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txt Wonderstruck, text ebook Wonderstruck, adobe reader Wonderstruck, chapter 2 Wonderstruck, Wonderstruck f49654 Ben And Rose Secretly Wish For Better Lives Ben Longs For The Father He Has Never Known Rose Dreams Of A Mysterious Actress Whose Life She Chronicles In A Scrapbook When Ben Discovers A Puzzling Clue In His Mother S Room And Rose Reads An Enticing Headline In The Newspaper, Both Children Set Out Alone On Desperate Quests To Find What They Are MissingSet Fifty Years Apart, These Two Independent Stories Ben S Told In Words, Rose S In Pictures Weave Back And Worth In Symmetry

About the Author: Brian Selznick

Hello there My name is Brian Selznick and I m the author and illustrator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret I was born in 1966 in New Jersey I have a sister who is a teacher, a brother who is a brain surgeon, and five nephews and one niece I studied at The Rhode Island School of Design and after I graduated from college I worked at Eeyore s Books for Children in New York City I learned all about

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    i think this might be my favorite book by brian selznick which is hard for me to say, because i ve loved the other books i ve read by him we follow two story lines that eventually collide and the way in which they connect made my heart explode with both happiness and sorrow even though there is no magic present in this story and it s realistic fiction, you can t help but still feel a presence of magic throughout it overall i was struck with wonder throughout the reading of this book sorry i had to i m gonna stop now, because i m pretty sure i m overhyping this.

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    Wonderstruck, Brian SelznickWonderstruck 2011 is a U.S juvenile fiction novel written and illustrated by Brian Selznick, who also created The Invention of Hugo Cabret 2007 In Wonderstruck, Selznick continued the narrative approach of using both words and illustrations, this time separating each style in its own story and weaving them together at the end.Ben s story starts in Gunflint Lake, Minnesota in June 1977 He was born deaf in one of his ears Ben s mom, Elaine, was the town librarian, but died in a car crash He now lives with his aunt and uncle a couple miles across Gunflint Lake from the house he grew up in Ben has never known his dad, but feels a pull to find out who he was Ben discovers a bookmark in his mother s book.Rose s story starts in Hoboken, New Jersey in October 1927 She is kept at home, with visits from a tutor, because she is deaf Unhappy and lonely at home, she runs away to New York City to see her idol, actress Lillian Mayhew In New York, Rose travels to the theater where Lillian Mayhew is performing She sneaks in, and is found by the actress herself, who we learn is actually Rose s mother Mayhew is furious, despite Rose telling her that she came on her own Mayhew intends to send Rose back to her father, so she locks Rose in her dressing room Rose escapes, and flees to the American Museum of Natural History She is found there by her brother, Walter He takes her back to his apartment, and promises to speak to their parents.In 1977 we see a mature Rose entering a bookstore where she meets Ben Rose is Ben s grandmother, and Danny was both Rose s son and Ben s father Rose takes Ben to Queens, and leads him into the Queens Museum of Art where she tells her story She tells Ben how Danny met Ben s mother, and how he died from heart failure Rose then shows Ben an extremely detailed mini New York City that she hand made for the World s Fair in New York, in 1964.The book ends with the 1977 blackout occurring Ben and Rose look at the stars while waiting for Walter to pick them up 2014 1391 696 9789643697952 21

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    Reasons why you should read this book RIGHT NOW beautifully woven adventure of a young boy dual perspectives one written in word and the other in pictures DEAF MAIN CHARACTERS brilliant artwork im thoroughly impressed a sad, soft, smol boy a sad, soft smol girl they need protecting and love i wanna wrap everyone up in blankets and give them hot chocolate and marshmallows so much family love my heart ITS SO SHORT I FINISHED IN 20 MINUTES dont be intimidated by the size brb forcing everyone to read this book We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars 4.5 stars

