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  • Paperback
  • 496 pages
  • Winnetou I
  • Karl May
  • Indonesian
  • 09 October 2018

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    This book was a reread for me, a reread thirty years in the making There are times when I reread the books I had loved as a child, that I find them mediocre at best To put it simply, not many books stand the test of time, and the mind had since moved on to challenging things to entertain it However, this is not the case with Winnetou and Karl May s writing I fondly recall the innocent years when I devoured his books lusting after the wide world and all it has to offer Karl May took me not only to the wild American West, he also took me on adventures in the Middle East and beyond Through the main protagonist in many of his novel, a German adventurer, Charlie , I learned of good men and bad men, of honor and betrayal, of right and wrong So when I found a recent translation at a local store, I purchased the first book that made Karl May a household name in Europe Winnetou With inevitable reservations, I pulled the cover off and cracked the spine It turns out that I did not have to worry about being disappointed The writing is on the lighter side compared to most of what I read nowadays, nevertheless, the storyline is just as engaging as it was when I read it all those years ago The reader is immediately introduced to Charlie, a German immigrant who came to the US to work as a private tutor for a wealthy German family Charlie is bright, educated, naturally inquisitive, and all around handy He has had a foundation in sports, knows how to shoot well, and is determined to the point of being stubborn When Charlie befriends an older gentleman named Henry the rifle maker , Charlie s life is about to change Mr Henry helps him get a job with a surveying company to explore the course of a railroad through the Apache territory Charlie had never been out West but he read a lot about it, so he is naturally eager to go Through a series of events, Charlie proves himself as a natural westerner, earns the nickname Old Shatterhand through his ability to knock out an opponent with a well placed fist at the opponents temple , fights a grizzly bear with a knife, survives several ambushes some from whites and some from Indians , becomes a blood brother with a Mescalero Apache, and an enemy of the Kiowas This book is packed with adventure, and while some of the abilities and events come across as exaggerated, this book is a lot than that It is a story of an unlikely friendship when two worlds collided It is a story of the atrocities white settlers committed against Native Americans, a story of greed While Karl May wrote his western books without having set foot in America, he was an advocate for the Native American tribes and their cultures He wrote about mistreatment, about land theft, about reservations, about government lies He wrote about tribes being pushed from their traditional lands into small reservations where they had to fight against each other for hunting grounds about a lot of the evil things white men did in order to grab land and gold All in all, this was a very enjoyable read full of little lessons in decency, in honor, and in right and wrong The most enjoyable part seeing the wonder in my daughter s eyes as I read it aloud to her the same wonder I must have had all those years ago , and our subsequent discussions about the story, humanity, and history.

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    Though he is virtually unknown to the English speaking world, May is possibly the most read German author of all time his books have sold an estimated 100m copies to date The Germans have a saying We know Goethe, but we read Karl May Karl May developed a love of good stories while serving time in prison for fraud He wrote over 70 books, many of which have been translated into over 30 languages Among his best known works is Winnetou, published in three volumes between 1876 and 1893 The story depicted the friendship of Old Shatterhand, an American pioneer of German descent, and Winnetou, a noble Indian chief Picking up where Buffalo Bill Cody s 1889 German tour left off, he came up with the ingenious idea of presenting a western adventure in which a German novice, Old Shatterhand, out lassos, out hunts, out shoots and finally out wits Yankees and Indians alike Throw in the hero s great alliance with Winnetou, the stoical red gentleman , and May had created both a patriotic epic and a popular monument to the Native American race The 2,000 page Winnetou series, is a rootin tootin , sure shootin sensation, still a great read for all western and adventure lovers everywhere.

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    This story is one I grew up with played make believe about with my sister, and i have been in love with it ever since the first time i heard it.The sheer amount of respect and admiration this book invokes for the native american tribes is so powerful Albeit being criticized for romanticizing the time of native americans, the author successfully draws attention to their talents, intelligence and skills The story is told through the eyes of a young German protagonist, who starts off working as a surveyor to measure land for train tracks He gradually leans away from the group of civilized rich white men, and towards the native american tribe of Apache As he gains firsthand experience and knowledge, he begins to question what he was told about the local tribes The stereotypes and offensive views against native americans are acknowledged and effectively proven wrong Inevitably, as a novel set in North America at the beginning of colonization, this story carries bitter undertones of reality It illustrates how the native americans adapted to the new technology and how all they ever asked for were their lives and some land to live on However, we as the reader, the narrator, and even some native american characters are aware from the very beginning that the race stands no chance against ever growing groups of men with guns Though nothing can be done to reverse the tragedy, this novel does its best to bring attention to the false stereotypes and keeps the race alive through fiction.The second main character, Vinnetou, is the main representation of the native american people Along with the protagonist, we are constantly in awe of his intelligence and eat of life The formed brotherhood between the protagonist and Vinnetou is a satisfying and necessary development in the novel, and enriches the reader with even insight The relationships formed throughout the plot are all fully developed, honest, relatable and organic.The protagonist is in first person and often offers his inner monologues in such a way that allow us as the reader to learn side by side with him and are encouraged to view things in the same light as him He always finds the right lesson to learn from any situation and always listens to the truth over lies, no matter how convincing Never have i ever respected a main character than Old Shatterhand His honour and righteousness are unparalleled He values honesty, honour and justice above all else and proves himself over and over He treats everyone fairly and every man should try to be a fraction as good as him.I wish this novel was just as renowned all around the world as it is in Czech Republic, because it offers so many life lessons and role models and it has honestly shaped parts of the person i am today.

