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txt The Will and the Wilds, text ebook The Will and the Wilds, adobe reader The Will and the Wilds, chapter 2 The Will and the Wilds, The Will and the Wilds ccda7d A Spellbinding Story Of Truce And Trickery From The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Of The Paper Magician Series Enna Knows To Fear The Mystings That Roam The Wildwood Near Her Home When One Tries To Kill Her To Obtain An Enchanted Stone, Enna Takes A Huge Risk Fighting Back With A Mysting Of Her OwnMaekallus S Help Isn T Free His Price A Kiss One With The Power To Steal Her Soul But Their Deal Leaves Maekallus Bound To The Mortal Realm, Which Begins Eating Him Alive Only Enna S Kiss, Given Willingly, Can Save Him From Immediate Destruction It S A Temporary Salvation For Maekallus And A Lingering Doom For Enna Part Of Her Soul Now Burns Bright Inside Maekallus, Making Him Feel For The First TimeEnna Shares Maekallus S Suffering, But Her Small Sacrifice Won T Last Long If She And Maekallus Can T Break The Spell Binding Him To The Mortal Realm, Maekallus Will Be Consumed Completely And Enna S Soul With Him

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    A story of a girl and a monster who become part of each other piece by piece.I really enjoyed this book I love fairy tales and am just starting to get into the fantasy genre so this was a great book that had aspects of both of those The characters were fully developed and completely awesome, even the supporting characters There are hero s and villains, humans and monsters, magic spells, enchanted stones and all that jazz What could be better This is the story of a girl named Enna who is a bit of an outcast in her village because her papa s mind is not all there What most of the villagers don t know or remember is that her father lost part of his mind in the war against the misting The misting are monsters from another world or dimension called The Deep they come through portal rings to the wildwoods and at one point an Orjan called Shroud had amassed an army of monsters to go to war with humans.Enna s Mother was killed during that time while pregnant and her father had to cut Enna out of her body He later went into the deep and brought back a telling stone that Enna now wears on her wrist It warns her when misting are near Her father warned her never to let anyone see it Though he sacrificed a lot to get it and he was the only human to ever go into The Deep The mortal realm will devour a misting body The monster realm will destroy a human s mind When Enna is attacked by a Gobbler misting and the telling stone warns of another close, she decides to summon a misting that she can bargain with to protect her That is how she meets Maekallus who is a Narval misting I won t give away any spoilers as to his appearance, but to say he is humanoid Though all mistings do not have a soul Enna and Maekallus end up bound and have to work together to save their lives and Enna s soul The resulting adventure is truly original and the way the romance built up was very good view spoiler There was a neighbor, Tennith that is also part of the story That is brought in to the romance It is not a love triangle, but it is nice how it is used to show Enna her feelings and Maekallus s jealousy hide spoiler

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    What is a soul if not an extension of the heart This great quote of the book and Paper Magician series author s attempt to retell Beauty and Beast made me buy new dancing shoes and work on a new happy dance moves to celebrate it This time I went back to retro and added some figures of Vanilla Ice and Janet Jackson to my choreography Just a small kiss could determine the souls paths between life and death This book is capturing you from its first page, enchanting you with those magical, well rounded, likable characters and you want to read , learn about their well depicted, lyrical, outstanding stories.Maekallus is tempting, charismatic, red yellow eyed beast steals your heart and you also easily resonate with the narrator, our young, beautiful heroine Enna Ryder.It was a fast, heart throbbing, exciting and interesting reading and I enjoyed the romance parts but I think it failed with the fantasy parts I wanted to learn about Deep and mystical creatures walking around at the Wildwood But they cut short and book is mainly focused on characters forbidden, impossible love story.We have a hero a.k.a monster who wants to eat the heroine s soul and we have a gold hearted heroine who sacrifices herself to protect her father, accepting the bargain with the beast I enjoyed their enemies to lovers kind of dynamics but the malicious antihero, Scroud is barely seen in the book.Actually he had an important role to create obstacles and cliffhanger of the story But most of the time I felt like he was just an extra of the story with no proper back story I wish I could learn about his motives, his schemes, his vengeful acts.So my 3.5 starts eventually rounded up to 4 for the love of leading characters and world building But I m sure this book could be better with its powerful potentials and the magical Wildwood theme.Special thanks to Netgalley and 47North for sharing this intriguing ARC COPY in exchange my honest review.

