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    I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of this book from St Martin s Press in exchange for an honest review.Sheer, unbridled fun from first page to last With the exception of a flashback prologue, this installment picks up seamlessly where the first lets off We continue the adventures of the legendary Altenerai and their second generation prot g s as they fight to push the Naor back from their fragmented realms, enlist the assistance of unusual races once named their sworn enemies, and unravel mysteries surrounding the betrayal of their mad queen and the powerful hearthstones with which she is obsessed With action and subterfuge that rarely lets up, UtFotQ is a page turner that really doesn t want you to get a good night s sleep Jones has several qualities that have facilitated his ascent into my short list of favorite fantasy authors One is his trim, handsome prose It s well written stuff, and that s an essential for me, but it s not the sort of writing that stops you in your tracks Jones paints vivid images in a workmanlike way that allows the story to take center stage Another asset is his characterization the POV characters are well rounded human beings who wrestle with believable reactions to the horrors they face, and who grow as a result of them It s interesting to note that, as fascinating as the older legends are, they serve as little than vehicles for the progression of their younger counterparts Elenai, Rylin, and the rest follow their heroes blindly, revere them, are shocked at their foibles and failures, and delve deeper into their own weaknesses as a result Ultimately, this is old school Sword and Sorcery retold in a unique, modern voice It s heroic fantasy, the stuff of triumph and hope in the face of overwhelming adversity None of your Grimdark anti heroes here This is a book about standing up for what s right and saving the world And you ll love every page of it.

