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    OUT NOW Stay in the light, avoid locked doors, and resist silver whispers On the border between the old world and the new, the Night Station welcomes you Is it blood diamonds you seek, fair traveler Or something intimate, perhaps Come, take my hand, walk among us I ll show you where the vampires laugh, their teeth sharp in the light Best you guard your delicate throat, for there are worse monsters prowling these shadows Our fair hostess, you see her there Miss Lynher Aris A dream in satin and silk Beware the beautiful, dear traveler Didn t you know They say, by night, she entertains the dark ones, but by day, she leads the resistance by day she goes by another name Daybreaker Hush, let s not speak of such things This night is made for revelry Stay awhile, before the dawn train s whistle breaks the spell Drink and gamble and partake in all the sins you wish, for there are no laws here at the edge of the worlds.Wait Heed this, dear traveler, do not linger among the shadows Do not question those with magic in their eyes Some foolish souls arrive at the Night Station demanding answers Those travelers do not see the break of dawn This glorious station, poised on the border between two worlds, caught between day and night, swallows those it deems unworthy Myth and rumor, of course, but stay in the light, do not succumb to silver whispers, and turn away from locked doors There is a hunger in you, traveler You feel its spell, do you not The Night Station has you now Welcome to the end of the world.

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    It s no secret that I m a Pippa DaCosta fangirl so of course I ve been eagerly waiting for Twilight Seeker ever since she first announced it but I m going to say it here and now that she has completely outdone herself with this one The story had me hooked from the first page with its brilliant world building and fantastic characters Nothing is quite what it seems when it comes to the Night Station, it s magical, dangerous and full of secrets I think we ve only started to scratch the surface and I can t wait for the next book so we can dig down a few layers.Lynher is a great character, she s a normal human in a world full of demons, vampires and fae who all consider her prey It is her job to run the Night Station and keep the peace amongst her guests but she s at a physical disadvantage compared to everyone around her so she s walking a very fine line keeping everything balanced It s all about keeping up appearances and making sure the guests see her as someone to be wary of rather than someone they can walk right over She s not completely powerless though and again I think we have a lot to learn about what she s truly capable of.While juggling the needs of her guests Lynher is also working alongside the human resistance doing everything she can to rescue as many humans as possible from slavery to the vampires and other supernatural races Throw in characters like Rafe, the incubus who has been attempting to seduce her for as long as she can remember, and Just Jack, a new arrival at the Night Station who is obviously than he seems, and I have absolutely no idea where this series is going to take us next We ve already had so many twists so while I have a few suspicions about certain people I m pretty sure Pippa will turn everything on its head all over again in the next book.Series like this are the reason I love urban fantasy and I m so happy we only have to wait until July for the second book, Night Scourge, although if Pippa could write a little faster and let me have it sometime next week I definitely would t complain LOL._______________Thoughts before reading A new UF series from Pippa DaCosta

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    Twilight Seeker was brilliant The couple of sleepless nights were totally worth it just to finish this book And now I m left bereft because who knows how long I ll have to wait for Night Scourge This is the type of urban fantasy I breathe for Fast paced, with a set of complex characters, multi layered world and high stakes Don t trust anyone and don t assume you ve figured someone out, even after reading the last sentence Even though I know better as a long time reader of Ms DaCosta s books I still fell for the trap of assumptions for the characters Sure some things were correct but most were not and even those that were close to the truth had layers upon layers Setting foot into a new world always gets my heart pumping and my mind a buzz What it will be like Will I like it Would I want to be part of it or would it be horrifying Will there be a special character that stays with me years after the last book is out I have partial answer to the first question The second one s should be obvious from my first sentence And the jury is still out on the last two The Night Station is fascinating It reminds me of Gertrude Hunt from Ilona Andrews Innkeeper Chronicles But while there are some similarities the inn and the Night Station are two different beasts At best the station is just mischievous, at worst Well I don t dare make predictions The hostess, Miss Lynher Aris, is a lamb in the midst of a pack of hungry wolves So she s made an art out of the saying Fake it till you make it And boy, did that raise the stakes at every turn But just because she s physically weaker, doesn t mean she s not dangerous in her own right And I adored that It made me cheer for her all the way, while also secretly wondering Is she the good guy What if she s not Another fascinating part of this book is Ms DaCosta s take on vampires, demons, jinn and other Dark Ones Again I drew some parallels with another of Ilona Andrews series But that was only after learning about the vampire queen At first they seemed like most other vampires in fantasy darkly sensuous and utterly heartless The scene on the platform left me panting And it s not like something naughty was happening Either Ms DaCosta is that good or something s wrong with me because this is not that kind of book I really can t wait to find out Not only about the vampires but about the demons Rafe is sooo delicious , the elves but most of all about the nature of the Night Station itself So when is the next book coming out eARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.