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    Impressive and moving Ok end of review Just kidding, though I m not sure if I have the words because there is so much that the reader experiences that isn t understood but felt.The story is told from two perspectives One from a girl named Rose who lives in the 20s and boy named Ben who lives in the 70s Rose s story is told through pictures and Ben s through words The two stories intertwine in the most fitting way I thought the combination of words and pictures was perfect for the story of Rose and Ben This story explains the love of art, of museums, of books and most of all people I loved both the characters but I think I gravitated toward Ben , and that s because his story was told in words and I m a reader, of course I love words But the pictures were no slouch in the storytelling I could feel myself being tugged into the story and the illustrations gave an atmosphere of the book that the words probably couldn t do alone The author is a gifted illustrator How unfair is it that he can write and draw I know some people get all the luck The most impressionable part for me was how happy I felt for the characters after I finished the story Not in a clich way but in a way that can be understood by being a human being I purposely didn t talk too much about the plot because I think it s best to go in like I did, not knowing too much about the premise That way the story can creep and crawl into you just the way it should I wish I could write but I m going to quit my rambling so you guys can read it and be wonderstruck.

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    Maybe, thought Ben, we are all cabinets of wonders I ve been wanting to read this beauty of a book for ages now, so when I saw it on the shelves of my library, I was beyond ecstatic.Wonderstruck jumps back and forth between the lives of Ben and Rose, who live fifty years apart from each other It follows how both of them miss someone important and quite mysterious in their lives Ben longs of finding and meeting the father he never met, while Rose is focused on following a certain famous silent actress that she has an important connection with.Ben s story is told solely through writing, while Rose s is told through Selznick s gorgeous illustrations Ben s story in words, Rose s in pictures, come together in deafness And I loved how the author made their intertwining histories flow so smoothly.I also really appreciated how Selznick tackled the subject and history of deafness in the United States It made me want to research it for myself and get educated than I was before, which I always welcome in books.And as I said earlier about those brilliant illustrations, here are some of my personal favorites Also, I loved the shout out to the song Space Oddity in this book It perfectly fit the mood Wonderstruck was giving out.3.5 5 stars Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Wonderstruck, just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko fi.com bookspoils

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    This book wasn t on my radar until my Goodreads friend Jackie kindly offered to gift me with her copy, which she d read and didn t want to keep and I owe her a big thank you Although I picked it up to read a few days ago primarily because I wanted a quick read and I d determined earlier, in thumbing through it a bit, that much of its daunting thickness was taken up by pictures , it proved to be a reading experience of unexpected depth and emotional power And, yes, wonder We have an earlier work by Selznick in the same style format, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, in the collection at the library where I work but I d never read it nor heard much about it, and so didn t know what to expect here Selznick is an accomplished artist as well as a gifted writer but what he s created here is not simply a novel with illustrations, nor a conventional graphic novel He s invented a format that s genuinely new and ground breaking, in which the illustrations carry a significant part of the storyline, and serve as much as a part of the narrative as the conventional text portions it s truly a novel in words and pictures Near the outset, we meet our two co protagonists 12 year old Ben of Gunflint Lake, MN which is an actual place in real life in 1977, and 12 year old Rose in Hoboken, NJ in 1927 Their storylines switch back and forth, Ben s told almost entirely through text, Rose s through pictures, except where writing is a seamless part of the picture itself Surprisingly, the events of Rose s story aren t as ambiguous as one might think there are some surprises, and some things that are mysterious, but they re intended to be We sense that the two narratives, though separated by fifty years in time, are somehow interrelated but Selznick will answer our question of how in his own perfect time.The author was born in 1966, for Rose s story, he reaches back in time, while Ben born in 1965 is almost his exact contemporary Hence my classification of the novel as both general fiction and historical fiction though I see it primarily as general fiction It s a story about family, about friendship, about belonging, about love, about the worth of every person, about being who you are, about the wonders of life and the world around us While it s not a sappy story, it s a moving and uplifting one The Hugo Cabret book is classified as a children s book and won the Caldecott Medal, given for art in a children s book This one, obviously, has child protagonists and it s refreshingly free of bad language There s also no violence, and no sexual content as such, though one situation might presuppose a degree of adult understanding We know early on that Ben s mother was a single mom, and that since this isn t Xanth, the stork wasn t involved But given modern social conditions, even if they aren t initiated into what s known in Xanth as the Adult Conspiracy, today s kids are probably accustomed to not thinking it unusual that some sets of parents aren t married to each other There s nothing here that makes the book unsuitable for teens or tweens, and the reading level should be within their grasp, though it isn t dumbed down That said, there s also nothing here that makes it unsuitable for adults indeed, as C S Lewis pointed out, a children s book that s ONLY capable of appealing to children probably isn t very worthwhile reading even for the latter Selznick tells an emotionally, socially and morally authentic story in a realistic way, dealing with serious themes and truths that are as meaningful for adults as for the younger set And he tells it with artistry that an adult reader can appreciate.No review of this book would be complete without a word about the artwork Of course, I m no art critic I took two years of art in high school, and that s about it , so my critique won t be highly technical I can say that Selznick works strictly in black and white, using I d guess a pencil, and varies his compositions from close ups of faces and figures to panoramic scenes, some of which have wonderful levels of detail He made serious use of real life models of, and familiarity with, actual localities and buildings His draftsmanship is excellent, perfectly adapted to storytelling with pictures The facial expressions of the characters make them as real as actual persons, and than once he makes outstanding use of the technique of showing the same scene with increasingly close focus on one point of the picture kind of a slow motion close up with pencil Personally, I found the use of visual images here very effective.The author s Acknowledgements in the back are quite detailed, and give an idea of the extent of his research into his settings, as well as the rare slight liberties he took He also shares a three page Selected Bibliography mostly of print books about several topics and settings relevant to the story We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars Oscar Wilde If you read the book and I recommend you do , you ll understand the role that quote plays in the narrative.

