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summary Top 10 The Forty-Niners , series Top 10 The Forty-Niners , book Top 10 The Forty-Niners , pdf Top 10 The Forty-Niners , Top 10 The Forty-Niners 2852dcd10f This Is The Tale Of Neopolis, A Modern Metr Opolis With A Citizenry Made Up Exclusively Of Super Beings In This City Where Everyone Is Blessed With Powers, It Takes A Unique And Powerful Police Force To Protect And Serve The Officers Of Precinct Encounter All Manner Of The Super Powered And The Supernatural On A Routine Basis The Eisner Award Winning TOP Team Of Writer Alan Moore And Artist Gene Ha Reunites For A Graphic Novel That Delves Into The Past, Revealing The Origins Of Neopolis And The First Officers Of Top Ten Discover The Original Top Officers Who Blazed The Trail And Made Neopolis The City It Is Today

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    Right First off, this was written by Alan Moore Second off, this is a continuation of a series that I m dearly fond of Chronologically, it s a prequel, but it should really be viewed as book three in the series It should be read as the third Top 10 volume or possibly the 4th after Smax not first Thirdly, this book has everything you could want in a comic Superheroes Nazis Vampires Robots A time machine Fourthly, everything I mentioned up above is handled in a straight up honest and serious way It s not some corny bullshit someone threw together because pirate zombie monkey ninjas would be funny All the above elements are in the story because they re absolutely important to the story And they Work And they make sense And it s awesome But finally and most importantly, this story isn t about robots or superheroes or Nazis I ve read this comic three or four times, and this time, I realized why I enjoyed it so much Yes the special effects are good Yes the plot is tight Yes it s cool and clever and fun But that s not what this story is about This story is about love And you know what That s a good thing for a story to be about In some ways, it s one of the very few things worth writing about Someday, when I m gone, I hope people look back and say He wrote about love It may not always have been obvious, and maybe he didn t always get it quite right But underneath it all, his stories were about what it means to be human And he believed that down at the root, the most important part of being human was love.

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    Some creative use of holy water there.

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    Brilliant.Call him what you like, but there s no denying it Alan Moore is brilliant And in Top Ten The Forty Niners, he proves once again that he can grip a reader without the usual big name comic book characters.That s not to say that the characters in TT TFN are completely original In fact, that s a large part of the charm finding and recognizing characters who can t be identified within the text by name for copyright trademark reasons, but who are identifiable nonetheless Look carefully, and you ll swear you see Kal El, or possibly his fatheras well as his earthly secret identity You ll catch a glimpse of a certain Friendly Ghost, if you re sharp Not to mention a well known large forearmed sailor man and his rather enormous nemesis I even spotted a rather ghoulish couple who frequently graced the pages of the New Yorker in days gone by, and were later adapted to television.But that s just the frosting on the cake The cake itself is a cracking good story the story of a city after the end of World War II, a new city filled with the various super powered and otherwise incredible characters who participated in the war including to my amusement an analog of comic strip adviser Mary Worth.I won t spoil the book for you But the characters and plot are up to the usual high standards of Moore at his best The art is also quite good, with a unique and memorable style that makes the search for familiar characters on the second or third re reading a pleasure This was a book that I didn t want to return to the library And when I finished reading it, I wished there was .

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    The 49ers is a prequel to the two volumes of Top Ten by Alan Moore and Gene Ha, who seem at first as odd a couple as one might imagine in comics collaboration, one wild and one subdued But the pairing works increasingly well, as they create a world rich in heart and humor, with plenty of references, some of them veiled, some for reason of copyright, sadly to comics history In this series if you are a comics geek you can look at every frame for fun clues to all sorts of esoterica I am not a comics history geek, so some of it goes over my head, but I get enough to appreciate all the fun layers of references The series is a comic about comics, about superheroes, set in post WWII with some commentary on what science could and could not do that faith in science tempered by what did and did not happen in that war because of science We have robots and racism, a vampire brothel, a wild mix of things in what is almost mutedly colored to feel like a 1949 period piece Oh, and as a prequel it feels like it helps me understand the next two volumes better, which I appreciate It s subdued than the two volumes that follow it, because it s giving historical background but it prepares you for all the elements in the series Good stuff.

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    Excellent short prequel series to the world of Top Ten I m just sorry it ended so soon We get to meet Captain Traynor in his Jetlad days, and thrill to the early adventures of the Neopolis PD as they face down ex Nazis, political corruption, and Vampires As before, Gene Ha s visionary artwork really brings this oddball world to life, and the use of washed out colours helps establish the late 40s setting throughout.

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    A very fun bit of world building that adds to the greater Top 10 iverse and features an excellent climax, but falls short when it comes to the character development There are little bursts of brilliance in here, particularly if you re already a huge Top 10 fan as I am Setting this story 50 years before the previous one allows for some excellent exploration of the foundation of Neopolis and its science hero police squad There s also a persistent, well executed sense of post war malaise that permeates both the art and the characters The impending threat of the mob in this case, a bunch of vampires taking over the city feels like a great, heightened parallel of our own world and was weirdly hinted at in Moore s Top 10 short story in the America s Best Comics 80 Page Giant.Unfortunately, I just didn t really care about any single character I honestly can barely even remember their names, which is a huge change from the first run of Top 10, where I deeply cared about every one of those weirdoes I saw a twist coming with one of these guys miles away, and that was basically the entire foundation of his character The others are barely attended to outside of whatever their superpower is The only character who really gets a fair shake is Jetlad see, I even remembered his name , but his story of being a closeted gay man in a time where this was highly frowned upon is barely explored and has no payoff This book feels like it was meant to be the first book of many, with future volumes expanding on these characters and their place in this world, but as it stands, they feel pretty underdeveloped.So, again, if you love Top 10, this is definitely worth a read It s great to return to Neopolis, no matter the time period, and Gene Ha s art is excellent once again It just doesn t pack quite the punch of the original.