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    Amazingly, astoundingly and astonishingly awesome.Normally I jump straight to writing a review after finishing a book, but this time I had to wait and allow my heart, soul, and mind a chance to recover I m not sure I know a damn sight than I did when I started the story, but I don t really care because I am totally hooked on this mysterious, somewhat dystopian, full of intrigue and evil plots, epic fantasy tale I made the mistake of starting it just before bed time Lord alone knows what time it was when I finally allowed myself to close my kindle and attempt some sleep but it was definitely gone dark o clock Gripping doesn t come close to describing how much this story held my attention The story has buried itself into the depths of my being, the characters have carved a space in my heart and I know this story will break me into the tiniest specks of dust before it s done.Step aside Kesh, there s a new heroine in town and her name is Lynher Mistress of the many pocketed dress, Queen of the Night Station and pawn of the Dark Ones I totally fell in love with her Then there is Just Jack, I so want to trust him but he s a vampire overseer so, sigh , what s a girl to do Oh the twists, the turns, the lies, the secrets, the deals and deceptions Add into the mix a scorchingly sexy demon too and the possibilities run endless I do believe I may have died and gone to heaven Is it odd that I want to climb inside this world Pippa DaCosta has created and meet its inhabitants Is it normal to want to reside in a world where humanities very existence is under threat, where humans are valued only as a food source Is it odd to want to play with a demon by the name of Rafe, who s wicked tongue and sparkling eyes suggest opportunities for sinful delight Should I really be half in love with a vampire with too many secrets If it is I don t care, I just need , and so much of this amazing new series.

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    3.5.Pippa is an awesome writer Whenever I ve read her series that s always been a feeling I get, but what I do find I sometimes have problems with are some of her characters, and that was my issue here.The idea behind the book was interesting, with the human run sanctuary for different supernatural species, although the concept is quite similar to another book I ve read But, while I appreciated on a structural level, the twisty turny nature of the plot, I wasn t really invested in it, and I think that s because I didn t really care about any of the characters.Lynher was a bit willfully dense for my liking There is clearly far going on than her narrownworld view, but she doesn t seem interested in finding any of this out and seems happy to stay ignorant Despite how awful it is for humans, I didn t find her a very sympathetic character I thought a intelligent person might investigate this further, but she didn t.Her relationship with Jack was one that I would have liked to be nuanced and the fact that is saved her at every turn, multiple times, I felt should have made her demand answers from him I also don t know what s going on with Rafe This has the potential to be a sort of love triangle, but I would say this book is very romance light.So, basically, I feel very torn on how to rate this Had I connected and cared about the characters it would have been a 4 star read, so this very well may have been a personal issue for me I would still recommend people give this a try.

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    Holy bananas. that is all I have to say This is a PHENOMENAL start to a new series, I CANNOT wait to see where it goes from here This really runs the gamut on your emotions, and knowing the author, we are really in for it in with the next book I love the sheer atmosphere and world building, its dark and angsty, and piques your interest from the first page I have actually read this twice in less than a week, I devoured it the first time, then read two different books, and wanted to read it again and it was even better the second time I cant wait to see where Pippa goes from here

