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    Very good book with two very strong willed characters Kinley and Nate had grown up together on the Rockin C ranch Nate is the ranch owner s son, and Kinley the daughter of the ranch foreman Though there were a few years difference in their ages, Nate had always been nice to Kinley and she grew up with quite a crush on him When they met again in Las Vegas after she graduated from college, they had a hot and heavy weekend together, then parted ways, planning to leave it there That is, until Kinley discovered she was pregnant and tried to contact him When she called, Nate blew her off before she could even tell him her news, so she stayed in Las Vegas, got a job and tried to forget about him Then Kinley s boss sends her back to her hometown as wedding planner for Nate s brother Hunter The attraction that burned so hot between Nate and Kinley was still as strong as ever Neither had ever forgotten what they shared, and when Nate runs into Kinley again he is very interested in picking up where they left off.I liked both Kinley and Nate, though there were times I wanted to smack them both Three years earlier, both had been party animals, just looking for a good time But when she got pregnant, Kinley had to grow up fast She had an amazing amount of strength and determination that got her where she is today But she also has some insecurities and regrets She hadn t felt that she was enough to make Nate want to give up his playboy ways, but she has come to regret that she didn t make of an effort to tell Nate about Penny But she s also nervous about telling him, afraid of what his reaction might be Nate is quite the ladies man He has no interest in settling down and makes sure the women he s involved with know it That weekend with Kinley left him feeling a bit guilty, torn between his respect for her father and the attraction he felt for her Then, once he finds out about Penny, his emotions swing between anger at Kinley and joy at having a daughter.The development of their relationship was fast and furious From the moment they met again their chemistry between them was off the charts It was very easy to fall back into bed together, but Kinley knew she needed to come clean with Nate Problem was, every time she tried to talk to him, he would distract her The first time she tried to tell him she was too subtle about it and the information went right over his clueless head But he did realize that what he felt for her was than what he d felt for any other woman, and that he d need to get to know her child too There was an amusing scene where he s asking advice from his friends about how to treat kids He listens well, and his evening with Kinley and Penny is great It was really sweet to see the way he and Penny connected.His reaction to her news is everything she feared, and she has to find a way to calm his anger so they can work together There is also the problem of dealing with their families, who have expectations about what they should do, but Kinley doesn t want to marry without love I loved Kinley s father s reaction, as Nate certainly deserved it But when a medical crisis brings the confrontation to a sudden end, Nate suddenly realizes just how much Kinley has had to deal with alone I loved seeing the changes that he went through as the playboy finally grew up All he needed to do was find a way to show her that they belonged together as a family He came through in a truly sweet and romantic way.I enjoyed the secondary characters also Nate s family was great, and I enjoyed seeing the planning for Hunter and Ferrin s wedding His brother Derek was interesting, too, extremely intelligent and very sensitive I m looking forward to his story I loved little Penny, who was so much fun with her horse crazy antics and easy acceptance of Nate The character who fascinated me the most was Kinley s nanny Pippa I d love to see of her and her story.

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    This is the first time that I have read this author and to be honest I m not that keen on cowboy books I was surprised that I did enjoy this book, because it wasn t your typical cowboy book.The two main characters of the book are Kinley Quinten and Nate Caruthers they have known each other since they were kids, Kinley parents worked on Nate s parents farm The story centres around that Kinley and Nate had a fling and from that Kinley became pregnant, and that Kinley tried 2 years ago to tell Nate that she was pregnant but he didn t want to know So 2 years later Kinley who now works as a wedding planner, goes back to her home town because Nate s brother is getting married and Kinley is helping plan the wedding and somehow she has to tell Nate that he is a father.I don t want to go into too much detail.All in all I liked the book and would read this author again and I give this book 4 5 stars.

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    Loved it The plot moved fast and was easy to follow and the characters were a lot of fun to read Their family and friends added nicely to mix, and it was nice to see a few familiar faces in the mix from previous books Wedding planner Kinley Quinten knows she s in trouble when her job takes her back home to Texas for a few months She s kept her distance ever since she had a wild weekend in Vegas with Nate, one of the sons of her dad s boss Now being back in town, it doesn t take long for them to cross paths, and their chemistry is still off the charts Nate Caruthers feels bad when he sees Kinley again because he totally blew her off 3 years ago when she tried to contact him after their weekend together He was going through some issues at the time and just didn t have time to bring drama into his life He hopes she ll forgive him and agree to go out with him now that she s in town but when he finds out the secret she s been hiding, he might not feel the same way

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    Wedding planner Kinley Quinten has to go back to Texas and it will bring her face to face with her daughter s father, rancher Nate Caruthers.Three years ago, Nate and Kinley had a one night stand in Las Vegas When she called to let him know she was pregnant, Nate told her what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.If you are going to have a child in the book, know what the appropriate development is for the child s age Kinley s daughter is a little over two, yet she speaks and acts like she is in grade school Once I got around the way too mature child, I enjoyed the sparks that flew between Kinley and Nate.

