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    That s it I m moving to Australia Oooh, boy You truly can t go wrong with Aussie YA authors I ve read some awful books lately and by the time I picked up Thyla, I was becoming quite desperate Kate Gordon saved my life, or at the very least the rest of my vacation Amazing writing And I mean AMAZING writing Not as good as Raw Blue, but close enough Gordon has this way of making you picture everything in your head without being overly descriptive In fact, her writing is not descriptive at all If anything, it s pretty simplistic The woman knows how to write dialogues and she s very good at paying attention to details What would you do if you woke up in the bush one day, badly injured and with a complete memory loss How would you explain to your new classmates that you have no idea if you like waffles or that you don t really know whether you have a boyfriend or not Tessa doesn t know what a TV is, she can t remember what food she likes and her period completely freaks her out She only knows her name and that she does not cry Ever How can you have never seen a TV you asked Then, when you saw I was becoming and distressed by the tiny people in the small black box, you said, It s nothing to be scared of, Tess You re right It s just moving photographs It s pretty boring, actually Originality is this novel s strong point I can t remember the last time a YA paranormal surprised me completely New names, new creatures, new situations Kate Gordon did it all There were some minor things that were predictable, but the most important parts were utterly surprising Thyla is not a story you will easily forget The only thing that bothered me was the unresolved ending It wasn t exactly a cliffhanger but I kept hoping that one chapter will magically show up and make me feel better There will be a second book, but not until 2012, and that s a really, really long time I hate it when authors do that.That said, this book is definitely worth reading Highly recommended

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    Warning Split personality review ahead I have scored this novel 3 stars, but as opposed to merely liking the whole novel, I really adored the first half and felt terribly disappointed by the second half Let me explain.The First Half 4 Star Worthy As soon as I saw the blurb of Thyla I knew that this was exactly the book I wanted to read In brief wild girl gets found in the Tasmanian wilderness missing her memory the only thing she can recall is that her name is Tessa and the vague feeling she has a dark connection to another missing girl After going through a patch of novels that were character driven although I hesitate at calling them novels about nothing , I relished the thought of a high concept mystery novel in which I could sink my teeth.Okay, first things first this book is written in second person point of view Somewhat of a strange choice and initially quite hard to get into Tessa spends the novel addressing her words to Connolly, the policewoman who found her and whose missing daughter she wants to help find This POV though, tends to fade in and out, as we get caught up with Tessa s day to day life at her new boarding school and for some parts isn t sustained particularly well and falls subconsciously into first person POV I don t think the POV necessarily works as well as say in Stolen A Letter to my Captor where the MC Gemma has no choice but to address her captor The link between Connolly and Tessa is not immediate at times a little tenuous Apart from that, I thought that the story unfolded and started to read with incredible potential There was a definite delicious creepiness to it that is reminiscent of Australian horror such as Picnic at Hanging Rock with the added dimension of the lushness of the Tasmanian landscape The boarding school is creepy and the characters she meets are also wonderfully creepy with their one dimensional popular girls, unpopular girls, outcasts personalities Tessa herself is creepy because she behaves and talks like she s from the past, even though the novel is set in the present time You can t believe how excited this all made me.Tessa as a character is wonderful And so unintentionally funny Cropping up with gems like after tasting waffles for the first time Have you ever had waffles If you haven t, and I mean this with the upmost fervour and seriousness, you really must do it Her charming behaviour is almost at odds with her status as a wild girl and really helped to endear her to me.So yes I found the first half of this novel layered, multi faceted and interesting thenThe Second Half I m sorry 2 starsHave you ever expected a novel to be one thing The blurb says it is one thing, the build up says it is one thing, but then halfway through you get somewhat of a surprise As in genre surprise And you suddenly think well, stripe me down Tassie Tiger I m sorry, but I really don t like this genre If I had known, I wouldn t have tried to read this book cos it s not my thing and it will just be mean for me to rate it If you read other reviews, it will tell you what this genre is, but because I had no idea myself, I am going to hide it here view spoiler PARANORMAL hide spoiler

