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pdf Through Her Eyes, ebook Through Her Eyes, epub Through Her Eyes, doc Through Her Eyes, e-pub Through Her Eyes, Through Her Eyes 60b267bc74d Every Ghost Has A Story To TellThe Last Place Tansy Piper Wants To Be Is Stuck In Cedar Canyon, Texas, In The Middle Of Nowhere, With A Bunch Of Small Town Kids But When Her Mother Decides To Move To The Desolate West Texas Town, Tansy Has No Choice But To Go Along Once There, Tansy Is Immediately Drawn To The Turret Of Their Rickety Old House, A Place She Soon Learns Has A Disturbing History But It S The Strange Artifacts She Finds In The Cellar A Pocket Watch, A Journal Of Poetry, And A Tiny Crystal That Have The Most Chilling Impact On HerTansy Soon Finds That Through The Lens Of Her Camera, She Can Become Part Of A Surreal Black And White World Where Her Life Is Intertwined With That Of Mysterious, Troubled Henry, Who Lived In The Same House And Died Decades Earlier It Seems Their Lives Are Linked By Fate And The Artifacts She Found, But As Tansy Begins Spending And Time In The Past, Her Present World Starts To Fade Away Tansy Must Untangle Herself From Henry S Dangerous Reality Before She Loses Touch With Her Own Life Forever

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    3.5 starsI have mixed feelings about this book which is why it didn t get a higher rating I couldn t wait to finish it and find out what would happen in the end Would Tansy choose to stay in the real world or would Henry suck her into his own world On the other hand I did not really like Tansy all that much I admired the care she took of her grandpa Dan but she was so judgmental of everyone around her that it grated on me I know moving around is hard but to so meanly label people based on first impressions and yet be angry when others judge her and make fun of her based on initial impressions seems so hypocritical I also found it pretty ridiculous that she went on one date with this Colin guy and then gets pissed off that her friend went on a date with her almost boyfriend Ummm, one date does not make for a boyfriend Yes, I can see why she would be hurt but to then go on and on how artificial people are and how scarred she is and un trusting of people s offer of friendship because of that incident seems so over blown I had to keep reminding myself she s a teenager and that could account for some of this but it still bothered me.What kept me entranced was the story I did find it creepy that she could see into this other world using her camera lense and I wish she had utilized that a little instead of focusing so much on the crystal necklace I think it fit in perfectly with the superstition about cameras being able to see into your soul or steal your soul Henry s instability was perfectly played and I can see the dangerous attraction even though you really want to shake Tansy and Bell to run the other way The ending wasn t what I really expected though If you haven t read the book and don t want any spoilers stop here Otherwise keep reading below to see my questions about the ending.I am not clear on Henry s motives in the end It seemed like at first Tansy was in danger of being sucked into Henry s world and never be able to return to the real world But in the end it turns out Henry really had good intentions and just wanted Grandpa Dan to know he was forgiven If that was the case why the big deal of whether or not Tansy would disappear into Henry s world Was she ever in danger It just seems like she has this monumental decision to make and then all of a sudden she gets an epiphany of what Henry s purpose was and no longer felt this temptation to lose herself in his world When I read that it fell flat for me The author took this great suspense of what is Tansy going to do Will Henry drag her into his world Would she choose to stay in the real world And then copped out of it by ending it with a oh, Henry never meant Tansy harm He just wanted her to deliver a message I wanted some sort of show down between the two as she makes her choice.

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    3.5 4 Stars.This a story about a girl Tansy Piper who lives to Cedar Canyon, Texas with her horror author mother and mute grandfather.Tansy is tired from moving from state to state for her mom s books Her mom promises to finish the book early and when she finishes they ll leave if she gives Cedar Canyon a try.Another fact to know is that the house they live in is haunted because the son of the father committed suicide in the 20s, the same age as her So of course she s interested when she goes into the cellar and finds his journal, a crystal and a pocketwatch She starts taking pictures and sees a guy in it with her grandfather and the picture is messing with her mind Other things happen and she steps into the picture with the crystal It s a lot.She meets new people that are a little mysterious and she s trying to find out what happened to Henry, her grandfather and a girl that leads to Henry s suicide.It s actually pretty interesting seeing that I love books like this and wish there were and with people in there early 20s but.The mystery behind Henry is really intriguing and the people around him and the fact that Tansy s mom is an author but everything else was just standard.