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    A Grim Take on the Holy Grail Upon the Flight of the Queen by Howard Andrew Jones Nov 12th 2019 Black Gate The Ring Sworn Trilogy Howard Andrew Jones s For the Killing of Kings jumpstarted the epic fantasy Ring Sworn trilogy this February 2019, and the sequel Upon the Flight of the Queen hits shelves next week November 19th MacMillan s St Martin s Press pitches the series as The Three Musketeers presented via the style of Zelazny s Chronicles of Amber The pacing is reminiscent of Zelazny since Howard Andrew Jones HAJ doles out action and backstory with precision Yet there are many than three heroes, and the milieu has medieval flare than musketry, so it is King Arthur s Knights of the Round Table than Musketeers.For the Killing of Kings is actually a grim take on the consequences of seeking, and finding, a figurative Holy Grail hearthstones The Altenerai guard had been spread out over the Five Realms searching for many hearthstones that fuel magic the enigmatic Queen Leonara deems them holy Twice I was completely floored by plot twists, and the last third kept me from going to sleep I haven t had that much fun reading a book in a long time Black Gate s Fletcher Vredenburgh s review should likewise entice new readers 2 Upon the Flight of the Queen Summarizing a sequel can be tough without spoiling its predecessor, but the following overview will try as it showcases why you should commit to Ring Sworn Upon the Flight of the Queen starts off exactly where For the Killing of Kings ends The adventure begins in high gear with Alten Rylin assuming his action thriller role James Bond penetrating the Naor camp disguised in magic, dragging the reader into mayhem.The primary story arc still focuses on the coming of age of the female squire Elenai, a soldier with burgeoning magic prowess Her rise in the Altenerai ranks is compelling On her journey she campaigns with seasoned members who are still reeling from the previous war their commander was killed, and their Queen Leonara decided to make temporary peace rather than annihilate the barbaric Naor enemies War rages across the Five Realms of the Dendressi again, but now the Altenerai forces are less prepared, less numerous, and less united.By the end of this sequel, the new war with the Naor reaches a major milestone, and the Queen is confronted by the Altenerai Upon the Flight of the Queen delivers on all the tension brewed in For the Killing of Kings, and you ll still be left hungry for a third installment Cut to the Chase Style HAJ applies the same intense momentum from his Sword Sorcery short fiction into these novels Even though the Ring Sworn epic spans a continent with dozens of characters, it propels without any filler Likewise, despite there being ample political intrigue with the loyal Altenerai have been replaced with secretive Exalts of Queen, the conflict pulls no punches HAJ simultaneously covers Remnants of the past war readers will learn about many of the Altenerai who went MIA previously The current escalating war across three major fronts the besieged Alantris, the corrupted Darassus the lands about Vedessus An impending cataclysm meddling with hearthstones unsettles the foundation of the Five Realms How Can so Much Ground be Covered so Fast and Smoothly The carefully designed milieu enables the efficient storytelling and informs everything the magic systems, the health of the land, and every character s motivations The Naor, the kobalin, the Dendressi all have cultures, and biology, intimately tied to the Five Realms and the conflicts between them The Naor and ko aye fight over nesting lands, the hearthstones obsessed by the Queen literally tap into the land s substance, and as nature is reshaped, so too are the kobalin s bodies The Shifting Land looked as though some mad deity had dropped geometric monoliths upon a distant line of irregular hills Immense, perfectly square onyx and celadon blocks had embedded in three of the nearer ones, and the slopes were littered with smaller cubes of gray and green.Storms pass and interact with the land and the creatures who live there nature and beast share the same chaotic lifeforce the light harshened and the dark, rocky soil under their feet transformed into white sand blazing under a tropic haze The kobalin crooned, then they themselves began to shift Qirock s hands lengthened to claws and the hunched one grew hooves the orange one thrust new elbow spikes into the soil Expect a Diverse Cast, with Contemporary Issues and Comic Relief Don t expect dwarves, elves, and such, since HAJ is always motivated to create fresh experiences The Ring Sworn has a unique cast of humanoid creatures, like the kobalin Ortok who provides humor as a fierce frenemy if Ortok respects you, then he ll challenge you to a duel to the death Ortok s banter and social analyses are hilarious A few of the cast are sexually nonbinary orientations are not a focus of the story, just low key matters of fact The macho Rylin certainly tries to charm women than he deserves, but he is driven to be chivalrous and his approach to relations matures during the adventure.Gender roles even add tension amongst the masculine Naor ranks Despite a requisite dose of masculinity via testosterone fueled violence , women play a dominant role in the book In addition to Elenai s role as lead protagonist, all the governors of the realms are female Queen Leonara of Darassus, Verena of Vedessuus, and Feolia of Alantris Evil Naor The antagonistic Naor disdain modern sensibilities and civilization They love to coerce enthrall dragons to fight on their behalf, they ransack nesting grounds of the ko aye and harvest blood from hundreds of people to fuel their blood sorcery sacrificial olech ceremonies All that just makes them really entertaining, bad guys While the standard humans are fascinated with hearthstone magic at the expense of the land s health , the Naor are thrilled to practice blood magic at the expense of life The rising strands of blood twisted into ropes that quickly shaped a complex framework Over the course of a few minutes a scaffolding took shape, over which recognizable forms grew distinct a torso, a head, a mass below that which was flowing and vaguely fishtail like until it was revealed as the bottom of a robe long strands of blood hung down either side of the head Vannek looked upon a sculpture of his oldest brother Cover Map Trailer A map was not necessary for the first book, but Upon the Flight of the Queen expands the scope of action across the Five Realms and a map appropriately complements the story As the Lauren Saint Onge cover indicates, readers will experience aerial battles between dragons and Archaeopteryx like ko aye Darian Jones, son of the author, is a skilled animator and produced the trailer Fletcher Vredenburgh interviewed Darian Jones and revealed how the trailer was designed and made including the music , and sheds light on a father son relationship.Feb 2019 Reddit Ask Me Anything AMA , I inquired on the release schedule HAJ returned The third book is fully outlined, and I had begun drafting From subsequent correspondence, I learned the working title for Ring Sworn 3 is When the Goddess Wakes obviously subject to change , with a targeted release in 2020 Howard Andrew Jones When not helping run his small family farm or spending time with his amazing wife and children, Howard Andrew Jones can be found hunched over his laptop or notebook, mumbling about flashing swords and doom haunted towers His novels include The Chronicles of Sword and Sand The Desert of Souls, The Waters of Eternity, The Bones of the Old Ones and several Pathfinders Tales.Jones has worked variously as a TV cameraman, a book editor, a recycling consultant, and a college writing instructor He assembled and edited 8 collections of Harold Lamb s historicals for the University of Nebraska Press, and served as Managing Editor of Black Gate He edits the Sword and Sorcery magazine Tales From the Magician s Skull, and edits for the Perilous Worlds book imprint.