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    This review contains photos of mentioned locations as a gift to international readers.My review is split in to five sections Writing, Plot, Worldbuilding, Characters, and X Factor Each section comprises of either half or one star, except X Factor which can utilise two whole stars.I ve read some other reviews of this book, and like my friend Shirley Marr, I agree this book should probably be rated in two separate halves The first half is pretty damned awesome Tessa has amnesia, and the things she does remember suggests she s from another time The second half is much less awesome, where Tessa finally figures out what she is and embraces her true nature.Writing 1The writing in this is pretty good It s second person point of view, for the most part, although because it s Tessa writing down her story the second often drifts away into first person It s not technically, purely second person because of this It s like first person with references to a second person I also really enjoyed Tessa s awakening , I suppose Her re learning little things that she s forgotten such as OMG WAFFLES ARE AMAZEBALLS That was fun Overall the writing was clean and elegant, with recurring motifs such as I am Tessa I am brave I do not cry It s a powerful message that recurs in the book as Tessa tries to gather her lost memories Editing errors Call me pedantic, call me what you will, I really don t give a flying This is a book about my city with local characters written by a semi local I don t know Gordon s background, only that she grew up on the north west coast and now lives on the east coast, but if she went to university she probably like the majority of Tasmanians who stay in the state of a tertiary education went to the south for her further education There aren t really many reasons why these errors should be in the book The only reason I can think is that it was either changed to appeal to an American audience, or the editor made some changes that Gordon missed because I can t imagine a local referring to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens as the botanic gardens.See It says it right there in the name, and I have never ever heard of them referred to as simply botanic I may be obsessing over a tiny little al but really, locals would never make that mistake.The other error is one of the other students calling Scottsdale High School Scottsdale Public like an American school That s not how we refer to our schools This grated on me as well, as if it was trying to appeal to an American audience but the book s not even for sale in America, so I couldn t figure out WHY.The final error is one of the students referring to her education achievement certificate as a diploma In Tasmania, you don t get diplomas at high school, you get them at University they re less intense than degrees We get a Tasmanian Certificate of Education at the completion of college two seniors years before university and a Higher School Certificate at the completion of high school, which is four years previous to the college years A diploma is a foreign concept It shouldn t be in this book The magical hat incident Page 116 I pulled the hat out now and pushed it roughly on to my head, then strode towards the door Page 131 I reached in my bag and pulled out Laurel s woollen beanie, the beanie I never got to wear I don t even need to make a comment about that.Plot.5First half 1Second half 0The plot was decent and quite strong in the first half of the book It followed the mystery of Tessa trying to figure out who she is and remember things after her incident her being found in the bush, unconscious, dirty, with hair in rat s tails and mysterious stripey scars on her back.In the second half, once Tessa figured out her secret LONG after I had I didn t enjoy the story very much Tessa turns into another character, not like the amnesia girl at all She blurts her secret to her friend, whom she thinks might be an enemy, but does it anyway because she thinks her friend maybe enemy is different , like her I didn t like Tessa s incessant need to eavesdrop info dumping sessions and then not be able to put one and one together I didn t really like how her random memories would pop into her head and play back like a film, taking over her whole life at that point in time, because that s not how memories actually work Then the end was all kinds of cliffhangery which I didn t like I didn t feel satisfied about the conclusion.The blurb promised of a mystery to do with Cat as well, which totally didn t happen.Worldbuilding 1I loved the worldbuilding It almost made perfect sense Of course the Diemens would follow convict women halfway across the globe to a small town hardly anyone has heard of The world was injected with enough real life landmarks to make it almost believable I didn t like the idea of an all girls school built next to the brewery, but I liked the idea of the school I quite liked Tessa s backstory, just not how it was revealed.Characters.5Overall, I generally liked Tessa, even when she exhibited very typical YA heroine empty headed sense She was curious, and although I think her actions pushed by patience I understand the need for her to react the way she did The story needed conflict, and that was the best way to inject it It doesn t endear me to Tessa, but it does push the story along.And also Tessa does cry On than one occasion, tears come to her eyes She just pushes it away She s not an unfeeling robot who never has tears come to her eyes So the whole I am Tessa, I am brave, I do not cry was weird All the same, I liked the way Tessa was built and for the most part I enjoyed reading about her.X Factor 0This book should be getting at least one star for X Factor because it s set in my home state with landmarks I totally squeed over I dragged my photographer partner out to take photos for this review, to demonstrate some of the real landmarks mentioned Taroona High SchoolYep, that s ocean right outside the back door well technically a river , and I fondly recall the time we convinced our maths teacher to let us go down to the beach to watch the dolphins and humpback whales swim up the river.Mures Seafood RestaurantCascade Brewery, where the school is supposed to be built next to but um who would build a school next to a brewery The Female FactoryAlso bonus This is a quern stone we found while exploring the Female Factory site It s used to grind grain Isn t that awesome Mount WellingtonNote this photo was taken a few years ago when I lived at the base of the mountain, literally a two minute walk from the Female Factory That s snow, which is a rare occurrence in the city but quite common on the mountain from about May September, although it has been known to snow in March end of summer and October spring I m pretty sure it even freak snowed in December once.The CenotaphThis book didn t have an X Factor for me The emotional response was purely because I grew up in the same city as Tessa, and that s extremely rare in not only YA literature but also literature of Australia The second half of the book let me down too much for me to recall anything I may have been excited over in the first half.OverallThis is a strong paranormal novel consisting of several familiar tropes Its strength is its location and the unique take on not only Australian wildlife but particularly those extinct or near extinct Tasmanian animals Gordon is a clear and concise writer who utilises familiar themes and motifs to continue the narrative thread The failure of the second half of this novel will not detract from readers who enjoy a good paranormal story utilising an amnesiac heroine.Overall rating 3 stars.