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    Have you ever read a book that catches you totally by surprise You re just working your way through your TBR list, and happen upon a book that doesn t particularly stand out to you, and then by page 2, BAM You re completely, irreversibly HOOKED You can t stop reading, the characters are jumping off the page, the scenes are so vivid you feel like you re right there, and the story is so incredibly addicting, you can t stop thinking about it Yeah, that pretty much describes my experience with this book.I picked up Through Her Eyes without any preconceived ideas yes, the cover is pretty awesome, the story sounded pretty good but it s not like I was super excited about it or anything But then I started reading From the first couple pages, I knew this was going to be a really, really good book.Tansy Piper has just moved to Cedar Canyon, a small West Texan town in the middle of nowhere, with her mom and grandpa The house they move into is very big and very old and it also happens to have a very disturbing past Long ago, a boy named Henry lived there One night, Henry jumped off the bridge into the canyon, and now it is rud that his ghost still haunts the old house Soon after moving in, Tansy discovers a journal that once belonged to Henry, along with a crystal pendent, and a pocket watch For some reason, Tansy feels inexplicably drawn to Henry s past, and soon she finds herself becoming and wrapped up in his dark and troubled world Is she going crazy Or is she really being haunted The only way she ll be able to find help is by finally letting her guard down and learning to trust other people.I loved the characters in this book, because the author gives them history, motives, and depth Tansy Piper, for me, was a wonderfully flawed character, and I really felt for her throughout the story I got to know her past, her pain, her fears, her passions, and her hopes Tansy has been on the move her entire life, going from one city or town to the next she s known what it feels like to be an outcast and what it feels like to be betrayed by someone she thought was a friend The emotions and thoughts that run through her head and the inner struggles she has felt very real to me, and I was definitely able to connect with her.And then there was Papa Dan Papa Dan was hands down one of my favorite secondary characters ever Over eighty years old and suffering from dementia, Papa Dan barely ever says a word, and yet JA creates a tragicomic character who you can t help but love like your own grandpa Throughout the book, I laughed and cried, as Tansy learned to appreciate all the memories she had with Papa Dan, while learning that she has to let go of him eventually.The mood set in this story was eerie, yet irresistibly alluring The small town of Cedar Canyon completely draws you in until you feel like you re actually there, and really can see through Tansy s eyes The story itself moves along at a bit of a slower pace than others I ve read there s a good amount of internal dialogue as Tansy struggles with what s going on but I didn t mind because I was so thoroughly invested in the main characters Also, I had to see how everything ended I could probably say a million different things about this book, about how I couldn t put it down I couldn t , about how brilliant the writing was, about how easy it was to understand and follow the characters because we know their history, but I feel like that still wouldn t be doing it justice I will just end this review by saying, give this one a chance, because it completely threw me off guard and exceeded my expectations Beautiful, mysterious and haunting, Through Her Eyes was one amazing book.