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    This review is based on an ARC.The further adventures of the Altenerai think a high fantasy mixture of the Knights of the Round Table and the Lensmen is heroic fantasy in the best tradition of the term Jones has spent his adult life poking around in the temples of Sword Sorcery, often seeking out ruined and forgotten monuments half lost to time and the near impenetrable jungles of Out of Print, and has emerged from decades of study with a unique style that blends colorful old derring do with modern sensibilities in a rich and carefully designed mosaic full of hurrah worthy heroes Grimdark this ain t.My one suggestion is to read the first of the series, FOR THE KILLING OF KINGS, as this volume follows hard on that book s heels and continues several plot and character threads.

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    The action barely stops in this one I d pick it up just to read a chapter or two, and suddenly it would be 3am.The story picks up right where the first book leaves off Since it had been several months since I read the first book and I tore through it so quickly my memory of the details are hazy, I worried that maybe I wouldn t remember what was going on or who some of the characters were Jones does a great job in the opening chapters, though, of reminding you of the important points without excessively rehashing things that already happened, just with a finely placed sentence here and there.Though this book is mostly action and subterfuge, in it we see some real growth in some of the main characters, particularly the younger ones The book does not gloss over what the characters think about what they ve done and how it changes them.My only complaint, if I had to find one and I feel like that s what reviewers are supposed to do , is that some of the antagonists are a little too mustache twirly Not that I necessarily have a problem with that in general, but contrasted with the complex and realistic heroes, it stood out to me Most of them are not viewpoint characters, though, so they re probably full than the text lets on I can t really explain why I think that without going into spoilers, though.Jones does not delve into George RR Martin levels of sadism toward his characters, but some characters do die I think that s great, but I was a little disappointed that some notable secondary characters died off screen.Those are very minor quibbles when compared to the things I loved about the book though This is 100% the kind of fantasy I enjoy it feels familiar while still being unique, the characters are complex and much of the plot is driven by their decisions and histories, it s fast paced but still takes the time to linger over important moments, and for me, this is the true mark of greatness in a fantasy story I want to design RPG books for the setting.

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    A fast pace, modern fantasy that sucks you in and refuses to let you go, even after it ends Howard Andrew Jones did a marvelous job creating a world that teases and entices and grabs a hold of you, much like a modern J R Tolkien Well done