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    Thanks Maja for your great review of this that led me to try out the works of an Aussie author I really enjoyed it.Tessa, found in a bush and brought to a hospital, wakes up with absolutely no memory but her name And I mean, NO memory Of anything The tiny people in the TV scare her So she gets sent to this school with this missing girl duh duh duuuuuuuuuh.What a great author The writing is so wonderfully simple that it s easy to get lost in Tessa s words The prose is truly unique I don t think I ve ever read a book where the main character is talking directly to me Of course she s not she s writing her story to her guardian, but it s a great way to narrate It gets you feeling like you re part of the story Part of her life I loved Tessa, the protagonist She s so loveable and innocent, but you also know that there are mind blowing secrets that are hidden behind that wall in her memory There is definitely a lot of intrigue and although you might think you have it all figured out, you don t Another aspect I loved in the book, probably what I liked best actually, was the humour It made me laugh quite often due to Tessa s ignorance I mean the girl didn t remember what waffles were It was all so amusing and cleverly fabricated.So yeah, as my first Aussie book, I m quite impressed Really, other than the location, it isn t terribly different from american books don t go comparing them like US vs Japanese horror movies it just has this originality that stems from actual ingenuity, and not just writing with the hype to make fast money I mean, let s face it, who hasn t milked the Twilight cow That leaves us with a billion similar B rated books that just lack And I ll admit that I do read most of them and they re still enjoyable for the most part, but this was straight out original and just lovely, plain lovely This will not be my last Aussie book.

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    This is the book I m hosting for the Traveling Book at YA MA It s very easy to piss her off Piss her off I hadn t heard that expression before I mean, I had heard the words piss used as another word for urination, but I assumed and hoped that Rhiannah wasn t talking about urination That would be rather odd.And unsanitary.Full Review Soon.