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    Jennifer Archer s writing is refreshing, poetic and realistic It s one of those stories that makes you wonder if this town is real and if the ghost stories really happened I think Jennifer s portrayal of a small TX town was spot on I felt like I was apart of the story and the world in which Jennifer created.I was really captivated with the way Jennifer wove together history with modern day and added that perfect paranormal twist to her story I was so caught up in how Tansy, her grandfather Papa Dan, Tate and Henry were all connected, I couldn t put the book down I needed answers Tansy was a character I sympathized with Though I personally don t know what it s like having a mother who s a well known writer and having to move from town each time she starts a new book, I felt I got to know what it s like getting to know Tansy Tansy and her mother had a relationship that was a bit broken, but it wasn t one that lacked love Mixed with Tansy s feeling of isolation and feeling friendless is Henry, the ghost who haunts the home Tansy, her mother and Papa Dan move into.Jennifer s writing really allowed me to feel the emotions that Tansy and Henry felt and were feeling It was no surprise they were drawn to each other, even though my motherly instincts wanted to grab Tansy and get her the heck out of there, I also found myself drawn to Henry and I wanted to find out what the historical connection he had with Tansy s Grandfather, Papa Dan The setting also played a huge role with the emotions Cedar Canyon is a tiny little town in the middle of now where and the old home Tansy moves into it is very haunted I understood the emotions Tansy went through Having moved from San Francisco the tiny town USA where everyone grew up knowing each other, Tansy has to worry about fitting in.Tansy has a great cast of supporting characters around her Each character had a roll to play and they did so well I should say, each character was written true to life Papa Dan was my favorite character, and surprisingly he doesn t have a lot of speaking roles, but it s his presence and his role in Henry s history that I found most fascinating I loved the relationship he and Tansy had It was unique, strong and one full of genuine love and concern It really made me miss having my grandfather around There s a great love interest with Tate Through out the whole story I was back and forth with him I liked it, but then I wanted to know what his ulterior motive was, then I wanted Tansy to fall for him, then I questioned his true feelings, much like Tansy was doing I couldn t help but love his character, and my only compliant with the book was not having scenes with Tate.Through Eyes is a beautifully haunting, rich story Jennifer s writing is so captivating She brings her story to life in such a unique way It s a ghost story with a rich history that takes place in modern day and will also transport you back in time, so you re not only getting to meet people in Tansy s life now, but those that were in her Papa Dan s life There s a lot of elements to this story, mystery, romance, friendship, teenage life, small town life, and family relationships all wrapped up around a haunting ghost story Let me just say, Jennifer Archer s setting makes me want to take a road trip up to the TX Panhandle I recommend picking up Through Her Eyes I m looking forward to reading YA books from Jennifer.

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    Jennifer Archer s Through Her Eyes, tells the haunting story of Sixteen year old Tansy Piper who has been forced to move, yet again, because of her mother s desire to put the past behind her Tansy, her mother, and her grandfather Papa Dan, end up moving to the southwest and a small town in Texas called Cedar Canyon.Tansy s mother is a writer who goes by the name of Millicent Moon Supposingly she is the female version of Stephen King, without all the fame and fortune that goes along with it Millicent believes it gives her book of a realistic feel to it if she actually lives there while she is writing her stories Millicent is also running from the past and the memories of her husband s death and the nightmares it brings with it She claims she is moving to Cedar Canyon because Papa Dan once lived there.Cedar Canyon is typical of any small town in the south a mix of Mayberry, along with the fact that everyone knows pretty much everyone else as well as their secrets They can be what I call southern friendly as well There are some strange events like the Watermelon Run, and where football is as big as God himself For those who live in the south, you know this to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth especially in Texas and Florida When Tansy finds a box in the cellar of her new home containing a worn leather book, a golden pocket watch, and a tear shaped crystal pendant, it leads her on a journey that takes her into the past lives of not only her beloved grandfather Papa Dan, but the mysterious Henry Peterson and the circumstances behind his death that was ruled a suicide.This is Tansy s story, as well as Henry, Dan, and Isabel s The intermingling of characters from the past to the present is what makes this book so interesting to me Tansy actually finds that she is Isabel in the past, and therefore she is falling in love with Henry as Isabel does.Tansy loves to take pictures She is extremely good at it She has an eye for light and shading and atmosphere for capturing beauty in unexpected things and places She knows that sometimes what you see in the camera s viewfinder can t be seen with the normal eye It is also her own personal escape that she can take and be herself when things start to get dumped on her She even has her own dark room where she can escape for a while and immerse herself into the past.Meanwhile, in the present, Tansy deals with the usual teenaged angst of being the new girl in town and is subjected to constant harassment and pressures from her peers Especially from students she calls Straight A Alison, Beer for Breakfast Shanna, and Rooster Boy Jenks She becomes friends with a castaway like herself in Bethyl Ann Pugh Stinky Pugh who is an accelerated student and brilliant and loves to spout Shakespeare She also falls for the handsome quarterback of the football team Tate Hudson who loves to write poetry and actually hates football Yet, somehow he ends up being connected through time to Henry Peterson as much as Tansy does For me, this is part ghost story, romance, suspense, and mystery I found myself pulled into learning about the mystery surrounding Henry s suicide and in what way is Papa Dan connected to that fateful day I found myself in Tansy s shoes as the outcast who struggles to find her way through life and making the hard choices whether to fade out completely to Henry s world and become Isabel, or staying with her mother, Tate, and Papa Dan who is her best friend and is slowly losing contact with reality.Archer absolutely gets the small town southern town feel down She doesn t throw her character into a three way love affair like others do, and she develops her character so that you don t find yourself questioning Tansy s motives or desires for becoming a totally different person Tansy has had a hard life with the constant moving her mother does to escape from her own past with her deceased husband Tansy doesn t really have any true friends, and the one she considered to be her best friend, did the whole you re gone now, so I ll go out with the boy you liked so much.But, the part that I loved and enjoyed so much that it nearly broke my heart into little pieces, was Tansy s love for her Papa Dan I found myself having to grab for the Kleenex box than once when she describes how he is in a prison all his own with Dementia I would definitely recommend this book to each and every one of my friends on GR This is considered to be a young adult fantasy novel, but definitely adults should read it as well.

