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pdf Trust (Makilien, #3) , ebook Trust (Makilien, #3) , epub Trust (Makilien, #3) , doc Trust (Makilien, #3) , e-pub Trust (Makilien, #3) , Trust (Makilien, #3) 5e6c7f0da34 Struggling To Cope With The Losses Of Battle, Makilien Seeks To Live Each Day In Trust Of Elohim S Plans As The Conflict Of Hope And Reality War In Her Mind, A Sudden Arrival Changes Everything, Bringing To Light A New Scheme Wrought By The Remnant Of Zirtan S Men Finding Herself Witness To A Shocking Act Of Treachery, Makilien Is Thrust Into The Very Center Of The Dangerous Plans Trust Is Something She Must Give Carefully As Those Who Appear Trustworthy Fail Even As Those She Would Least Expect Could Hold The Key To Success Can She And Those Around Her Secure Their Safety And Freedom Or Will They Find Themselves Outwitted By Their Enemy S Final Act Of Dominance

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    Age Appropriate For 13 and up for some violence and mild romance Best for Ages 13 20Finally I was able to read this whole series and it was amazing Trust picks up a year after Courage finishes It is full of twists, turns, tears, and joy.As always, Molly s book is centered on God, which I so appreciate There are a lot of books out there that are under the label of Christian, but only give lip service to him I really love the feeling I have at the end of each of Molly s books It is the feeling that I have not only enjoyed a good book, but also drawn closer to God.Makilien is still an awesome character, even though she has gone through a lot Her pain in this book had me tearing up a couple of times Her romance in this book is very sweet and never goes beyond a kiss on the forehead All the characters, both old and new, were well written and a joy to revisit.Someday, I plan to buy this whole set in paperback, because they are so awesome Actually, I want to buy all of Molly s books in paperback and put them on my favorites shelf.I highly recommend this series to those who love non magical fantasy, strong moral values, and well written stories.

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    Can I say beyond five stars Trust was a thrilling and perfect completion to the Makilien series Although, happily, it isn t actually the end, as the short novella, Captivated, is out and continuing the epic adventures of Makilien and her friends Trust starts soon after where Courage leaves off, and weaves through some exciting, and terrifying, happenings It was a little different than the first two books, Truth and Courage, but was every bit as good, I think even so So enjoyed the conclusions to many relationships that occurred in Trust The intricate plotlines The dark, lost individuals at last coming to the realization of the emptiness of their souls Trust was wildly interesting so many new concepts Do you want to know who the Dark Elf really is How about Aeden s father, hoping to learn of him And Jorin, the horrible brother of the evil man Makilien defeated Trust was incredible Drama Danger Mystery Bittersweet conclusions Heart rending, romantic, absolutely beautiful moments It brought me to tears, and also made me laugh, and further caused me to sigh with joy A truly delightful read.

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    A great ending to a GREAT series I was on the edge of my seat for than half the book and I was wondering the whole time how in the world is it all going to tie together to get an ending An extremely fantastic book

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    Okay, were do I begin I started reading this book two days ago and I already finished it It was amazing Trust.the main theme of the book, you must trust Very well written and kept me reading for hours People are being attacked, and trouble is brewing as zirtans men try to find something to do, which is not good for the people of Eldor I recommend it to ages 13 and up God bless you Molly

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    Have you ever used those Look Inside previews for books Well, musing around, I decided to look at the one for Molly Evangeline s Trust, third and final book in the Makilien Trilogy I had read the first book before and also enjoyed her novel, Resistance, written under a different author name But alas the preview left me off at a cliff hanger as is their way I couldn t just leave the poor hero off there I had to find out the rest So of course, I read the entire trilogy.First off I will admit that while I enjoyed Truth, it was a little slow for me But hey, it was one of the author s first books, and she certainly improves Courage brings the intensity to a new level with higher and painful stakes and consequences Characters are developed and deadly plots are revealed And after a huge battle that spans over several chapters, we are left off on one of the best cliff hangers I ve encountered in a book Rather then causing you to growl and throw the book against the wall, it makes you gasp in alarm delight and dive for the next book.Fortunately, I had the next book and could finally answer my questions from the preview Trust is definitely the best of the three, bringing in an intense, mysterious style that was not present in the previous books, but serves this story splendidly Along with the black and white good and evil characters that were prevalent, we are introduced to new or revealed grey characters with deep, difficult conflict I must say that after three books with these characters I was rather experiencing all their pain with them AndSirionif you, like me, have a thing for noble, tortured heroes you ll love him And if you, like me, enjoy the brooding, struggling anti hero, you ll love Rylean And Aeden is just cool.Violence Battles are detailed as to combat, and while there no shortage of casualties, nothing is really gory or descriptive Characters are often tortured throughout the books beaten, burned, whipped most notably in the last book, but description is handled with taste Don t think I m morbid, but it was super nice to see the author let the villain be as bad as they wanted So often they ll fall short of their true nature because the author is merciful to their characters Oh yes, there was discretion for the reader s stomach, but this author really let the villains have a go at the heroes I only wish a little attention had been paid to the reality of the victim s wounds I understand that adrenaline can do amazing things, but sometimes the heroes could talk or move way too well for their injuries.Sexual Umnext to none There is romance, but the characters are all extremely chaste, only gifting each other with an occasional embrace of encouragement and a kiss on the forehead Which was very nice.Langauge NoneOther While this is a fantasy with an array of fantasy creatures, there is no magic.This fantasy trilogy is an exciting, involving story of triumph over evil, faith in impossible situations, and all around good guys The simplistic writing style serves the story well I think the peak of my enjoyment might have been from tweens to early teens, but I enjoyed this nevertheless If you re looking for a new adventure, definitely consider this one

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    Uh guys we have a problem, I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH I WANNA SCREAM In fact I did don t you just love happy endings this book was my favorite in the series everything about it was beautiful I don t know what to say other then read this A.S.A.P If I could rate this higher it would be 1,000 or no, than that

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    Really enjoyed the first two books but this one was definitely the best

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    Trust is my favorite book in the Makilien Trilogy, and probably my favorite of all Molly Evangeline s books It s just that good Unfortunately, I can t say much about the plot without giving away major spoilers, but it is very different from the other two, and really exciting The title comes into play a lot as Makilien has to trust that Elohim knows best and has a plan for everything.Trust is a very emotional and intense book, and one I love dearly In fact, since I bought it in May, I have probably read the climax about five times, despite having an abundance of other reading material One bad thing when you come to the end, it s over There is no book four in the Makilien Trilogy though of course, if there was it couldn t be a trilogy any Even though the ending is the end, it is a fairly satisfactory ending but I can t say any about it because it would totally give away the story.I definitely recommend this book, though I do recommend reading Truth and Courage first I m really looking forward to books from Molly

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    Of the three, this book was my favorite It has a different storyline than the first two and kept me guessing While the battle might be smaller, the challenges are tougher for the main characters.And Sirion sigh I d already loved him in the earlier books, but I absolutely adored him in this one.A few of the character storylines might have wrapped up a little too neatly, but I honestly didn t care while I was reading I wanted everyone to get their happy ending, and the ending of this book definitely delivers.

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    This was an amazing end to the series I did not want to put it down I loved seeing where all the characters ended up This is one of the first fantasy series I ve ever really loved.

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