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    Write what you know With those words I have probably quoted or paraphrased the advice of a countless number of writers The reason for this advice is simple the lie that is fiction must be perceived as a truth if a book is to stand the test of time But then we have Winnetou The Apache Knight Karl Friedrich May was born in Germany in 1842 and lived to the age 70 without ever having stepped foot in the American West Yet he chose to write about that unknown place in the absence of any first hand experience choosing to rely upon other means, such as travel memoirs, to know this mysterious land By all accounts, he was a successful writer in his native country and the character Winnetou went on to appear in three subsequent novels.In spite of this success, however, May failed to capture the true nature of the American West Absent from Winnetou are any meaningful descriptions of endless skies, jagged snow capped peaks rising from the plains, and distant thunderstorms moving across distant horizons Writers such as Zane Grey and Cormac McCarthy knew the power of such an unforgiving yet beautiful landscape and they used it to shape their characters, which in turn added substance to the content of their books.May s depictions of the American Indians are equally lacking in scope The Apache and Kiowa Indians are represented as being simpletons that serve solely to provide the antagonism required of the plot They are depicted as children when the wisdom of the paleface is being imparted to them depicted as maniacal warriors when battles are fought and depicted sadistic animals in the treatment of their prisoners There is no complexity in these people probably due to May s ignorance of their culture.Essentially, May played a game wherein he took advantage of the relatively isolated state of the world in his time The vast majority of May s readers had never stepped foot in America and they predominately communicated in their native German language As a result, May s fans gained their knowledge of the American West through May s words and created a feedback loop that ensured his popularity for decades after his death.As WWII approached, it is not surprising that the German population, including Adolph Hitler, relied in part upon their beloved German writer to find insights into the nature of the American people It s been documented that Hitler had 300,000 copies of Winnetou delivered to his soldiers The Germans naturally reached for a source that was both readily available and readily enjoyed It was this failure of the imagination, or rather this short circuit of the imagination, that helped to create a false impression of Germany s future enemy Winnetou predominately relies upon the action of its hero and his trusty sidekicks As a result, their actions appear heroic and the actions of everyone else, presumably the average American, seem helpless, rash, and ineffectual In the same way that May fails to capture any of the beauty of the American West and the complexity of the American Indians, he also fails to capture any of the humanity of the American people He simply did not know these things, and today, I would hope that the world would know better.

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    The copy I have is on loan from a friend, a Bavarian dedicated to this book I see now why this and the other works of Karl May have become classics in Germany Granted, some of the details of the American West have been misinterpreted and misrepresented, but May was hightly inventive and at all times captivating His hero quickly earns the name Old Shatterhand, and proves that he is truly no Greenhorn, surpassing the brilliance of all Indian braves, even the fabled Winnetou With every turn there is action and adventure, and though the writing goes heavy on the virtues of the German folk nearly every good person in America turns out to be of German heritage and violence, this story in my opinion eclipses even America heroes like the Lone Ranger Winnetou, for example, is certainly not a German Tonto I just can t wait to find time to read the other two volumes lent to me

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    My friend, Erika, told me about Karl May She told me this because at that time I was taking course or german languange She told me that he was a very famous German writer So the next time I spent my time in a bookshop I picked up this book I could never enough thankful to Erika I really enjoy this book It is a great adventure book I felt like I was in the history and it s like watching indiana jones.Amazingly the writer wrote this story when he was in a prison and he had never been to US or even expericed a life described.

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    i love indian i love winnetou.

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    A very interesting novel and a testimony of its time While May s belief in the superiority of the white race and of Christian religion is clearly percievable, there are also many indicators of a certain respect for the Native Americans and their culture, as well as a melancholic perception of a dying culture May shows good and evil on both sides and delivers many colourful episodes about tracking and adventorous ruses In conclusion, bearing in mind the very specific mindset of May and his use of his works as a manifestation of his own wishes and fantasies, one can certainly get a good impression of the main elements linked to Wild West escapism in fiction and understand why people were enthralled by those.

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    A child of its time and for its time a very special gem The most tragic parts for me as a reader are when Karl May gets philosophical, ethical or political and his hopes are wronger than wrong that the indigenous people and Germans had one thing in common the love for nature and humanity itself and wouldn t do as much harm to the world as imperialist countries of that time Can you be any wrong

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    Reccomended for everyone who loves Adventure, Action, Wild wild west story, if you ask me, who s my favourite writer i would say KARL MAY..

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About the Author: Karl May

Karl Friedrich May also Karol May was one of the best selling German writers of all time, noted mainly for books set in the American Old West, best known for the characters of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand and similar books set in the Orient and Middle East In addition, he wrote stories set in his native Germany, in China and in South America.May also wrote poetry and several plays, as well as