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    Through Her EyesA ghost story mixed with a realistic contemporary setting and an intricate weaving of two different time periods makes Through Her Eyes a very haunting and beautiful read Tansy is a character many will relate to, an outsider as a product of her constant moving but still someone who wants to make connections with others The small town Texas setting plays a large role in the book, and the overall story line is very well thought out and in depth Rapt with deeper nuances and meaning, and rich in character motivation and development, Through Her Eyes does a remarkable job of blending the paranormal with the realistic.Tansy is an interesting character, frustrated with her mother for how often they move and intensely loyal to her declining grandfather Her fierce love for him is refreshing in nature, and speaks volumes of her character This angle adds another source of tension with her mother, twisting both the reader s and Tansy s feelings regarding the entire situation Tansy is a mixture of good and bad qualities, a bit of a leper at school while still holding her own personal reservations about the usual school outcasts Despite her initial reactions, Bethyl Anne proves to be a great friend for Tansy and a fantastic addition to the story overall.Bethyl Anne is a unique character, two years younger than her classmates but incredibly intelligent and jumped two grades because of it From her appearance to her brains to her looks, she has all the typical makings as a target and an outcast, but she finds a way to push it off Her habit of spouting off Shakespeare in response to almost any situation is amusing and endearing, and her overall role in the book is very well done.Tate seems like the stereotypical jock, but he has much deeper qualities, and his own development comes in surprising ways He has piercing eyes and is downright hot, but he s got his own bits of torment and disappointment He, too, plays a surprising role in the book, with some unexpected reveals related to him happening at just the right times His reasons for things are explained in due course, and overall, Tate is both swoonworthy and likable.The plot itself is well thought out, filled with little things that mean something and tie ins that are unexpected or forgotten until they are revealed at the perfect moment The way the entire potential possession aspect plays out is fantastically well written, smooth to read, and easy to understand in nature and reason Henry, the boy who lived in Tansy s house decades before and who is thought to have killed himself, plays a strong role as well, and he is developed in a beautiful way The mixing of his time and Tansy s is a beautiful aspect of this book, merging the two in surprising ways and throwing several unexpected twists along the way.There is an overall sense of isolation and solitude in this book, which does rebound to make things seem slow While Tansy does interact with people in the town here and there, and her mother, it isn t until about halfway through her social type interactions really start picking up Before that, it is heavy on internal monologue, centered around Tansy adjusting to the new house and town, mixed in with the legends surrounding the previous owners and the strange happenings that start almost immediately Given how strongly characters play in my liking of a book, I enjoyed this aspect but I can see it being a sticky angle for some Regardless, the story as a whole is well worth it to push past this sense of loneliness, written in a way that can even pull the reader in to the feeling.With well developed characters both central and secondary, in the present day, and from the past and a strong premise twisted to something Archer can easily call her own, Through Her Eyes really mixes things up in a fantastic way The setting is spot on, mirroring life in a small Texas town through the eyes of an outsider, and is built in a smooth manner without being overbearing Archer s writing is strong, showing her ability, without being overbearing or pressing, and lulls the reader into the story easily.