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    Thyla by Kate Gordon is set in Hobart, Tasmania Tessa has been found in the bush by policewoman Rachel Connolly and her partner Vince after an anonymous phone call At first she has no memories other than her name But slowly little things come back to her and she realises that the world is very different from what she remembers She s never seen a tv or a movie and finds the way everyone talks is peculiar to her, it s like she s from another time She also has long, red scars on her back that no one can explain.Rachel takes her in and sends her to Cascade Falls College Tessa isn t happy with this decision because it means being separated from the only person she knows but once there she realises the buildings are familiar to her Tessa also discovers that Rachel s own daughter, Cat, attended Cascade Falls College until she disappeared one day while on a bushwalk At the college she meets Cynthia Hindmarsh the principal and a friend of Rachel s and Mrs Hindmarch introduces her to Charlotte Lord, also known as Princess Charlotte She s to be Tessa s buddy or mentor but Tessa soon realises that Charlotte is not a nice girl and neither are most of her friends.Luckily she meets her room mate Rhiannah and her friends Sara and Harriett as well as Erin and Laurel They re all nice to Tessa and include her in their group Once she s rooming with Rhiannah, Tessa notices that the girls spend a lot of time bushwalking at night and Tessa realises that something odd is going on at Cascade Falls College my thoughts instantly went to the film Picnic at Hanging Rock.I only heard of this book recently, thanks to Goodreads then I found a copy in a book store and I grabbed it I was instantly interested because I can t think of another paranormal book set in Australia that deals with weres but after reading Saltwater Vampires by Kirsty Eagar and loving that, I knew I had to read this too.Tessa is instantly likeable and slowly we get to know her better as she remembers about herself She s eager to help figure out what happened to Cat and quickly figures out it has something to do with the school, the bush and possibly the copper bangle that Rhiannah wears.Rhiannah was such a good friend to Tessa, she was lucky to have her as a room mate She didn t make her feel weird for not talking like everyone else and didn t make fun of her for not knowing what waffles were I really enjoyed reading about a group of girls that were nice to each other, even if the rest of the girls in their year weren t as friendly.Perrin, Rhiannah s older brother, was an interesting character though we didn t get to seem him very much until the end so I am definitely hoping he and Tessa get to spend some time together in the sequel.I found myself reading this eagerly, I was hooked right away and towards the end the pacing picks up even I also found the scenery easy to picture, Kate used a great setting for this book and I can t think of any other YA set in Tasmania And even though I knew immediately what Tessa must be, it didn t feel predictable because there were still so many possibilities and the I found the book intriguing The idea of using Australian fauna alive and extinct as weres was unique and I m looking forward to finding about about the Thylas, Sarcos and Vulpis.The book doesn t end on a cliffhanger but it does include a major scene towards the end and I need to know what happens next so I m very happy that the sequel, Vulpi, is released April 1, 2012 If you love paranormal YA that is dark, fun and unique then I suggest you get yourself a copy of Thyla

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    I am not particularly keen on this Mainly, because it appears to be a bit younger than I prefer my YA The premise is good a girl wakes up in a hospital not remembering who she is, and the memories she does retain seem to have a disconnect with the present time However the conflicts and the character so far have been of a middle school variety Same goes for the writing style.

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    This novel s mystery had me hooked from the first page Actually I think I was hooked from the moment I read the back of the book and the acknowledgements at the beginning and the story did not disappoint In fact I was so hooked that I finished this story in less than a day and after reading some during my lunch break, seriously thought about not going back to work and finishing the story there and then instead Read the rest of my review at