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    This one wasn t great I felt the it had a good plot, it had potential but it just never came together Honestly it s rare to find a good find with Harlequin romances for me I ve read so much over the years I ve become a bit jaded, and naturally nit picky So I would assume a non regular reader of romances might pick up a book like this and actually enjoy it However, me a die hard book a day reader found myself disappointed.Like I said, the story had potential to be interesting, but it fell short I can t remember if I ve read other books by this author before but this one leaves me feeling wary The pacing for me wasn t great Things felt rushed at times and many parts of the story felt like we simply jumped over other bits to get to the supposed good stuff Which really wasn t great For someone who had a kid by this guy and had willingly chose to NOT contact him again even after her child was born, and vows to still avoid him and the topic before arriving back in town sure as hell opened her legs for business right quick Like within the second day in town I didn t get it at all The attraction to either one of these characters The chemistry flickered intermittently and fizzled for me Although I think the highlight was when she finally told him her daughter was his kid At one point while he was trying to discuss being apart of her life and pushing for her to live with him at some point, she shouts at him about him having no right after he gave up his rights and how she controls whether or not he gets to be apart of her daughter s life UM HELLO, ARE WE READING THE SAME STORY She CHOSE not to tell him about her pregnancy after he minimalized their weekend in Vegas where said child was conceived and implied it was best left there as a one time thing when she called him to tell him Oh boo freaking hoo he wasn t exactly friendly about this and hurt your feelings AT NO POINT DID HE RELINQUISH HIS RIGHTS TO HIS CHILD YOU NEVER FREAKING TOLD HIM That really was like my final STFU for the heroine of this story.The overall writing wasn t great for me And honestly the hero felt like an idiot and how they could have possibly fallen in love with one another was just hilarious to me.

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    Our hero, Nate Caruthers, is ego centric and arrogant Nate is as smooth as a quenelle teased and molded by Gordon Ramsey and just as irresistible He was a mix of rancher, businessman and jet setting playboy He was a temporary cowboythe kind of man who knew how to show a woman a good time for a short stretch, but he might change for the right woman But along comes our heroine, Kinley Quinten A blast from the past for our hero Nate and it s not long before they both realise they didn t leave the chemistry between them in Vegas But Kinley has a secret that will change Nate s life forever Kinley is savvy, independent and has an inner strength that only a Mother can possess I have to mention Jacs Kinley s boss What an awesome secondary character The Devil Wears Prada springs to mind with all her style and pzazz But she is wise and wonderful Jacs can be my confidant, mentor and friend anytime Jacs winked at her as she stood up We all need someone in our corner who sees our strengths This is my second title by Katherine Garbera and she has not disappointed Her writing is fast with a rich plot and plenty of heat A highly recommended read 4 5 stars from me.

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    Excellent I loved the characters in this book, well I was a little slow with one but warmed up, but that was the work of the author and changing my mind about a character takes talent The story was excellent although the sex seemed to arrive a little fast, with the background of the couple I can see it working Second chance novels are fun but creating one that feels unique can take a great imagination Don t let the title turn you off this book reflects the imagination to create a one of a kind story I am anxious to discover the stories of all the other characters now I received this book as a gift from the author I have been told it sounds stupid when I say I won it but that really is what happened While she did not ask for a review, I always review books that I enjoy Katherine Garbera is a new to me author but I will be following at least this series and expect to go further with her.

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    The flare of attraction had never died between Kinley and Nate But once Nate finds out Kinley s secret will they be able to move past their differences Tycoon Cowboy s Baby Surprise by Katherine Garbera is a fabulous read and I enjoyed every second of it The world building and the intense scenes were spot on I felt I had been given the front row seat to an extraordinary performance throughout reading this book absorbed with the plot as the two main characters evolved from strength to strength There were many powerful scenes between Kinley and Nate that left me breathless and in the end I believe this story deserves each of the five stars I m giving it also thumbs up to the author for weaving such a deeply gratifying read.Highly Recommended5 Stars

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    It wasn t AWFUL, surprisingly, as a first time reader of a Harlequin novel I picked it up for the laughs and although I still didn t like it, it was okay As for the pros I was invested in Grandma finding out about the baby, and was slightly anticipating the big secret being revealed.Cons Overall, it was rushed It was also extremely weirdly written at points, such as the random bomb dropping of some characters backstories like Pippa s The last fourth of the book was HILARIOUS The reactions to the granddaughter were SO underwhelming then the other three big things that happened had me cracking up The book was already rushed, then it just went on 5x speed.Well, with this start, I don t think Harlequins will be for me, but who knows

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    Kinley is a wedding planner..Her boss is sending her to Texas to take care of her one weekend stand Brothers wedding She tries to turn it down but her boss won t let her..of course she runs face to face with Nate She tries to hold herself back from him but they both are so very attracted to each other.She finally has to tell him she has a daughter..He is mad but quickly realizes he wants to be a dad and a husband. a wonderful story

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download Tycoon Cowboys Baby Surprise , read online Tycoon Cowboys Baby Surprise , kindle ebook Tycoon Cowboys Baby Surprise , Tycoon Cowboys Baby Surprise 4cd85ec7d130 It Only Takes One Night In Vegas From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Katherine Garbera Wedding Planner Kinley Quinten S Luck Runs Out When Her Job Brings Her Back To Texas And Face To Face With Her Child S Father, Rancher Nate Caruthers The Passion That Got Them In Trouble During A One Night Stand Three Years Ago Is Still There, Too Strong To DenyNate Can T Help It Kinley Gets Under His Skin But What Happened In Vegas Really Needs To Stay There Too Bad That Clich Only Gets Him So Far As He Falls For The Woman Whose Baby Secret Will Change Everything Tycoon Cowboy S Baby Surprise Is Part Of The Wild Caruthers Bachelors Duet