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    If you liked top ten then you might like to read this Otherwise it was still good but still read top ten first 4 stars.

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    Top 10 The Forty NinersAuthor Alan Moore, Gene Ha, Todd Klein, Art LyonPublisher America s Best ComicsPublished In La Jolla, CA, USADate 2005Pgs 112REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary 1949 The science heroes, mutants and robots are being forced into resettlement Normal people are uncomfortable living alongside them The government has founded Neopolis where all exceptional people can live together This is the story of Steve Traynor, Jetlad and the beginnings of the Neopolis Police Department A new city is aborning with her labor pains including vampire gangsters and robot bigotry.Genre AdventureComics and graphic novelsCrime fictionFantasyFictionMythologyScience fictionSuperheroesVampiresWitches, wizards and magicWhy this book It s Alan Moore and Top 10 I ve loved everything that I ve read by Alan Moore.This Stories are About courage, working hard, doing the right thing, greed, friends, jealousy, love, caring, happiness, sadness, familyFavorite Character Jetlad We re experiencing this early days Neopolis through his eyes, largely Though his attempt to prove his manhood with Skywitch is a icky scene At least, she seems than willing Makes sense in the broader exploration of his character, but stillmeh.Least Favorite Character There s a lot of unveiled bigotry of the imaginary robotic kind and human on human racism as well Those characters engaging in that are horrid.Character I Most Identified With The Feel There s nostalgia, mixed with some real world of the 1940s 50s stigmata Favorite Scene The showdown with the protection scheme vampires at the bar Good stuff.Gromolko comparing Herr Panzer s insides with a tin of canned food is disgusting The way he just dusted out of there makes you wonder if he was even alive inside the armor or if the armor itself was animate after his accident.Unrepentent Nazis brought to America and with no attempt at reform set up with equipment and powerwhat could possible go wrong Other than time travel and changing history.The final battle with the Morgia and the Skysharks and the Neopolis PD.Pacing The pace is great The pages seemed to fly through my fingers.Plot Holes Out of Character Hmm Moments Neopolis, the Science City starting out as as some sort of internment camp for the extra and non humans who came into the limelight during and after WW2 is both tragic and, probably, exactly what America would have done.Vampire mobsters Vampiresdon t call em vampires.Robot bigotry The mecha prejudice is very ugly And Skyshark losing his noodle and trying to bomb the robot ghetto The ugliness is stark.The ghosts, wraiths, skeletons, intelligent animals, and animal humanoid characters made to ride in the cattle car on the train into town is way too holocausty sic , you know what I mean.Skywitch being okay with what Hitler did to the vampHungarians with skin conditions that don t let them go out in the sun is telling.The era this was based in lends itself to some horrific societal norms.The child endangerment sidekick laws would make sense in post WW2 America And, of course, it d be used as a they must be gay thing Frederic Wertham would be very at home in this world with it s thin veneer of everything is okay.The little details in the background really sell Neopolis.But Neopolis is rotten to the core Old politics wrapped in a glittering future with protection rackets, vampire hookers, and a drunken former superhero as major.And everyone is either trying to turn the clock back or be a hero And all of them are trying to find themselves.Why isn t there a screenplay I d be worried that they couldn t do Top 10 justice.Casting call Beth Behrs as Skywitch Don t know if she could do a passable German accent or not, but I d love to see her in the role.Frankie Muniz as Jetlad.Last Page Sound That s good stuff.Author Assessment I would read anything with Alan Moore s name on it.Editorial Assessment Well done I wish the colors had been comic book normal There was a lot of mood lighting to promote the period piece edness of the story And it was fine But I would have prefered a real 4 color look.Knee Jerk Reaction real genre classicDisposition of Book Irving Public LibraryWould recommend to genre fans

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    Top Ten is not great like Watchmen the satire can be heavy handed robots treated as 3d class citizens nazi supermen rehabilitated by the winning side they are interesting, esp as homage with the backgrounds littered with cartoon, comic book and strip characters milling around as average pedestrians, behaving like your average human 49ers is the prequel It s revelatory in fleshing out the milieu of Neopolis than leading into something greater It s not as fast and loose as the later issues of Top Ten but still a worthy addition.Anyway, I ve been having an internal dialogue as to why he has differing variations on it, with the literary superteam of League of Extraordinary Gents and the twitchy dysfunctionality of Watchmen speaking of which, I take issue with some critics who see in it some apologia of totalitarianism, notably when the movie came out Alan Moore s superhero books are than just a fun way of tweaking convention they a reminder us that very genre is relevant Superhero books, like any fantastic fiction, have all to do with who we are and what we aspire to be Moore is doing what only the best writers of fantastic fiction can do holding a mirror up and showing the truth behind bigger than life for all the power and prestige, the greatest among us are still ham strung by unrealistic desires and tawdry failings.

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    After reading Alan Moore s Absolute Top Ten a large emptiness grew in me I needed , of the characters, of the city, of the city population s stories and secrets And so, I jumped into the Top Ten prequel, Top Ten 49 ers as soon as I got my hands on it and read it and really enjoyed it This is a great story all on its own, fascinated with the creation of Neopolis, Naziism, the occult, artificial intelligence, and homosexuality while all these themes are shown with brilliant insights into society s organizing groups Ordinary citizens walking the streets are dirty comic strip characters, the cast of characters has yet to be born with a few exceptions who we get to witness interacting with some of our favourite character s relatives, and the third act amps up with descending bats transforming into vampires going up against robots and a cast of desperate citizens of Neopolis It is not as complex or dense as the follow up but it is a tremendous effort nonetheless.

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