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    I m getting strong Labyrinth vibes from this and am so glad I got an ARC.

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    Rating 4 5 Stars Title The Will and the WildsAuthor s Charlie N HolmbergCharacter s Enna Rydar 20 years old, Brunette, Blue Eyed Maekallus Red, Yellow EyedSetting Tag s Romance, Fantasy, SupernaturalContent Rating PGPOV First Person Heroine Smexy Level SubtleFavorite Quote s Beware the narvals, formed from the spilled blood of bastards They feed upon souls, and will steal one with a willing kiss Little mortal, you ve just half a soul left Be careful how you divide it What is a soul if not an extension of the heart I am the afterlife I was created by death I am the end When I perish, I am gone Overall Opinion To think that a kiss, a small and brief kiss, could change one s soul and pushed the characters towards a life or death predicament when a sudden bargain is made The author was able to graced us with a whimsical fantasy novel that she was able to bring to life with her easy going writing style, unique and diverse characters and intriguing plot From page one, the reader is brought into this fantasy world filled with mortals and mysting, and the stone that alters the lives of Maekallus and Enna forever Despite how much I adore this read I will notate that I wished the author would have touch base on the Deep a supernatural realm so to speak and the creatures that lurked around Wildwood That was an element of the story that initially drew me in and I was slightly disappointed she deferred from providing details in regards to that aspect when it was obvious the romance portion was the main focus of the plot, causing that to be pushed aside Which wasn t bad mind you but I was left wanting to learn about the mythical creatures that lurked through the woods, their history and horrid behavior Nevertheless, it was an enthralling supernatural and fantasy read that ended on a high note finally an ending I can stand by in which case I would recommend to just about anyone to pick this up and give it a go You won t be disappointed.

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    I got to read this as Charlie was writing it Heavy romance gorgeous fantasy with a dark and whimsical edge this really is Charlie at her best.

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    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    This was such a cool world I liked the idea of this book and the world has so much possibility The magic and mystic creatures and half bloods are so interesting and I m really hoping for in this universe I enjoyed Enna and Maekallus as characters and their relationship was slow and beautiful and well written I also liked seeing Enna with her father and how much she loved him I can t wait for the world to see this

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    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book will make you Feel Things Gorgeous and strange, in the best way.

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    I was hooked from the first pages on I didn t know what to expect, since the summary was a little vague, but I was not disappointed in the slightest.We have Enna, human who needs protection from the monsters from the world under that seek her She ends up allying with Maekallus, one of the monsters to find a solution to her problem Of course, nothing goes according to plan, and Enna is caught up in a series of events involving magic and Maekallus than she ever planned for.Most of the story is set in Enna s world, so human Earth, and specifically, is set in the wildwoods near her house If you don t like forests, trees and such, there s a 100% chance you won t like this book I didn t mind that at all, and enjoyed the forest mood a lot, and found it was most fitting for the story I must admit to be a little disappointed I didn t get to read about the big cities around Enna s house, or about the monster realm, which, even though it sounds terrifying, seems quite interesting too.As for the characters, we have two main characters, Enna and Maekallus, who are than all right, and I really like them Enna is down to earth, caring for her sick father and trying to be nice to the villagers she encounters even though they don t always treat her the best Maekallus was also a good character, but I did not enjoy the small chapters told from his point of view I didn t see what it added to the story besides the fact that it showed he was fragile than he pretends to be That being said, he s still from the monster realm, and even though the events in the story lead to him being a little nicer than usual, he s still a badass character , and I loved him.Last character that attracted my attention was Tennith, who has a crush on Enna and receives mixed signals from her Poor guy gets used by Enna and then left with absolutely no explanation of what is going on I felt so sorry for him I really hope that he gets a nice life at the end of the book, because he deserves the world, but the world doesn t deserve him so far He s also a character I would have liked to know about Not much, but just a tiny bit .In the end, I was struck by how fast I was sucked in the universe of this book It s completely captivating and the magic is always present I read it in 2 3 days, which is extremely fast for me Here s a book I m happy to recommend to all YA fantasy fans

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