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    Title Thoughts Love the title because it really goes with the book.Cover Thoughts I really like this title because of the eyes That s the main focal point of the cover and has a lot to do with the book.WARNINGS An obsessive read.This book hooks you from the very beginning with Tansy s character She moves from place to place with her writer mother and her grandfather who is suffering from dementia Archer crafts this story to near perfection There s not one negative thing I can say about this book Tansy sticks to being herself in Cedar Canyon She s not going to change just to fit in We see Tansy mature as the story progresses and it s a book that leaves you completely satisfied.My favorite character was Bethyl Ann She s a thirteen year old girl who skipped two grades and is a genius sopho Not only is she academically smart, but she s life smart too She s very mature for her age and is a great friend who loves Shakespeare She s funny too As I read, I could feel the tone of the book change with the characters and the story It was unbelievable It s like you are watching a movie and you have the background music to help set the tone The words flowed smoothly and the feelings just jumped out You can really feel the tone towards the end of the book It s amazing.Even though this has ghosts in it, it s eerily realistic There is a logical explanation side and a unexplainable side You are left to choose which side you believe Addict s Last Words This is definitely a book you want to read It s like you have a really bad craving for something and you don t know exactly what it is, then you finally satisfy that craving Then you feel pure satisfaction and relieved you figured out what you were craving This book is just like thatTo Buy or To Borrow Buy No doubt about it.Disclosure I participate in tours with The Teen Book Scene and a copy was temporarily provided to me by the author, publisher, or another third party source It was a traveling ARC type tour Therefore, I did not receive a copy for keeps No payment was received by me in exchange for this review There was not any obligation to write a positive review All opinions expressed here are entirely mine and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, the book s publisher and publicist, or the readers of this review This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    Maybe it was because the book I tried reading right before this one had zero voice, but it was the voice of this one that really pulled me in when I first picked up the book I can t say it stayed as strong through the whole book, but it definitely continued to play a role in keeping me reading The middle of the book does lag a bit just a bit but there is a lot of plant and pay off going on little details that end up being important later on.I very much connected with the main character, Tansy, and found the other characters pretty well fleshed out as wellalthough I have to say I didn t think some of the signals Tansy gets from others were as clear as she makes them sound She claims Tate acted like he hated her, but I didn t see that Maybe slightly less than as friendly as he was when they first met, but it wasn t all hot cold like she makes it sound The bouncing back and forth between her liking Henry and then liking Tate got a little bothersome again, the biggest thing was presumption Imho, Tansy picked up signals that weren t always there, coming to conclusions that weren t entirely logical to me, I m thinking because the author needed those ideas planted.Still, Tansy was otherwise very realistic, and while she had issues to deal with, she did NOT come across as whiny and annoying as too many YA protagonists do I sympathized with her situation, but she never felt weak She did hit bottom emotionally, but being that she s doubting her sanity and not just dealing with mean girls, this didn t bother me, it felt appropriate.The story was interesting and well plotted, if a bit predictable There were some really cool minor twists and a few really unique story elements, which I don t want to mention specifically so I don t spoil them They totally make the book worth the read Overall, a few rough spots, but for the most part a good, solid, well written read with a strong YA voice and genuine characters.

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    Through Her Eyes is a decent paranormal YA novel, it has good messages about family, friendship and trust, it also has a romance which isn t entirely, hopelessly silly though it does get silly at times.Despite the all too familiar new girl moves to a new town setting, once the story gets on with the plots about the haunting in a supposed haunted house and the mysterious death of the brooding teenage boy, Henry who lived in the haunted house decades ago, the story actually becomes quite intensive I found the writing to be solid, and the haunting scene and the mystery are both descent Although I must tell you parts of the story is boring, the haunting feels a bit underwhelming to me and the main character is judgmental and rather unlikable at times plus I don t find the romance between her and the love interest to be entirely convening though I do like that view spoiler the reason of the boy being so hot and cold toward her is logically explained hide spoiler

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    This is a very creative ghost story, because the heroine is actually haunting the ghost in a way During intervals, she steps back in time to the ghost s era to partake in pivitol scenes that are playing out in his life The heroine is compassionate and determined, and the relationship she has with her family is authentic and even heartbreaking as she watches her grandfather struggle with a sickness that is threatening his dignity and independance An atmospheric and haunting ghost story that seamlessly entwines the past and present, making them both equally vivid and appealing in their own rite At times, it s difficult for the reader to know which choice Tansy will make in the end in fact, some readers might be left wondering which choice they would ve made for themselves.

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