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    Warning Review may contain spoilers for For the Killing of Kings Ring Sworn Trilogy 1 by Howard Andrew Jones.I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Upon the Flight of the Queen by Howard Andrew Jones, the second in the Ring Sworn Trilogy For the Killing of Kings satiated my need for an epic fantasy with lots of world building that I had been missing from my life since I finished Samantha Shannon s The Priory of the Orange Tree back in June While many people may find engrossing, epic fantasies that are reminiscent of the greats like Robert Jordan s Wheel of Time, Ursula K Le Guin s Earthsea Cycle, and J.R.R Tolkien s Lord of the Rings, intimidating, I like to consume a steady diet and the Ring Sworn Trilogy fit the bill perfectly The Plot We pick up the story almost seamlessly after the end of For the Killing of Kings, diving back in with points of view from Elenai and Rylin Throughout the series we alternate between their point of views, but Howard also expands to other characters in Upon the Flight of the Queen He incorporates perspectives from Sansyra who is a squire serving under Varama Tesra, a squire serving under the queen and Vannek, a Naor general I really liked the addition of the other characters as it provided a well rounded perspective of all individual groups of people and their objectives Vannek particularly was an interesting character as he is actually a transgendered male who was born a female This is a highly unrepresented group in the fantasy world I do not know of any other epic fantasy that includes a true trans person who identifies completely as another gender than they were born as and it was a nice inclusion in the series I will say at first, I was a little confused in the earlier chapters by Vannek Many of the other surrounding character mentioned that s a woman when seeing him for the first time and he was even referred to as sister brother by his own brother Because it is not uncommon in fantasy novels to have women masquerading as men to further their agenda while still very much identifying as a women , it did take me a few chapters to realize that he is a transgendered male The use of his pronouns when describing himself he him helped solidify my understanding during the later chapters Because this fantasy world is so large, it is essential that we see all of these different perspectives and it really serves to enhance our complete understanding at what is happening throughout the realms through narrative instead of just descriptions Rylin infiltrates the Naor using magical disguises Varama and Sansyra work to undermine the Naor s occupation of the city and to create dissention among the Naor ranks while trying to keep the spirits up of those stuck in a ruined city Elenai, Kyrkenall, and Ortok leave N lahr behind to manage the forces while they travel to mend their relationship with the ko aye Tesra struggles with the queen s plans for the hearthstones and the morality of the queen s objectives And finally, Vannek shows us the discord in the Naor ranks and the power struggle that ensues when leadership is killed by Varama and her Altenerai All of these different perspectives weave together the ultimate battle that comes to a head in the last third of the book which is a complete page turner The Review I loved how Howard expanded our understanding of his world through the use of all the different characters The realm and other realms are so endless with the Shifting Lands and the Fragments that include distinctive, sentient races that it can get overwhelming if done improperly I personally loved Elenai s storyline the best as her travels persisted through the Shifting Lands and all the different encounters of diverse landscape, enemies and friends I can also appreciate how our idea of good vs evil has been slightly muddled While it is clear who the heroes are, there is bad on both sides The queen is acting on misguided ideas that are selfish and not to benefit the realm and the Naor have a human quality this book than the last While I had pictured them to be orc like race it is clear they are human and even refer to our heroes as fae , which changed my perspective of our heroes some Howards portrayal of dragons was also interesting which are vessel than anything else and have very little will or power beyond what happens when being directly influenced by magic I also enjoyed his expansion of magic in this sequel During For the Killing of Kings, we do not really get a clear picture of all the magic that exists in the world, its abilities, limitations, or consequences, mostly I think because the characters themselves do not understand it Howard definitely builds on our understanding of magi extensively in this book I found this book to be free of bloat that sometimes plagues epic fantasy novels While it is not a short read, it is incredibly fast paced while still full of details It did not suffer from the second book dilemma of just being a transition book and I wholeheartedly look forward to reading the conclusion of this trilogy in the future

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    Special thanks to St Martin s for providing me with a free ARC copy in exchange for review This in no way affects my opinions on this novel And of course, this novel does need some trigger warnings, and point out it is an adult novel, not young adult that I typically write about There should be trigger content warnings for some transphobic language it is from the villains, but there are instances of characters mis gendering a trans man both purposefully and accidentally Accidentally being there is an alternate POV of a character who fights him and uses she her pronouns because they assume he is a woman There was also threat of sexual assault towards this trans character Now I of course have no place to judge whether or not this content is problematic or not, but I wanted to at least provide warning for any trans readers who come across the novel Plus, I adore Kyrkenall and Orotok, her companions It took me much longer than it had with book one to get into this novel, and I felt it was because again the author over indulged a bit with descriptions and too much storytelling There were many point of views that took a few pages for anything to happen or for me to actually be interested in the POV, or some I just did not like at all and ended up skimming However with the Elenai POV, I was hooked from the beginning of chapter to the end Her POV was the one that had the most adventure and the most information that ended up pulling together at the end of the novel.There were many characters, and different points of view in this book which made the story so much thrilling, especially with the world expanding as our characters travel all over I particularly liked Vannek s POV, who is the trans character mentioned before While he was technically what we consider the bad guy or rather, who our heroine s are fighting throughout the novel, I actually found myself rooting for him I am excited to see where his story goes in the following novel and I kind of hope he joins our heroes and makes peace with them.I had stated in my review of the first book that I thought Rylin was rather static, but his character really shined through in this novel, and I kind of fell in love with him a bit He s up there as one of my favorite male characters of the series, but I think Kyrkenall takes the crown Especially his dynamic with Elenai I sort of hold out hope for their relationship to bloom, but I have a feeling Rylin might place some interest too There is not a whole lot of romance in this series, so definitely do not expect that, but the little hints of it were enough for me The plot moved extremely slowly in this novel, and I blame it on what I like to call middle book syndrome This was the second book in a trilogy, and this is the book where the author has to connect what happened first, and also set up for the final story, so there was just SO much extra information that I feel a good chunk of this novel could have been cut down to save us the time Nevertheless, once all the little plot points started to come together in the last two hundred pages or so, the slowness began to pay off When it picked up, I found myself unable to put the book down because the story and characters were becoming so rich, and exciting It all played out like an episode of TV in my head, where earlier comments impacted later events and watching it all come together, and all the main characters of the book meet each other again in the battle at the end felt so rewarding.I honestly was prepared to not really like this book but the ending completely blew me away and I am going to be anticipating the hell out of the final book in the series It does have it s issues with pacing, and problems with some characters not really having too much personality emotion, but the world building and storytelling really makes up for it.