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    As a fan of Pippa DaCosta s work I was incredibly excited for this new series and it did not disappoint Lynher is the hostess of the Night Station, raised by the previous host it is all she has ever known She is aware of the darkness and how to manipulate it to her advantage but is wilfully ignorant of the world outside of it True to the author s style the book is layered with many secrets and the characters and story is never what it seems There s Jack, the enigmatic vampire, who is not what he portrays Is he good, bad or something in between What s in it for him and at what cost Then there s the charming incubus, Rafe Delicious and alluring, the closest thing to a friend Lynher has but is it true friendship or is he playing with her So many twists and turns and you have to wonder what is the end game at the Night Station Then there s Kensey, Lynher s brother The two have a beautiful relationship but Kensey is the idealist of the two He lives in Day with the sunlight, playing the hero Lynher s love for him really shines through in the story and Kensey is her biggest weakness Yet I have to wonder if Kensey loves her the same way There are a few scenes that make me question if he would be as self sacrificing as Lynher believes him to be if the tides were turned With betrayal lurking around every corner this isn t too far fetched.All in all an excellent read Pippa always delivers on an enticing story that reels you in and leaves you wanting Full of complex characters, intrigue and darkness the Night Station is definitely worth a visit.

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    A brand new series and what a start My head is still spinning DWorldbuilding was great Every scene and environment was well described and clear We know a lot about what happened in the past, how the monsters have the upper hand and how humans are either dead, in hiding or tortured for blood on twisted farms by the vampires The Night Station is quite the riddle, it s alive and very much aware, helping to keep the staff and the guests safe from the outside world and each other.Character development was very, very good Who is a friend, who is an enemy are you sure Are you really sure Twists upon twists, secrets, revelations, deceit yep, it s all there in true Pippa DaCosta style Seriously, I m not lying, you just never know who the bad guy is and if you think you ve figured it out, read some and guess again The cast feels alive and very real, with each their own emotions, hopes and fears Superbly written.Pacing and flow were good It felt like an intricate dance, moving slowly but surely all over the place A great balance between action and conversations.The book itself was well written with no noticeable errors and there is no sex described if that is important to you.I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and I really do need the second book asap Not knowing who and what it s driving me insane

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    In the interest of full disclosure, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything Pippa DaCosta and was hanging out for this one, being the first book in a yummy new series.If you ve read any of Pippa s other books, you ll know you re in for something special a really well written storyline, amazing world building, punchy and pacey, full of plot twists and characters you love to hate and sometimes hate to love , sassy heroines, layers upon layers upon layers of intrigue, and of course some hot but conflicted male leads Plus there s always a fine line between good and evil, and all that s grey in between No surprises then that Twilight Seeker IS NO EXCEPTION and I totally INHALED it today We re introduced to some fabulous new characters, including our heroine Lynher Aris, the human mistress and hostess of the Night Station, a quasi safe house for all things otherworldly the Dark Ones , including vampires, demons, incubi, shape shifters, fae and worse, Rafe the incubus demon who has a fancy for our heroine, and of course the mysterious Jack, a newcomer to the Night Station s hospitality But just how safe is the magical Night Station, where things are never really what they seem.I can not wait to get my hands on book two Night Scourge A highly recommended 5

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    I received this book as an eARC Once again Pippa doesn t disappoint I m instantly plunged into a world I feel a familiarity with but different Is this the world that we will end up living 50 years later after the Veil series But that s where the familiarity stops and a new adventure begins Pippa has once again created a fascinating world that I don t want to leave, at least not willingly Be prepared to put your entire life on hold when you pick up this book Turn off your phone, computer, close the blinds, and forget about eating until you finished the book At least I had 24 chapters to get my mind knotted up unlike the start of Shoot the Messenger which only gave me 19 chapters and which I howled and wailed at the injustice of having to wait months to find out what happens next I know, first world problems, but hey, priorities, right There are moments though that I find myself mumbling to Lynher, c mon, trust a little, Just Jack may not be such a bad guy as I think that I also hope that Pippa doesn t make him out to be a bad guy Oy, the dilemma If you ve been in the world created by the Chaos and Veil series you ll feel almost right at home This dystopian world is somewhat scarier and bleaker stay in the light, don t pass the white lines, close the windows I m curious how Pippa will fill this out I sure hope we have an enduring series here.You won t be disappointed, read the book At the finish, you ll be asking for

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