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    Tasmania s forests have a history of being battlegrounds In recent times the timber men have diced with the environmentalists over their bounty is it for the present generation or for those of the future As in this fine novel, in the island s real life conflict there is an uneasy truce, a tenuous treaty having emerged In the early days though of colonisation there was a similar, unwritten truce between the invaders,the first Tasmanians and the fringe dwellers, belonging to neither group, upon whom the early white settlement s survival depended As history panned out for the island that all went badly belly up, and blood was let in the bush again In this fictional tale though the fringe dwellers have much stronger powers and the intent of one clan is not for the good of the island They must be prevented from embarking on their evil course of action, and into this potential maelstrom steps Tessa who possesses secrets secrets that she cannot quite remember Thyla s third battle for Tasmania is also to be fought out in the forests Under ancient trees that were than saplings in Biblical times skulk patrol the forces of good and evil, forces that we mere mortals only receive glimpses of tiger sightings.What a rattling good yarn this is possessing all the potential of the iconic Tomorrow series with the additional spiciness of a Being Human or True Blood Written in a very accessible language that its target audience will appreciate and latch on to, for this reader an added joy were the well known settings in and around Hobart The back stories that set up the present day scenario are redolent of the island s savage and gothic history Gordon has researched well and will hopefully cause young minds to delve as well.Cascade Falls, the imaginary Hobart school where some of the action takes place mirrors most schools in this day and age with cliques of students, particularly of female variety, up to their continual insidious mind games that are real life soap operas But in this school the cliques go deeper, back one hundred and sixty years in time to the grit, grime and Flash Mob of the ghost ridden remains of an actual historical Female Factory, just down the road from the school.Despite girls taking the main roles in Thyla, it should appeal to both sexes and would be great as a read out loud or class set in any secondary school.The bush is all pervading in Tasmania, particularly in the form of its ancient forests, in the way it fingers into our cities and towns, as exemplified by Hobart, and into the souls of all true Tasmanians This book is reflective of that Tessa with her coterie of friends and sinister enemies is a heroine for the ages and I eagerly look forward to battles in forest clearings in, hopefully, a long series of sequels Vulpi cannot come quickly enough

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    My name is Tessa I am strong I am brave I do not cry These are the only things I know for certain..Thyla may be the third book of YA in two weeks that touches on memory either forgetting or being forgotten The first half is Tessa piecing things together She is discovered in the bush, sort of adopted by this policewoman, and then sent to a boarding school Her inability to remember and her numerous questions about what she didn t know had me divided Sure, I found her refreshing at first Tessa was like a blank slate and she wasn t ashamed to ask questions But the way she worded her questions only made her stand out , made her sound old And it goes on and on like that for the first half third of the book, it s Tessa trying to fit in and piece her memory together, but I m nitpicking, because that aside one s got to admire at how she tried to fit in You only get to experience the paranormal, later in the book And it s this bit that engaged my interest Gordon s are a different type of Were with their own mythology On one hand there are the Thyla tigers on the other, the Sarco Tasmanian devils Natural enemies of each other, they are forced to team up against what appear to be a common vampire enemy What s interesting is how they came to find themselves in that position because that s where the history of the place comes a little bit into play For an outsider me , things were a bit hard to piece together, but once done, I thought, That was different I think it would be fair to say that there are two stories in this one One the first half really is of Tessa not remembering The second is on the Thyla, the Sarco and another kind of vampire enemy It s the connection between the two that s the mystery Add the fact that there s a teensy bit of forbidden romance somewhere in the book, well, you get a little bit of everythingIn a word Interesting I d say it s a 3

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download Thyla, read online Thyla, kindle ebook Thyla, Thyla e48c2602d265 My Name Is Tessa I Am Strong I Am Brave I Do Not Cry These Are The Only Things I Know For Certain I Was Found In The Outback, Ragged As A Wild Thing I Have No Memory Not Even Of How I Got The Long Slashes Across My Back They Make Me Frightened Of What I Might Remember The Policewoman, Connolly, Found Me And Placed Me In A Boarding School And Told Me About Her Daughter, Cat, Who Went Missing In The Outback I Think There Is A Connection Between Cat, Me, And The Strange Things Going On At This School If I Can Learn Cat S Story, I Might Discover My Own And Stop It Happening Again A Thrilling Paranormal Tale Of Shapeshifting, A Centuries Old War, And Finding Out Who You Really Are When Your Memories Betray You