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    While with book one I was not sure what I was thinking about the book I was not i love, nor hate it thou three stars in the end Here as it s a surprise I enjoyed Upon the Flight of the Queen than For the killing of the Kings which is not a usual occurrence with book series.Be warned read book one prior to this one It will be really helpful As I was completely confused at the beginning with the number of books I read as there is no Remember form book 1 section And we are thrown into the action right from the very first page.UtFotQ is modern fantasy sorcery and sword with a lot of twists that come out of nowhere, but later make sense that I m out of my mind It blew it sometimes even I think if I read book 1 before this one I would be catching even things like that Maybe in the future I hope book three will be as well on the better side of the previous one just like this one.I think I would enjoy this one if I had reread book one, as remembering what was happening was a little too long process for my liking.

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    More fantastic heroic fantasy from Jones I love the touch of weirdness to the world Jones has created Answers about the nefarious plans of the titular queen and the history of the world itself are in small though satisfying parcels The steady world building is again buoyed by fantastic action set pieces.

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    Everyone knows that second volumes of a trilogy usually have that neither beginning nor ending problem, where the story moves on but it lacks the punch of what came before No one cites The Two Towers as their favorite book Really, the only exception I can think of is The Empire Strikes Back, which was greater than its predecessor.This may be The Empire Strikes Back of the Ring Sworn Trilogy.I said in my review of For the Killing of Kings, that Howard Andrew Jones had done something exciting and new Yes, the setting IS well described as The Three Musketeers Meets Nine Prince in Amber, but the crowning achievement was, in an era or bloated, over wrought and self important fantasy, Jones had managed to write an opening that had the elegant, direct prose of a pulp writer, the breathy, fast paced action of the masters of sword sorcery while keeping the detailed characterization and grand vision of epic fantasy Now that board is set, he launches into volume 2 without missing a beat I ll do by best to write this with no real spoilers.The action literally begins, oh, 30 seconds after the last book ended, and the opening adventure, involving shifting identities, spy work and a mass rescue in a city just fallen to besiegers is one of the best starts to this sort of novel I have read in ages Besides clever and exciting, there is a lot of wit, and the character Rylin, who we ve seen coming into his own in the second half of book one, now fully emerges The storyline this sequence sets in motion is not at all what I expected, and read like one of the mad cap ideas RPG adventurers would come up with the city has fallen It s riddled with tunnels no one knows about What if we , only with an actual coherent plan of action that involves everything from assassinations tomagically controlled hot air baloons.We also at last get to see the Naor on their own terms, and while they are not exactly as the Realms folk envision them think orcs in human skin , they really are a brutal folkas much to each other as their enemies, but as we learn that they view the Realmsfolk as literally a different species, the entire nature of what is human, not human is called into question, as the mystery of the world itself expands Jones has a lot of homages to fiction he loved, and reading the Naor and their views of the Realms folks, I wondered if there was one to the Mabden vs Vadhagh in Moorcock s Corum novels No matter, the Naor are wholly his own Along the way we meet a very intriguing pair of villains and get a glimpse of some truly awful blood magic, whose visuals will linger in my head for a long time But the best part of this storyline, for me, is that we do not have the tired fantasy trope of the Big Bad who is seemingly infallible until Act Three The Naor are an uneasy alliance and their own squabbles and ambitions play against them This was really refreshing.Of course, there are several other major storylines at work N lahr, Kyrkenall, Elenai and the kobalin Ortok ended their last adventure in Vedessus and from here, they split into separate adventures of their own The legendary hero, N lahr, remains a bit of a cipher we only see him through others eyes, but I think that necessary to the narrative, as it also helps keep the character from becoming a Mary Sue Also, through this narrative choice, Jones is free not to depict every action of what becomes a complex military campaign, but rather to focus on the personal adventures, and then suddenly intercut to the Commander s battles, as our heroes use magic unreliably to find out what is happening in the wider world of their allies The result actually makes the battle scenes exciting, and prevents them from becoming too much like what we are already seeing in the siege story.It is hard to say too much without true spoilers, so I will say that as the book drives through its last third, we re meet the seeming traitorous Altenerai Cerai, learn of the nature of the hearthstones and their connection to the Realms and at last have a confrontation with the queen.and none of it is what we, or the heroes, have expected, but it all makes good sense As is necessary for a second volume, the novel ends with its cliffhangers, but that simply left me hungering for .Finally, I want to make mention of the novel s size Bloat in epic fantasy has become pathetic Whereas Lord of the Rings was just over half a million words, each novel being somewhere around 150,000 words, GRR Martin s Dances with Dragons was over 450k words by itself, and his rambling saga is already at 1.7 million words Upon the Flight of the Queen is not a small book, I d guess somewhere around 150k words, but it is spare by comparison and yet tells so much story Not just action, but story One of my favorite scenes involves the young heroine Elenai visiting her family in Vedessus We learn about her aunt s lovers, her fraught relationship with a younger sibling, her widowered father s new love, and her own sense of alienation from the world she grew up in all over the course of just a few pages that read like real people, having real conversations and dramatically expand who Elenai is as a person There are little vignettes like this throughout, a page here, a few paragraphs there, that give even minor characters a sense of reality, without delaying or bloating the story That s the work of a writer at the top of his game, and a reminder that a big book should have a reason for its size, other than authorial indulgence.A great series I look forward to seeing how it ends next year