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    Despite Wonderstruck s 630 pages, I read it within the span of three hours Granted, over 460 of those pages are illustrations, but I still believe this fact attests to Wonderstruck s ability to keep its reader engaged and entertained Wonderstruck is two stories in one it is Ben s story, and it is Rose s story With the former s being told in words, and the latter s being told in illustrations, this textile tale takes two youngsters, a book, a turtle, a bookstore, a museum, and several supporting characters and blends them perfectly to ultimately make one beautiful, symmetrical story.As the story carefully unfolds, we learn that Ben is deaf in one ear, and Rose is deaf completely Ben has recently lost his mother, and is now anxious to find out all he can about his father, whom his mother never told him about After finding a few clues in his mother s bedroom, Ben goes off to New York in search of his father.Meanwhile, Rose, always feeling like she doesn t belong anywhere, is obsessed with a movie starlet Thanks to a newspaper article, Rose ends up going to see this actress during one of her stage shows in New York.Although their stories are fifty years apart, both characters go on almost the exact same journey and end up in many of the same places, and the reader is left feeling nothing short of amazement when all is revealed and each character finds what they ve been so desperate to have love, and a sense of belonging.As it is children s literature, Wonderstruck isn t the sort of story I d normally go for But the I read the I realize that stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to truly see what you re missing And in the case of Wonderstruck, it is certainly something to behold Selznick s illustrations are absolute food for the eyes and I believe they speak for themselves Along with a few other illustrated works I ve recently read, Wonderstruck has given me an appreciation for art and helped me to see how it can truly make a story come alive 3.5 starsP.S I m very much looking forward to exploring Selznick s debut, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which I m sure you know has recently been made into a movie.

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    I have only just come across this author illustrator, and this book was really impressive, the illustrations and story were equally good and I think this is something that rarely happens The story is very unique, one part told by text and one by drawings When the book started switching between the two, it made me feel as though the story told by the drawings was a silent movie, as I read on this became relevant I liked the way the story deals with a parent who has died, but still feels like they are there, a parent who didn t know he was one, but again plays their part, and a parent who was around but not really being a parent several examples of being a parent from a distance.The illustrations are beautiful, I loved the way they went on for several pages and you could become quite involved with them, I liked the way you could spot view spoiler family resemblances hide spoiler

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