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summary Y: The Last Man Vol. 6: Girl on Girl, series Y: The Last Man Vol. 6: Girl on Girl, book Y: The Last Man Vol. 6: Girl on Girl, pdf Y: The Last Man Vol. 6: Girl on Girl, Y: The Last Man Vol. 6: Girl on Girl 3254a3aec9 More Than Two Years After The Unexplained Plague Killed Every Other Male Mammal On The Planet, The Two Exceptions Aspiring Escape Artist Yorick Brown And His Pet Monkey Ampersand Have Traveled Across The Remains Of The US With Biochemist Dr Allison Mann And Goverment Operative Agent To Dr Mann S Lab In San Francisco, Where She Managed To Finally Isolate The Source Of Their ImmunityUnfortunately, That Source Is Within Ampersand S Body, Which Was Last Seen Disappearing Under The Arm Of A Mysterious Japanese Mercenary Now, Accompanied By And Dr Mann, The Last Man On Earth Has Embarked On A New And Even Hazardous Journey Following Ampersand S Trail Across The Pacific, Where Danger Threatens From Below As Well As Above The Waves Collects Issues

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    Pirates Submarines Australian Aboriginal magic The mostly land based adventures of the last man on earth takes to the high seas Deception, corruption, and sea sickness all highlight this next volume of Yorick s story.In general I have enjoyed this series and this time was no exception The story continues to be unique and interesting This volume was action packed and had a lot of information to advance the story Also, some of the theories about what would happen in a post apocalyptic world like this are touched on throughout Perhaps it is not super deep I have seen some reviews complain about that , but it is entertaining none the less The art continues as it has with the early volumes I am very okay with this The traditional comic book look of the art compliments the story well so there has been no need to change what works I often find graphic novel series changing artists several issues in, I am glad that was not the case here If you are a Brian K Vaughn, Post Apocalyptic Dystopian fan, and or action adventure graphic novel fan, I think you will find a lot in this series to interest you.

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    Magical boat ride This volume isn t so much edifying as it was adventuresome Stowing away, getting involved in boat intrigue, drug smuggling, Australian navy, blood, death, and destruction But what really is interesting about this one is the characters There s something really fascinating about that captain What an odd duck And the last bit The one about Beth still in Australia What is she ON Crazy

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    From the title to the swordplay to the sophomoric dialogue, this volume plunges Y The Last Man into cloyingly amateurish territory Characterization suffers at the behest of sexual antics and cartoonish plots pirates Really This is the first volume where I found myself skimming the dialogue and panels to just get through scenes This doesn t match up with any of the tones from previous volumes, and it makes every unbelievable aspect of the story much annoying from a woman getting her wrist smashed with a crowbar and holding a gun seconds later, to government spies onboard international cargo carriers , while simultaneously making creative twists seem too implausible to have the proper effect Sydney Opera House becoming a squatter s den If the characterization and tone were competent, Vaughan might have pulled this off, but high seas adventure did not jive with the scope of the stories from the last five books of the series I m crossing my fingers for things to rebound in the next volume, because this has been too good to die with a whimper.

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    So, a lot happens in this volume Unfortunately, it s the first collection that probably deserved a little less than 4 stars If not for the incredible ending, I would probably give it a 3 3.5.Vaughan explores a little of what Yorick s girlfriend is up to in Australia and how she s coping with the plague We re treated to an excellent dream sequence where Beth view spoiler gets a sign that Yorick is still alive hide spoiler

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    Pirates , Outback, Monkeys Oh My.

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    The quest for Ampersand, Yorick s kidnapped pet monkey, continues.Previously, in Y The Last Man, we learned that the key to the male pocalypse wasn t Yorick, the last man, but his little pet Ampersand It turns out that Ampersand s stereotypical habit of flinging his own poo was of some benefit to Yorick because in that excrement was an antidote to whatever killed off all other males on the planet.So, monkey shit, good Japanese scientist who kidnapped Ampersand, bad.This installment finds 355, Dr Mann, and Yorick on a cargo ship, heading for the Far East Trouble is, this ship is, unbeknownst to Yorick and company, shipping opium throughout the world Hard on its heels is an Australian submarine piloted by women, of course intent on stopping its trade of mind destroying drugs to the Aussie populace.Meanwhile, Yorick s fiancee girlfriend Beth is having a transcendental walkabout in Australia s outback.Solid addition to the ongoing storyline without as much emphasis on Yorick s weird sexual hangups, and action battles at sea, etc Also, interesting insight into Yorick and Beth s relationship, namely the uneven nature of their dynamic with, not surprisingly, Beth being the adult in the dynamic And, yeah, some brief girl on girl as Mann and 355, almost get busy With Yorick playing agent interruptus.

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    Okay. too many stories, now that they know why Yorick is the last one alive, it s sorta hard to really believe that they are heading to Japan just for But adventures are interesting nonetheless.

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    Technically, this volume wasn t probably any worse than the previous volumes in this series, but for whatever reason, I just wasn t as into it as I have been I think that one of the things that s sort of been bothering me about this series is perfectly explained by one of the characters in this volume It figures An entire planet of women, and the one guy gets to be the lead In that way, this title isn t really any different from, say, Dances with Wolves or the Last Samurai, where instead of being a story about Native Americans or Japanese, it s about a white male interacting with native Americans or Japanese In the same way, this isn t a story about women, it s about Yorick interacting with women You add to it the fact that, despite all his strengths are a writer, Vaughan s woman still occasionally sound like a male writing female dialogue example The rooftop dialogue between Yorick and his fiancee toward the end of this volume , and something about this title just never quite seems right.That ongoing complaint aside, there is some good stuff in this issue, especially in the first two thirds, which focuses on Yorick, Mann and 355 s trip across the Pacific Vaughan does a great job of setting up a conflict in which its difficult to really say which side is right and which is wrong When I focus on that aspect of this title, I really enjoy it.

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    Meh not much happened.

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    A frequent complaint about this series is that even though there is only one guy left, he is still the center of everything It is to some extent, every man s fantasy you re all that s left and all the women are throwing themselves at you because they are horny and or want to get pregnant That being said, as a reader and as a woman, I find this series absolutely fascinating, well done, with excellent and witty dialogue, awesome literary references and really interesting questions explored Everything from how will the species survive with no males, to what are super models worth, what are female looks worth, when there is no one left to admire them One of the things I enjoy about this series of graphic novels is the flawed females Sometimes, living in a patriarchy, women myself included think if men were to vanish, violence, extremism etc might vanish with them This story shows over and over again that this is not true Whether is is human nature or the fact that this entire generation on the planet has been raised in the context of patriarchy and have assimilated those values I don t think that question will be answered in this series but it is fascinating to think about Also shout out to my friend A who is the one who pestered me into reading graphic novels back in the day when I thought they were silly and not my thing.

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