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summary pdf Upon the Flight of the Queen(The Ring-Sworn Trilogy #2), summary chapter 2 Upon the Flight of the Queen(The Ring-Sworn Trilogy #2), sparknotes Upon the Flight of the Queen(The Ring-Sworn Trilogy #2), Upon the Flight of the Queen(The Ring-Sworn Trilogy #2) 7852268 A Fast Paced Adventure Combined With An Engrossing Mystery, All Set In A Unique And Original Fantasy World I Can T Wait To Find Out What Happens Next Martha Wells, Hugo Award Winning Author On For The Killing Of KingsIn This Sequel To For The Killing Of Kings, Howard Andrew Jones Returns To The Ring Sworn Champions Of The Altenerai In Upon The Flight Of The Queen To Continue This Thrilling, Imaginative And Immersive Epic Fantasy TrilogyWhile The Savage Naor Clans Prepare To March On The Heart Of The Allied Realms, Rylin Infiltrates The Highest Of The Enemy Ranks To Learn Their Secrets And Free Hundreds Of Doomed Prisoners His Ailing Mentor Varama Leads The Ever Dwindling Altenerai Corps In A Series Of Desperate Strikes To Cripple The Naor Occupiers, Hoping For A Relief Force That May Not Come In Time To Save What S Left Of The City And Her ChargesElenai, Kyrkenall, And The Kobalin Ortok Ride Through The Storm Wracked Shifting Lands To Rekindle An Alliance With The Ko Aye, The Only Possible Counter To The Terrible Naor Dragons Even If They Survive The Hazardous Trek Deep Through Kobalin Territory To Find The Winged Lizards, Though, The Three Are Unlikely To Get A Warm Reception, For The Queen Of The Five Realms Refused To Aid The Ko Aye When Their Homelands Were Attacked, And The Creatures Have Long MemoriesWhile The Altenerai Fight Impossible Odds To Save The Realms, Their Queen Delves Further And Deeper Into The Magic Of The Mysterious Hearthstones In A Frantic Attempt To Unlock Secrets That Might Just Destroy Them AllPraised For His Skills In Drafting Modern Epic Fantasy That Engrosses And Entertains, Howard Andrew Jones Delivers A Sequel That Expands The Amazing World, Relationships, And Adventure Introduced In The First Book Of This Series

  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Upon the Flight of the Queen(The Ring-Sworn Trilogy #2)
  • Howard Andrew Jones
  • 24 May 2019
  • 9781250148803

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