophie and Grace, our two sleuths who last made their appearance in The Wig In The Window After solving that crime, they are somewhat happy to get back to normal Except they see danger and mystery around every turn When they enlist to help with the floats at the famous parade in their town, a murder is the last thing they expect But the perfect thing to back to spying This charming middle grade mystery book has it all There are fun characters filled with strange mannerisms, clueless adults and two very smart and capable young girls who can see what no one else sees Taking center stage is Sophie and Grace, two best friends And that is the best best best part of the book Their friendship is a very organic and honest look at two different girls who love each other, who grow together while facing their own coming of age and insecurities There are a couple of cute boys who make butterflies in their stomach flutter, but overall it s a story about Grace and Sophie Trista, their other friend, plays a big role in helping the two girls solve the mystery too I love how different Trista is from Sophie and Grace, beating to the beat of her own drum.Oh yeah, and a murder The murder mystery is fun and there are a lot of suspects that could be the culprit Middle grade fans will agree that while the mystery moves you forward, adult fans will enjoy the quick wit and fun observations of this town and its parade I don t read a lot of middle grade, but I enjoyed both of these books now And I am far from middle grade.And that s a great thing Kittscher does a wonderful job of writing for middle grade and adults It doesn t matter what age you are, you will enjoy.Overall, a great follow up to continue the adventures of Young and Yang I hope we see them soon to solve another mystery Rating 9 Ridiculously Awesome like Cookies and Ice Cream

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    Sophie and Grace are back in this sequel to The Wig in the Window This time around, they re working at a knockoff Tournament of Roses parade when the well liked festival president turns up dead on one of the floats With so many of the townspeople ripe with motive, how will they find out whodunit this time Could it be the festival vice president, longing for his chance to be in the spotlight Or the mother of the girl who didn t get nominated for Festival Queen Whoever it is, Sophie and Grace better find out quick before the killer strikes again.After the charm of The Wig in the Window, this follow up was a real letdown, and even so as a long time fan of the Tournament of Roses I took a family vacation to see the parade and Rose Bowl game when I was in college, and some of my favorite family memories are of Pasadena first thing in the morning, waiting to see all the floats Sophie and Grace lacked the personality and spunk they had in the first book, and the story relied a lot on stupid adults tropes that I thought the last book did just fine without It also relied on a lot of tired my friend think I m babyish and tweens are Mean Girls TM tropes that are better left to the likes of Ever After High I ll continue recommending The Wig in the Window to young mystery fans, but can t say the same for this lackluster sequel.

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    My 2016 Book Challenge A Sequel To Your Favorite BookI am ridiculously excited for this book I spent like 3 months checking for it on Goodreads, and then I forgot, and then, poof, it s there, cover and all MY ACTUAL REVIEW The Wig in the Window is one of my favorite books, so I was SO excited for this to come out I requested it at my library as soon as it was an option, and it finally came available yesterday In my review of the first book, I mentioned how Sophie and Grace remind me of my cousin and I And something that I love about these books is that Sophie and Grace have fights and arguments, Grace becomes interested in fashion while Sophie is still into spies, that kind of stuff, because that s what real life is like, and that s why the girls remind me of my cousin and I so much Also, while I was watching The Rose Parade this year on TV, I had the idea for a book set during The Rose Parade, so when I realized that this book was set in a flower parade in CA, it was exciting My only problem is that view spoiler the realization that they arrested the wrong person was sudden than last time But it was still amazing and a better ending than most spy books hide spoiler

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    Like most teens in Luna Vista, Sophie Young and Grace Yang are working on the floats for the upcoming Winter Sun Festival This is the 125th anniversary of the parade, and the town wants to make an especially good impression Sadly, the work is interrupted one day when the festival president is found dead on one of the floats Certain it wasn t the accident the police think it is, Sophie and Grace begin to investigate But when their pool of suspects could also be the next victim, can they solve the crime I really enjoyed the first book starring these two thirteen year olds, and I enjoyed this one just as much They are realistic characters who just happen to solve crime There is a large cast of other characters, but I was soon able to keep them all straight thanks to their distinct personalities The clues were buried under red herrings, but as the solution came to light, it all made perfect sense Definitely recommended for middle grade readers or anyone who loves a good mystery.NOTE I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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